Baby Sling Recommendations for My Body Type

Updated on September 30, 2010
S.K. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hi ladies,
I am looking for a baby sling for my next baby (due in May). I am a little hesitant and afraid of suffocation but plan to keep a close eye on him/her at all time while in there. I just think with a 2 year old around it will be helpful to have a sling of some type. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions - I have read a little about the Maya, Ergo but wondering if certain types are better for certain body types. i am on the tall and thin side, and small chested. i do plan to breastfeed, if that matters (though not sure if in the sling or not or if that is really possible). Just wondering if anyone with a similar body type has any experience or whater that even matters? thanks so much!

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answers from Dallas on

Here's a great blog about the different types of carriers. I have heard great things about Ergo (a friends has one and loves it). I have a Kozy Mei Tai and a Girasol woven wrap. The woven wrap is very versatile and can be used many different ways, including a "ring" sling (you tie a slip not), front, back, and hip carries. It is possible to BF in these carriers and the ones you mentioned, but I prefer not to. I know many BF successfully in them, though (my friend BF's her 1 y/o in the Ergo while shopping and nobody can even tell).

Just avoid the "bag" style slings that were recalled.


answers from St. Louis on

I second the Ergo! I've used a Bjorn, a Target bjorn type carrier, a Moby and a Hotsling...Love the Ergo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still use it with my 23 lb 13 month old son :)

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answers from Portland on

Moby Wrap. It works with all body types. I'm very short and the sling was too low and felt uncomfortable. It also hurt my shoulder when my baby was getting bigger. The Moby allows you to have your baby at your chest/stomach area. You can nurse in it very easily and baby is very secure in it. The slings don't allow for as much security. I could put my baby in it and do whatever I needed for my toddler. I could do laundry and other household chores and baby was still very secure. You can also use the Moby as a sling if you want when baby is a bit bigger. It is also good for a toddler when they want to be carried. There are many different ways to tie the Moby in order to fit various situations.

I used my Moby in Paris to go on walking tours with my dd when she was 5 months. It was wonderful. I could nurse and she could nap or see the world depending on her needs. She loved it and so did I.

I liked that I could keep it on all day, even in the heat of summer. It is light weight (like adding an extra t-shirt), I could put my baby in or take him/her out as needed. Just tighten the knot every now and then and you're good to go.

Good luck, the park was ultra fun for the toddler while baby slept securely on me.

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answers from Boise on

Ergo, Ergo, Ergo. Just get the infant insert for when they are little. It is comfy and grows with them. And it fits all body types.

Oh, and you are supposed to be able to nurse in it, but i have never tried.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't have an opinion on certain slings being better for certain body types. But having purchsed 6 baby wearing devices over the course of two kids let me save you some money and recomend you get the Ergo. And yes its a lifesaver with a two year old around.



answers from Portland on

Moby Wrap! I couldn't have lived without it. It worked for both me and hubby (me- short, thin, small chested;him- tall, thin) My 2nd pretty much lived in there for the first 4 months or so! I found it to be much more comfortable and hands-free than our sling. When she got bigger I switched to the ergo to ease the stress on my back, but for little babies, the Moby is super comfy and easy. It's best to have someone show you how to put it on. It seems complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Supposedly you can breast feed while baby is in there, but it didn't really work for me (possibly because of small breasts, not sure. I never figured it out with a sling either- baby just didn't seem to be in the right position.)



answers from Dallas on

I swear by my ERGO Baby Carrier. My son is now 13 months and I to am thin but not super tall, and I still carry him on my back in the ERGO Baby. He loves it and so do it. If you do buy the ERGO make sure you buy the newborn support, I bought mine when my son was 4 months old so I didnt need one.



answers from Boston on

I have an ergo and love it! I still use it with my 3.5 year old and its still just as comfortable. I also used a sling from when he was small but once he was about 20lbs it started to hurt my shoulder/neck on the side I would carry him on. I was able to easily breastfeed w/ him in the sling and I was able to w/ the ergo but it was trickier.


answers from Portland on

Hey! I haven't read the other answers yet, so I may be redundant (forgive me)... I am the opposite build as you, big-busted but skinny wasted so a lot of slings were really odd when I'd put my girl in them and we'd just end up going back to the 'carrier'. I breastfeed too. I used the Baby Bjorn all the time. It was great. Our baby girl loved it, especially walking around parks, malls, the kitchen, worn on her father, etc. She never quite took to the Infantino sling, it was bulky and padded and now I hear it may be in Recall Mode for suffocation.
We also now still wear her in a Scootababy Hip Carrier. You can wear her on either hip or on your stomach much like the Ergo pack. She's 27lbs and LOVES IT! It goes all the way up to 40lbs. She's been in this carrier since she turned 20lbs as she outgrew the Bjorn since she grew so long so quickly.
I got them both at TONS of great options, great pictures of options and great service.

