Similac Advance Early Shield and Very Loose Explosive Bowel Movements

Updated on January 12, 2010
A.B. asks from Mohegan Lake, NY
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my 4 month old daughter has been on similac early shield since the end of november. First she was on the premixed and now(for about 2-3 weeks) has been on the powder. Ever since I switched her to early shield, she has very very loose poop, so bad that I once had to cut her onesies off to prevent all the poop from getting in her hair. I would say that at least 2 times a week, the poop is so bad that it goes up her back and stains the clothes. She takes the formula very well so i don't want to switch but these loose poops are getting out of hand. I know that the poop on this formula will be more like a breastfeed baby and she usually poops anywhere from 2-8 times a day, not all of them going up her back but all are loose. Should I switch formulas or stick it out? has anyone else experience this with similac advance early shield?? Thanks!

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answers from New York on

I would call your pediatrician.
Also she might need bigger diapers if going up her back.
Good Luck!



answers from New York on

I had the same thing, but didn't think it was an issue since I was supplementing and figured it was the breast milk that was causing the loose bms. Reading your post makes me think perhaps not. However, we started her on solids once a day at 4 months and that seemed to make things better. She doesn't complain so I don't worry about it. We have an occasional blow out, but I figure that's part of having a baby. :)



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I had the same experience. We use emfamil now.



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When I had my daughter on Similac advanced early shield (it is milk based) she had the same problem and I found blood in her stool and it turned out she has a milk protein allergy. I think you should call her doctor even though she doesn't have the blood in her stool she could still have the milk protein allergy. Don't worry my doctor says most kids grow out of this by the age of 1. But I don't think she should be having that many loose/explosive bowel movements. Plus with formula fed babies their poop should be more the consistency of peanut butter and shouldn't have the white milk curds. Once I got my daughter off the milk based and onto Similac Alimentum (hyperallergenic formula - purple label on the bottle) she was fine. She would have 1-2 bowel movements a day and no more explosions!! I also found that the powder formula made my daughter very gassy so I use the ready made. But I would consult your doctor and see what they say. Also my doctor's office tested my daughter's diapers when I thought I saw blood in her stool to confirm that is infact what it was.
Just as a warning Alimentum is quite a bit more money then regular formula. I get it by the case at BJ's wholesale club for $50.00 a case (6 quart size bottles of ready made in a case). You could also try Soy based formula as well to see if that helps. That is a bit less expensive. My daughter is also allergic to the soy. Which the dr said is also common in about 15-20% of babies that are also allergic to the milk protein.
Good Luck!


answers from Alexandria on

My son did the same thing on that kind so i switched to similac sincitve stomach it hepled alot you should try her on that see if that helps

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