Sleep "Schedule" for 2 Month Old?

Updated on August 06, 2008
R.Z. asks from Swedesboro, NJ
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I'm trying to figure out the best sleep "schedule" for my 2 month old daughter. I'm going back to work in a week and want to try to establish some sort of routine. Interested in a "sample" schedule that works for other moms -- would you mind sharing? I tracked it yesterday, and this is what it looked like:
5 AM - feeding
6-7:30 AM - nap
8 AM - feeding
9:30 - 10:30 AM - nap
11 AM - feeding
12 - ? - nap (I usually take her out on errands at this time and she sleeps)
3 PM - feeding
4-5 PM - nap
6 PM - feeding
7:30 - PM - bedtime (??)
10:30/11 PM - feeding
5 AM - feeding
5-7 get her dressed, and one more nap?

We'll see if this "schedule" stays close to this (I hope). We have to get to daycare by 7:30 AM, so I'm thinking she might be asleep when we take her to day care? And, then when we get home we don't have much time to spend with her before her bedtime, but I guess its the best thing for her.

By the way, I'm doing a combo of breastfeeding and formula feeding. I breastfeed (w/formula supplement) for the 1st morning feeding, then the rest of the day's feedings are formula. The evening feedings (after 5 PM) are breast/formula supplement feedings. I have to supplement with the formula b/c my supply is starting to dwindle. I'm in the process of weaning her completely to formula since I can't pump at work.


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So What Happened?

Thanks so far for your advice! I will definitely relax a little bit and your advice has put my mind at ease. Think I'm just a bit anxious about the whole thing. You're probably right that she's too young to expect a "schedule", and I guess I used the wrong word there. I'm just starting to notice a pattern with sleeping, eating, playing, etc. so I'm just hoping to try to start predicting what's going to happen next so that I can prepare for the daycare, but I guess she'll be on their "schedule" and we'll just adjust to that too. Also, I am allowed to pump at work, it's just that it won't be an easy proposition for me and I'm honestly not interested in doing it. I've had trouble with repeated plugged ducts and I'm actually happy with just breastfeeding her in the morning and then in the evening. My supply is now "comfortable" and I haven't had any more plugged ducts. This is just a decision I came to with my pediatrician and lactation consultant's advice. So, as long as its still feasible for us, I'll continue with this feeding style. My daughter also switches from breast to bottle very easily (bless her heart!), although we're experimenting with different bottles (NUK right now).

Oh - also, to Tina. No, I don't let her cry to fall asleep. We hold her and walk while jiggling and I sing to her. Usually just takes a few minutes. She's 11 lbs now. We'll see how long I can do this ;-)

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Hi there, i think your schedule is a great idea. I am a working mother also and started my son on a simple routine around 6 weeks. He is now 19 months, and though there has been adjustments to his feeding schedule and how many naps he takes, he still goes to bed around the same time most nights.

I've read others advice on not being on a schedule, and my opinion is that children need routine no matter how young they are, your not going to let them make there schedule when there 1 so why 2 months. Plus, being a working mom can be diffilcult when you don't know what is going to happen from day to day with your child.

I referenced a book called "Babywise" and it really helped me understand scheduling for children.

Best of luck to you :)



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In my opinion, a 2 month old is too young for a sleep schedule. Save yourself some stress and go with the flow until she is a little older.



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R. this looks like my schedule and I am stressing right now, because I am due to go back to work next week. My daughter is 2.5 months. Thank you fo asking this qestion it was very comforting I was starting to worry she was sleeping too much. I am sure in a few mo.s I will regret saying that. Thanks Again



answers from Erie on

A couple of things. Your breastmilk supply is dwendiling for one reason,milk is made on demand. So the more your baby nurses and the more you pump the more milk you will make. By not nursing her or pumping for that long period during the day is making your supply slow down. Again I cannot say it enough you supply is created by its demand. Thats how your body works.
Second what do you do when you baby isnt tired? Do you let her cry till she falls asleep? Put yourself in her shoes, if you werent tired and someone forced you to sit alone, in a dark room, with no one around how would you feel? She is just a little baby. She is used to being so closed to you, in your warm womb, and now here she is in this cold world in a crib, alone, being ignored. I am a huge advocate for holding a baby, rocking them, soothing them, and going by what their needs are. Not forcing my schedule on them.

Too add, your work has to let your pump. I just read an article about a mother who is deployed in Iraq who pumps and sends her frozen breastmilk over seas to make sure her baby is only getting her milk. It was an awesome story! So if this woman who gets shot at in a war torn country can pump and give her baby breast milk, so can you :)



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I understand wanting to have a schedule...I am a person who lives by plans; however, babies tend to have plans of their own. My son did not have 2 days the same (actually he still doesn't) and he is now almost 6 months old. He has become more predictable, but still does not run to a schedule. I on the other hand have learned to adapt. That said, many babies can be scheduled, so good luck with that. As for her sleeping most of the time she spends with you, that will soon change. As she gets older she will sleep less & you can spend more time with her.



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I think its great that you are trying to do a schedule for your baby but she is really pretty young to be on an actual set schedule I think. They change and grow so much this young that they sort of make their own schedule. As they go through growth spurts, start foods, start teething, all of this could end up being for nothing.

It's ok that you are trying to control this but the daycare folks will take this over and she may be on a completely different schedule come the weekends when she is with you 24/7. A good daycare will provide you with her daily nap/eating/pooping report so you will have that to go by as a guide.

Please try to relax and just enjoy her and love her, that is what she needs more than anything else. Just follow her guide, she will show you what she needs!

I wish you lots of luck!



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There really is no schedule for a 2 month old. The people at your day care know this. They (& you) should feed her every 3 hours or so during the day. She is not old enough to respond to a schedule. It will drive you nuts trying to keep! You should just do what you need to do to get out of the house with all of your clothes on!


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That routine sounds GREAT! I wish my 5 month old were on it!
Just a said you can't pump at best friend is a lawyer, and I believe she told me that employers HAVE to BY LAW give you time and a place to pump, or you could sue. Just a thought.