Six Year Old with Body Odor

Updated on September 20, 2010
A.H. asks from Verbena, AL
11 answers

I was wondering if any mothers out there have any experience with their young child having body odor.
I recently noticed that after school my DD has a BO smell to her. She takes a bath or a shower every night, so I know she's clean but I was just wondering if this could be early puberty.
I'll be taking her to the doctor as soon as I can to see what he says, but I just wanted to hear from you all first.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had the same situation with my son. We tried Dial soap, Axe body wash. He bathes every day & still---the BO.
Someone suggested it was the regular milk he was drinking. I thought that sounded nuts but worth a try--simple fix, right?
I switched to organic milk and it NEVER happened again. Kind of makes you think about what you're drinking. Try it. Bet it works for you too.

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answers from Honolulu on

My daughter is like that.

She is now 7.... she uses the Arm & Hammer "Essentials" natural deodorant.
She has no problem using it.
I figure, if I can smell her, others can too... and the Teacher and other kids.

My daughter, at that age, was not the only one.
I asked her Teacher.
They know.

My daughter does not eat junk.
I have learned, by talking to other Moms... that this seems to happen... in kids...already. At that age about.

all the best,

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answers from Birmingham on

I would definitely talk to a doctor. 6 is way too young to begin puberty. She needs to be monitored closely by a physician to make sure puberty is not progressing. A lot of people do not realize that once puberty is complete, your growth plates seal. Not to mention everything else that goes with going through puberty. Too much for such a young child to deal with. Please keep us posted.
Good luck and God bless!



answers from New Orleans on

I'd say it is early puberty. My daughter did the same thing at that age. I bought her some deorderant. She started her menstral cycle at age 10. don't know if that had any significance with her early body order. I think kids now a days are just developing earlier. Could be all the chemicals in our food. Organic would be the way to go but it's so expensive. Hope this helps.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter just turned 6 this past July. I noticed last year while she was in ballet that she had some awful body odor. She has it anytime she sweats alot. She now has her own can of deodrant.....



answers from Los Angeles on

It probably is just early puberty. My daughter is almost 10 but last year in the summer I noticed a BO smell on her, not too strong so I didn't have her use deodorant but this year I have her put on just one swipe, especially while it's still hot and kids are more prone to sweat. But I was a little surprised that it came that early and almost freaked that a period would be right around the corner! But not yet thank God, not ready for that! But when I googled it sure enough it was the beginnings of puberty. But I would also check with her doc just in case since she is a little young. Good luck!



answers from Little Rock on

my friends daughter who just started kindergarten has it really bad too...i also noticed a few hairs down there when bathing her...the dr said since she is big for her age it's normal and to just use deoderant. said she would probably end up starting her cycle early...if it were my child, i would investigate a little farther though, see if pediatrician though i should see an endocrinologist.



answers from Sacramento on

Yes! I have asked this question on this site! My 6 year old daughter started having body odor last year. We switched from a "baby" soap (she has very sensitive skin and eczema) to one that is a little stronger. That seems to have mostly solved the problem, as our daughter bathes every night also. I still notice body odor when she sweats a lot and we've started to talk about using deodorant. I bought her some lavender scented Tom's of Maine.

I had some people who responded that the type of food she was eating was the cause (processed, junk food, fast food, non organic). I didn't find that to be true. We eat a mostly organic and vegetarian diet.

Good luck!



answers from Boston on

hmm...I had this problem w/ my oldest then I actually monitored him in the shower he wasn't really washing. Are you actually in there making sure she is bathing correctly? Its just a thought. I also found that its better if my son showers in the morning before school he has a tendency to sweat a lot so I dress him cooler then I should for the weather but he runs hot. Could it be something she is eating like spicey foods, stuff w/ a lot of garlic?


answers from Modesto on

Pick her up a container of powder that has a puff in it. Have her powder up before school and see if the absorption helps. I often wonder if our diets have much to do with our BO? I would imagine it probably does. Make sure she's drinking a lot of water....that probably helps to dilute some of our aromas. Just a guess, but it seems like it makes some sense.

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