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Updated on November 09, 2007
J.R. asks from Cupertino, CA
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For all you money saving Moms... what are the true money savers at Sams club? I have a membership and would like to truly save money with it and not fall into the trap of stockpiling a bunch of stuff we do not need. What are your favorite Sam's buys?

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answers from Dallas on

I will probably get a lot of backlash here but I refuse to go into a Walmart or Sams. I disagree with the business practices they use. I know due to dealing with suppliers, etc how they work. This is the choice best for me.........I know maybe it is not best for everyone.

I go to Costco. My family consists of 3 people, dh, dd and myself. I stock up on Toilet paper, paper towels,and wipes ( I have them in every room...GREAT for cleanups). As for food items, I keep snacks because I have preteens here a lot, marinara sauce, butter and cheese.

Happy Stocking up!

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answers from Dallas on

Some of this is going to be redundant --

Meat -- all of their meat is so much cheaper, buy it then separate and freeze for later use
Milk (we only buy organic milk now, but when we used to buy regular milk it's cheaper at Sams)

I find the cereal isn't cheaper - but we usually buy the cheaper bag cereal brands (malt o meal I think).

Some of the frozen foods are a good deal - the eggo waffles are cheaper at Wal-mart than Sams though.

If you bake a lot -- flour (all purpose and bread flour) is super cheap - about $6 for a 25 lb bag -- you can put it in your freezer to store it until you use it. Rice and Pasta are VERY cheap at Sams. The instant yeast in the baking aisle is the cheapest I have EVER seen in my life!! Baking Soda and salt as well.

We are a chemical free home and use vinegar for all our cleaning needs - so vinegar is cheap there also.

We also do not to use a lot of disposable products, but I do buy the cheapest brand paper towels - we rarely use them, so one package last us an entire year or so.

The members mark toilet paper is cheap, we prefer it over the others w/ all their scents and dyes.

Bread is a good deal, I can get soda cheaper at Kroger or Albertsons, I haven't decided if the chips are a good deal - but we don't buy them there often b/c they will go stale b/4 we get through the bag.

One of our favorite things at Sams is the flat bread (about $2) for a generous bag of flatbread -- (and it has no preservatives and freezes great!).

We have 2 cats, so we buy cat litter and cat food there most of the time, sometimes they don't have the cat food we buy.

For your family, I recommend not buying large quantites of pershiable foods, since it seems there is only you and your dh eating. For my family, there are 6 of us - so I go to Sams pretty often.

Dvds, books, video games are usually a pretty good deal at Sams, as well as electronics. I almost always buy DVD's at Sams and save about $5 each time.

Batteries are also a good deal there, although I want to check out if they carry rechargable batteries - we go through AA's like water around here and I am so tired of the waste!

We dont' buy many frozen or convenience foods -- but when I go to Sams, I do buy a certain amt of those things for nights when I'm pressed for time to make dinner b/c it's cheaper (and probably healthier) than running to McDonalds. I'll occasinally buy the Red Baron French Bread pizza or Tyson Chicken Nuggets.

If you or dh have a tobacco habit, cigarettes and tobacco are cheaper there.

We don't buy many brand name toiletries, so to us, those are cheaper at Wal-mart (like store brand baby wash, store brand body wash, and the Suave kids shampoo and VO5).

I do buy vitamins (Dh takes mens, I take the prenatal vitamins for the extra iron) there - the members mark brand is really affordable. I dont' buy the kids vitamins there (those I buy at Sprouts or Whole foods - expensive, but worth it) though b/c I have yet to find one that they carry that doesn't have asparatame.

I also buy a decent amount of our office supplies from them (we run our home remodeling / cleaning business from home) and they've got good prices on those things.

When your dd gets older -- books and such are very competively priced at Sams! A while back they had American girl book sets for $20 LESS than everywhere else I looked!! They also have good prices on things like Hooked on Phonics, baby toys, and those cute books that come w/ an toy. If you need a gift for a Thomas the Train fan -- they have Thomas the train DVD's that come w/ a wooden train (that fit the wooden train tracks) for about $15! The trains alone usually cost that much!

