Seeking Moms Who Have Been Through This.

Updated on February 14, 2008
N.T. asks from Lilburn, GA
11 answers

Looking for someone who had or who is going through any kind of cancer.

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answers from Savannah on

Hey N., I'm a mother of 3 boys ages 21, 17, and7. My prayers go out to you and your family, count on the LORD for healing and PRAY with FAITH cause his WORD is true and your prayers will not go unanswered.I also want you to visit this website: read all about the science and findings of it. It is about this juice made from this Extraordinary fruit which is said to heal cancer, strengthens the immune system, diseases of respiratory tract, Intestinal health, neutralizes free radicals and much more. You can get all the info you need from the website and I strongly recomend you trying it. God Bless you and your family, Hazel.

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answers from Atlanta on

My dad went thru chemo last year. I know from that way how hard it is.

But I know of 2 great blogs of moms who have had cancer and are still going thru chemo, surgery, etc. It might be helpful to just read them...

I read these every day and have been so encouraged by them!


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answers from Charleston on

I just finished watching the movie " You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay based on her book by the same name. I got an email from a friend about Mamasource as soon as it finished and your email was the fist thing I saw when I opened up the site. One of the main themes in the movie is how many people literally cured themselves of cancer by changing the way they think. You may think it's a coincidence but I think I was meant to tell you about this book. Go to and check it out. It can't hurt anything and it's worth a try. I know it may sound strange but just trust me on this. God bless you and your family and I pray for your complete recovery. (Just so you know-I'm really NOT a weird new-age person or anything and I've never done something like this before-just trusting my intuition so I hope it helps!:)

Be well,

H. :)

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answers from Atlanta on

Dear N.,
God Bless you. I had breast cancer 8 years ago this Thanksgiving week and it is life changing. I can now say that it was a blessing, it brought me closer to Christ, a new church home and my husband and I became closer in a different way.

Some things that helped me was definitely my church family, I ended up facillitating a cancer support group, there are many out there and it sure helps to share with others going through the same situation. No one understands as well as others walking your path.

Another thought is that through our church they have Stephen Ministers who are there for you personally. They are trained lay people who care, listen and support you as you walk through this difficult time.

Also, your oncologist would be familiar with different support systems that may help. Most oncology offices have a wellness coordinator to assist patients.

If you would like to talk more, please write back. God Bless you N..

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answers from Columbus on

Wow, N....first of all I can say is thank God. He's always in control, even in hard times...even when you want to say Lord, why me... just say "Thank you Father"! I have a church member who has had several bouts with the same cancer and she get's down really bad but then she's in remission. She once testified and said "I use to say Lord, why me" ...but she thought about and said Lord why not me... we're not worthy but he's still a loving and gracious God!!! He's your Father and he's still answers prayers!!! I know it may seems hard to do, but stay in prayer and get a prayer circle. It helps! You are still here for a purpose and he's not through with you yet ;o) and all things can be done through Christ Jesus. Live girl, for yourself, your children, your husband!!!! I can't recommend any herbs or anything else. I can offer my prayer for you!

When all else fails, Try GOD!!! He's the only thing that can heal your body! I pray for you and your family whole-heartedly!

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answers from Atlanta on


I haven't been through this and I couldn't imagine what you are going through and your family. My heart goes out to you and my prayers as wells. Jesus has been a dear friend and strength to me in the most difficult days of my life and I know He will be there for you! I can only suggest eating a real good balance diet. Lots of organic fruits and veggies and make sure you are taking a good Mult-Vitamin that is from a food source and all natural no synthetics in them. That has been cold processed not heated. These vitamins nourish the body and not pass in the stool. Drink plenty of fresh carrot juice and green leafy juice. Like spinach and cucumber and beet. Juice and eat cabbage red and green one (might make you a little gassy). They are nice in a salad with just red wine vinger and 1 tsp of olive oil add more if you like. Don't buy the store bought Juices and salad dressing they are pasterized and most of the good stuff has been killed through the process. Fresh juicing is the best. You are giving your body what it need to fight this!!!! If you need a good vitamin I can get those for you. Just check out my website (that is bee underscore healthy) and I know these vitamins are safe. But you can find some on the Internet that are good as well. Just make sure that they are processed like I described to you earlier. You want to put in what will help you body heal.

God Bless!

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi N.,

My name is N. Ferguson (I am a step-mother) of 2 grown girls. I had Breast Cancer when I was 27 years old (I am now 48) and had only gotten married 2 months prior to finding out about the cancer. So, I had 2 pretty young step-daughters (we had custody) and I was a newly wed. Pretty tough stuff. I would be more than happy to talk with you and LISTEN to you and answer any questions you may have if I can. I a realist with a very strong religious base. Please call me ###-###-#### or email me if you are interested in speaking with me. My heart and prayers go out to you.


N. Ferguson

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answers from Athens on

Listen, you just take good care of yourself!I will be sending healing winds your way!



answers from Atlanta on

I personally have not had cancer, but my husband was diagnosed in September 2007 with stage 4 colon cancer. He has had 9 out of 12 chemo treatments to date. You can read all about what we have been through at The password is "lakelanier". What has gotten us through all of this is our beleif in God. He promises us that he will take care of us, no matter what. Turn to him and he will guide you and provide for you and your family as He has for mine. I will be praying for you.



answers from Atlanta on

Hello N. I'm 31 yrs.old and I have 3 boys I have not being through cancer my self but I know this disease oh too well. My mom and both sister have had(breast and lung, liver cancer). I read your entry I want you to know that I am praying for you and you family. Let God and your husband be your rock right now and you rest in Lord's peace and stay strong. You can do it.....I know you can.

praying for u,



answers from Atlanta on

Hang in there! I am a mom, went through breast cancer, had 8 weeks radiation, 3 surgeries before they got good tissue! I feel really blessed ! I had 5 years of the drug tomoxifin . it has been 7+ years now -cancer has not returned. I had a lot of prayers and will be praying for you. It is not easy but I felt I could handle it being me rather than my hubby or children. You get weary along the way. If you have to do radiation it is way easier than chemo so keep truckin, stay positive. they have come a long way and continue with new break throughs on treatments & drugs. Stay positive that is the key- Your husband is your best asset - mine was a great care give and support!
D. .

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