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Updated on February 24, 2010
K.F. asks from Kings Park, NY
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My 16 yr old daughter is a junior in H.S. and one of her girlfriends is a senior. her friend doesn't have a date to her senior prom so being that my daughter has quite a few friends as seniors ,her friend said that she could go with her and they would all hang out at the prom together. I think its a bit weird but my daughter is looking at it as just going to a party with al her friends. (She knows a group of seniors from being in advanced classes with them) Do I let her go JUST to the party? (NO extra activities because it's NOT her prom and she is only 16.)

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answers from New York on

I can't see any reason for her not to go to the prom if she wants to. I would allow my daughter to go to the junior prom next year when she's a sophomore if someone invited her. I hope you'll let her go and she'll have a wonderful time!

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answers from Dallas on

YES! and just because she is going with a group of girls does NOT make her lesbian. Whew..... The students at her school who are gay/lesbian are "out" and not looked down upon at all.

Some of the BEST high school functions are when girlfriends attend together. My 15 yr old daughter's formal is coming up in a couple of weeks, she is going with about 5 other girls, they do NOT want dates so they can have more fun at the dance. My daughter's response to me when I asked why she did not want a date........ "It is more fun with my friends because these girls are my true friends. I want to enjoy myself and I know I can with them. Plus, I don't want to be tied down to a date for the night" . I'm glad she is thinking the way she is vs thinking she can't go unless she is on a date. This certainly does not make them lesbian or looked at as lesbian.....even if she was lesbian, that would be ok too..she's still my daughter and I love her.

I would let her go and have fun. I do is not "her" prom and maybe some of the other activities can be limited. I'd probably do that as well.



answers from St. Louis on

Yes! The best dances I ever attended in high school were just me and a bunch of friends having fun. Actually, we all went separately, too. So it looked like we all just went stag. But it was great!

It sounds like your daughter has a mature view of dances: not as a place to "hook up" but as a place to get dressed up and spend time with good friends. By all means, let her go.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter's senior prom date stood her up. What a JERK! She'd been dating him for almost a year... and he didn't want to go because it wasn't his prom and his friends. But, he didn't tell her that until three days before prom.

I was VERY glad that "her group" of friends still welcomed her to pictures, dinner, and after-party. She said it was her sadest night yet, but that she was glad she went because it was a memory that can't be remade.



answers from Tulsa on

All the band kids went together as a group to my Junior and Senior prom both. A lot of kids didn't really want to do the dating thing, they just wanted to have fun ands dance and not have to deal with the pressure of a "big" date. It was a lot of fun, we all did line dances and danced with each other on slower songs. It was really fun.



answers from New York on

I think it is great. She can go with a group of her senior friends and just have fun, no dates involved. However I think your rule of just the party might be's not her prom....she can do the extras next year.



answers from Jacksonville on

I think it's more common now to go to the prom and homecoming with a bunch of friends. In our high school at least the girls have done this and they have had a great time.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I went to dances plenty of times with my girlfriends. No point in missing out on the fun just because you're single! If you trust her and you trust her friends, it will just be another great memory for her.


answers from Detroit on

I did not have a date for my prom. I went with my girlfriends, what a night to remember-we had so much fun! All the guys were mad and jealous of how good we looked and regretted not asking us!!!



answers from San Francisco on

Sounds completely normal to me. Don't know why she shouldn't be able to go, as long as she's not expecting expensive dresses, etc.


answers from New York on

Sure why not??? She will have a great time. Besides she will sit home and be unhappy that her friends are out having fun. I would let her go.



answers from Dallas on

As a mother of three boys, the youngest being a junior in high school, I have realized that dating has definitely changed since my teenage days. Many teenagers prefer to go out in "groups" instead of going out as a "couple". Going to prom type events in groups have also gained popularity ; girls go in groups. A teen may ask a "date " to prom and then plan with a number of others to go in a group to dinner and after parties. A lot depends on your own child and the type of friends that she or he has. Parental assistance is always involved in planning . In fact, some of us parents go to dinner together after the pre-prom picture taking event which is usually held at one of the parent's homes or a park.
After-parties are great since they provide a safe atmosphere filled with fun, food, and of course parental supervision. NO alcohol rule strictly observed.



answers from New York on

i would just wonder if things might be said.. like saying that they are lesbians.. or something like that.. this could be how a rumor might get started... talk to your daughter.. tell her that could happen.. just so she goes to the prom with her eyes open... maybe in the end she will have a good time.. who knows..



answers from Washington DC on

I've had this go both ways.

My sister and I didn't have a dates for the prom. So, we went as a group with our friend who had been in our class, but had to drop out for health reasons. The 3 girls taking on the night! My Dad got us all corsaiges, mom took pics, etc. Another friend, who didn't like the one that had dropped out, spread rumors that there was something romantic going on between my sister and the friend, since my sister had used her extra ticket to get her into the dance. SO FAR FROM the Truth! We went to the party, danced with guys who were dates of friends, and then we went to an all night diner, in our dresses - for ice cream.

My other sister, when it was time for her prom had a group of friends that didn't have dates either. They all went as one big group. There were like 6 girls and 2 guys. They guys were on cloud nine pretending like they each had 3 dates! One parent rented a limo, all kids chipped in. One parent made dinner for everyone at their house - fancy tableclothes and candles, etc. - they went to the dance, and then to Denny's after. Finally they had a non-alcoholic party/movie night until morning when they parents made everyone breakfast and sent them home.




answers from New York on

I think that it's a great idea! When I graduated from HS in the 80's, women didn't attend without a date. It put a lot of pressure on people to get coupled up for this big event and left a lot of people sitting home alone (often feeling pretty bad about themselves). What a great opportunity to show your daughter that she doesn't have to be part of a couple to be part of things and have a wonderful time! I hope that she has a blast!

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