And as a matter of fact, when there was a lead-paint recall on the trains, I got a letter from Sams about it b/c my purchase history showed I had bought one of the trains -- I thought that was great!

We use cleaning rags for most everything instead of paper towels - Sams has cleaning rags and microfiber towels (which work awesome!!) in their auto department for a great price!

Needless to say, we've found a lot of great deals there. I do have to make sure I walk in w/ a list so I don't get stuck buying things just b/c it's cheap, lol.

I do agree w/ one of the pp's though. For a time, we boycotted Sams and Walmart b/c we hate their policies and ethics really (Walmart is taking over and polluting the world!) -- I guess it was for a good 3 or 4 months. But then we started on our own business and our finances can be so sporadic, so I had to let our budget be our guide and start shopping there again. While I don't always think I am making the right moral judgement, I do have to feed my family of 6 - so I had to comprimise (we all comprimise on something!).

Sadly, I have become one of those who supports one of the very things I hate --- but if that means I can afford to feed my kiddos, then that's just the way it is. I'll save that battle for a later time :)

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answers from Dallas on

I don't have a Sam's membership because I can find everything cheaper somewhere else without buying a membership. It is good if you don't have the time to look at the weekly grocery ads and then price match them at Walmart, but if you do, it saves even more money. That's all I really do. I know what a good deal is, so when I see it I stock up.



answers from Dallas on

We have found buying our fruits and vegetables there saved us a lot. Their pineapple for under $3 is a true bargain and so good. We buy all our vitamins and other otc drugs there too. I also like buying the Olay moisturizing cream and the Olay facial cloths. Much less than at Walmart.

The least amount of times you can stay out of a grocery store saves you time because of impulse shopping. I agree with the advice above that you will save money and time by deciding a monthly menu and shopping in bulk. It is a lot easier than you think and you won't believe how much time it will save you than being in the kitchen not knowing what to fix.



answers from Dallas on

I buys these items from Sams: Contacts, beer and wine, batteries, kleenex, diapers, diaper wipes, bottled water, marinated artichoke hearts, and spring mix (for salads). Most items are too large of a quanity for our family, but I do find those items cheaper there.




answers from Dallas on

Hi J., the other moms have covered my list except for frozen veggies. My 2 yo loves her some broccoli! They also carry edamame, califlower, etc. etc.




answers from Dallas on

I love to go to Sam's and stock up. My family consists of myself, my husband, and my 14 month old little boy.

I consistently buy:
Meat (beef, chicken, pork - I have saved a lot), diapers, wipes, formula, paper plates, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, breakfast bars, pizza, deodorant, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and the list goes on. It's so nice to stock up because I get tired of running out of things and having to run to the store on the spot. Especially with baby supplies that you run out of so quickly.


answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,
Well I'll tell you what I did. I used to do the Grocery Game. It helped me save alot of money BUT I still have stuff that I just don't use. I ended up throwing alot of it away! Plus I didn't like coupon cutting. It works great for some and they offer a really cheap one month trail if you'd like to try it out.
I now shop at Sam's once a month. I use a menu during the week so I know what I need and don't over buy stuff that I don't have room for. I do go and buy my produce and milk during the week at my Tom Thumb around the corner but most of it the stuff I get is at Sam's. Using the menu saves me time and money. Plus it takes out the guess work out of preparing dinner! I just thaw out whatever I need for the day when I get up. And a added note: Your crock pot can be your best friend.
If anything I would consider buying diapers and wipes at Sam's. I don't know if you breastfeed or not but if you don't you should look into their formula as well!



answers from Dallas on

diapers and wipes! although my local kroger sometimes carries the cases of diapers a little cheaper, you cant beat 12$ for a huge case of wipes anywhere



answers from Dallas on

Diapers (Pampers diapers are much less expensive at Sams even though they don't take coupons; we just switched to their store brand -- Makers Mark -- and have no complaints!) , tires, cereal (if you buy the name-brand), and anything you'd want to buy in bulk (toilet paper, paper towels, etc if you buy the name-brand). Also, wine is usually priced well there too! (Don't forget their amazing soft pretzels at the snack bar for $1 each. If you order them with no butter/toppings, they're a healthy snack!) Happy shopping!

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