At the end of it all, TRY THEM ON IN A STORE first--if you can! A lot of places have 'babies' you can wear while you try them on. And learn about the item's washing instructions too!

Congrats on your baby and good luck!!!



answers from Portland on

i can't speak to the body type part of your question, but i can recommend a carrier. my second was born when my son was 22 months old and i needed a hands free carrier - the moby was the best! it provided the proper neck support for the baby while allowing me to bend over and pick up my son. i also have a karagoo sling (love it, but for more one-one-one time w/baby) an ergo (great for longer walks when they are older) and a myriad of other carriers. the moby can be intimidating to out in at first, but once you have it, it is easy (ask someone who uses it). in short, if your looking to play with your 2 yr. old while caring for your new baby, a moby will be your best friend.



answers from Portland on

Just want to weigh in quickly. As far as suffocation, please just avoid the slings for the first few weeks, and that will reduce the risk. You don't want the baby to be curled up so that the airway is restricted, you want them as flat as possible, and good air circulation. You may be able to get a baby bjorn at a resale shop for a reasonable price.

The baby bjorn-types I don't like past about 6-8 weeks, personally. I used a ring sling a lot and just had my one arm supporting her. I used a Moby wrap also, but always had her upright, not sideways. I don't like the Ergo for under 6 months, and if I hadn't had one from my first, I would have gotten a Becco for this one.

Best wishes!



answers from Fort Wayne on

The suffocation risk is almost nonexistent if the baby is in the sling correctly. Make you read the instructions or watch a video, no matter which carrier you decide on.

I loved Moby. It made me feel like the my baby was secure and safe. I wasn't a fan of my ring sling and I'm still not. It just didn't work for me. I have a cousin that loves her. It all just depends on what works best. I would highly recommend finding a store that carries slings and wraps so you can try them on.

Baby wearing makes life with a baby and toddler SO much easier!



answers from Seattle on

It's really going to depend on how it fits you. You might want to check out the Seattle Area Babywearing Network. There's lots of people that love the moby or ergo but depending how tall you are, they might not fit you right.

Breastfeeding in a carrier is certainly possible, but again it depends a little on how you and the carrier and baby all fit together.

Pouch slings are really easy to use and generally easy to nurse in.



answers from Cleveland on

I LOVE my woven wrap! It is so versatile and great for every, single body type. I can nurse in it so easily and do just about every single time we go out (my son is 10 months old). If you want a ton more info, advise, pictures, reviews etc. and all the different baby carriers out there and how to use them safely, I would suggest checking out .



answers from Goldsboro on

I have a Maya and I didn't get it until my little guy was nearly 3 months old. I loved it; him-not so much. I think if I'd had it from the start, he would have done better.
I like the Maya because it's so versatile.



answers from Columbus on

I love babywearing! It is really good for your baby! Here is a couple links to check out that really helped me in which slings are best. The first one is the slings to avoid, most have been recalled, but Eddie Bauer still has one at Target that is identical to this type. They are horribly dangerous. The second video just gives some good advice on slings. Hope this helps!
Youtube actually has a ton of vids that might help you!


answers from Seattle on

S. - I have used an Ergo, a homemade Moby wrap, a Snuggli carrier, and now just got a sling for my newborn. I like them all for different reasons. Upright carriers are not recommended for infants because they are h*** o* baby's spine. So the Moby or the sling is a good choice until they're able to better support their weight (sitting, crawling). The Ergo is wonderfully comfortable with the bigger baby through toddler stage.

The sling I just got was from SevenSlings, and you have to measure and fit into a sized sling because they are not adjustable. I like that about it. I just put it on and it fits right. (I am 5' 9" and size 10-12, and the size 4 sling is perfect.) The other thing I like about the sling is that I can take my sling and a stroller and if baby gets tired of the sling, I put her in the stroller and my 2 1/2 year old can ride on my hip in the sling and it's still really comfortable!

There are many places you can go to try on different carriers to see what works best for you. Birth and Beyond is one place, there are baby-wearing classes you can go to that let you try some on, and even the consignment store Me N Mom's lets you try on what they have in stock at the store. Good luck!

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