Seeking Ideal Pre-K for 4 1/2 Year Old

Updated on October 07, 2009
T.O. asks from Frisco, TX
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I have an very active son who is very smart and intelligent. He loves his school and loves learning, loves art and reading. I've been told that in the pre-K program teachers really don't have time to give kids any special attention because at this point they are concentrating on a curriculm and getting them ready for school. I was told that maybe he is being overstimulated and that maybe where he is isn't best for him and that he may need a smaller setting (n which he seems to get bored after a while). I have asked the Director for leads they didn't haven any leads. No one can tell me where this ideal place is and if any exist I probably can't afford it. I feel like because he can be challenging at times they just want him to go away (maybe I'm wrong) Can any of you mamas out there help me? Is there a pre-k program that I can look at?? Help! I live in Frisco near Rolater and Hillcrest.

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Definitely look into Apple Creek Preschool! There's one in Frisco near Stonebrook and Preston and another in Allen at Alma and Hedgcoxe. My daughter's in their Pre-K program right now - it's exceptional!! They also have an additional phonics and reading program, too.

You can find more info on their website at

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Sounds like you may be looking for a Montessori type of school....I have never put my kids in one but studied the philosophy behind the Montessori program while in college to be a teacher plus I know some who have had first hand experience. Google it and read up on what the ideas and goals are for these type of schools...they do strive to meet each child where he is and allow him to move as quickly or slowly as needed while encouraging the creative side....sounds like what you are thinking your son needs....

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Hi T.,

You might want to visit Teddy Bear Junction. It's in north Plano at Spring Creek and Independence. The school and it's teacher's are amazing. In fact, if I am not mistaken, one of the pre-K teachers received Collin County Teacher of the Year just last year.

Good Luck!

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I recommend you visit Primrose Pre-Schools. The two that I know the best are located at Hedgcoxe and Coit and Spring Creek and Coit. If you are looking to get your son ready for Kindergarten you have to get him into a program that is CITA/SACS accredited and runs a curriculum that is in sync with public schools. Primrose offers just this, has small settings and lots of one on one time. Please come by one of these two schools and take a tour. Over the past 25 years Primrose has followed children into adult hood and have proven a track record that Primrose Graduates test out at the 90% across the US. You will be very pleased!

Here is the direct website to the schools:

You can e-mail me if you would like... Good Luck!

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