Seeking Tutor for 9 Yr Old Son with Possible ADHD

Updated on December 12, 2008
J.S. asks from San Jose, CA
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My son is 9 and has been having problems in school focusing and sitting still. We are in the process now of testing him at Kaiser. We have an excellant teacher for him right now who is willing to make several accomadations for him in the classroom that seem to be helping him focus. He still is behind as far as the level at which he should be in 4th grade so we think that getting him a tutor a couple days a week would be helpful. We're on a tight bugdet so if anyone has any suggestions on reasonable tutors or ways I can help my son suceed that would be helpful.


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Go to Lynne Hanson has her own reading program which is fantastic. She had my granddaughter with ADHD actually reading after the first visit. Call her at 888-399-8028 or email her at [email protected] her that K. Wilson recommended her. She is not cheap, by the way, but check her out because it may be well worth it. K.



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Should the testing confirm ADHD, your son qualifies for services from the school district under OHI (Other health impairment). You can Google Parents Helping Parents to find a letter generator to ask your district for assessment and services. The wording is very effective. Make sure you read up on your rights before the first meeting. One of the things you can ask the district for is tutoring to catch you son up.

Here is a website by a special needs coach who has been helpful:




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Hi J.,

I know a wonderful tutor. She's currently a full time student at Santa Clara, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Child Psychology. She doesn't have a car so you would need take your son to her (lives in downtown San Jose). She charges $25 an hour with a minimum of 5 hours per week. If you're interested I can give you her email address and/or phone.

Good Luck!!



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Check into Hooked on Phonics. I have a very busy 6 year old son that is behind in his reading level. My other sons teacher recommended Hooked on Phonics beacsue she was having the same issue with her son. Her son improved 2+ grade levels while using it over the summer. We just got in and my son is loving it. They have a website that you can check out. I bought mine for just under $100 on ebay. It is a huge kit with books, workbooks, flash cards, Cds, sticker chart...We work with it for 20-25 minutes per night. My sons teacher was willing to have it count as the bulk of his homework.

Good luck.



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I'm a teacher and started using for math with my students as part of their math program (review) and they love it. My students have completed over 30,000 math problems in under 2 months. All I ask is they practice math facts 2-3x a wk on ixl. My students love the Explanation button that explains why the answer is the answer. I have many students who use this to teach themselves new concepts. Many of my students are exploring areas of math I have not introduced just yet and are using the button to learn the new skills on their own. Works for me.

On I can see what each student is doing (problems and answers), they earn virtual rewards (like an old fashion sticker chart, but virtual)for correct answers, time on task, and skill mastery. It's an attractive site.

I run an after school program for learning fast facts and my students in this program LOVE as well.

The skills are broken down by grade level(very accurate about what is typically taught in each grade). My students are practicing all over the grade levels. To master fast facts, they are using Addition and Subtraction practice in first and second grade. is going to change the grade levels out to colors, but it hasn't happened yet. (The director of the program is an alumn of the school I teach in and we frequently talk about ways to improve the site.)

Have your son start out with practice in a grade or two below, just to get use to the site and feel good (earning medals and awards). If you want a list of progressive skills to work on for fact mastery, email me and I'll send you the list we are using for school.

You might be able to get a 30 day free trial.

Good luck,

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