Seeking Pediatric Opthamologist (Or Optometrist?) in Lewisville/Flower Mound

Updated on July 18, 2008
B.M. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Looking for a really good kids' eye doctor in/around Lewisville.


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So What Happened?

We love the Bowens!! Three of the 4 of us have seen them for various reasons this week and it's been good experiences across the board. Huge thumbs up!

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Our whole family goes to Bowen Family Eye Care in Flower Mound (3040 & 2499). We really like the staff and the doctors. The doctors are a husband and wife team and so very good with our kids.

My 11 year old was fitted with contacts today and they were so nice and patient. I can't say enough!!

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We also go to Bowen Eye Care in Flower Mound and have been happy with them. They put my daughter at ease (as a 6 year old).

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We highly recommend Dr. Bruce and Camille Ousley, at the Ousley Vision Center. I have seen them since I was about 7, and we have taken our children them as well. Wonderful people, great doctors! I also recommend Dr. Sebastian Miribal, if you are looking for Opthamologists rather than Optometrists.



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I would recommend Dr. Priscilla Berry. She's at the Dallas office on Douglas Ave. You can google her name, and it will come up. They have other offices, and one is located in Grapevine. I don't recommend Dr. Stager Jr. at all!! He was not very friendly with my daughter at all then in the middle of her exam he took a personal phone call. (I know it was personal because you could hear him talking outside the door.) I just thought it was a little rude to do even more so when you have a 2 and half year old in the chair!! Good luck with your decision and with the visit it's self.

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