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Updated on March 27, 2012
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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Hey mamas,
So my hubby and I are contemplating a Sam's membership. We went and scoped it out today and I saw that things like wipes and diapers alone would more than pay for the membership as we have two in diapers right now. The diapers are like 6 cents cheaper per diaper and the wipes are 19 cents cheaper per package, it adds up to like over $200 per year which is a big savings. But the thing is I don't know if the diapers are any good. I use Luvs and like them fine. But I totally hate the Walmart brand, Parent's choice. I like Luvs too because if I change my two year old right before bed, he doesn't need an overnight diaper so I can cut cost that way. So for those of you who have used the member's mark brand diapers from Sam's, how are they. Are they as good as Luvs? I saw that I could save on some paper products as well but without the diapers I don't know if it would really be worth it. Thanks for the input.

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answers from Dallas on

Loved the wipes, HATED the diapers. I got a Costco membership instead, because I liked both the diapers and wipes there.

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answers from Los Angeles on

if you do not end up with a membership at Costco or Sam's club Try the Up and Up Diapers from Target. they are good and super cheap per diaper.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi J.-

We are members of sam's club as well. I have no one in diapers any more (thank goodness!! lol) But we do go there every month or so for paper products...flour...sugar...yeast...(I am lately baking a bunch) as well as some teas and coffees. Their wine is cheaper than at grocery store as we keep the 'cellar' stocked.

I find...if I go with my regular list...I sometimes find other savings as well.

Worth it for us!

Best luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

i seem to remember the sam's club brand being a bit better than the walmart brand, i don't know why. i didn't like the walmart brand either. you have to think about the reasons you hate the walmart ones though. is it a quality thing, a texture thing, how much they hold? or just that they look cheap...i mean that's going to make a difference. and like others have said there are a lot of things to get there too, including gas, that can save a lot of money. good luck with your decision!

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answers from Norfolk on

Me and my mom split the yearly cost to sams. I love that place. And like someone else mentioned it the cheapest gas around here. I get almost everything there (we have 4 boys). I also have 2 in diapers and they seem to last for ever. I just bought their wipes for the first time and I like them. I've never bought "name brand" diapers, but thats just me. I think the cost of the membership (even if I didn't split it w/ my mom) would be totally worth it. Oh and the milk is cheaper too! We go through alot and it kills me when we have to buy even 1 gallon from the regular store. :)

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answers from Dallas on

I use the sam's club diapers and wipes. Love the wipes. The diapers are okay. They sometimes they smell like urine, but at least it helps me know it's time for a diaper change. I would recommend them. (My DD is 20 months old).

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answers from Tulsa on

I used Sam's diapers occasionally, but wasn't over the moon about them. I usually splurged and bought Huggies at Sam's. I would buy Luvs or White Cloud (which they don't make anymore) if I wasn't able to run by Sam's. The Sam's wipes are great.

I save more than my membership in dairy products at Sam's. Milk is at least a dollar cheaper per gallon and cheese is at least 30-50% less than the store. I also buy bologna there which ends up being about half price. If you ever need formula, you will save a ton. I save a little on other items that I don't buy that often, like ramen noodles, grits, oatmeal, Mountain Dew, and juice. Over the course of a year it pays off for us.

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answers from Bangor on

I use luvs too, and have a membership to sams! I love it. We do grocery shopping there as well as household shopping, but my yearly savings is over $1,100. It really is worth the money, even if you do not end up buying diapers there.

The Sam's club diapers aren't the best, but certainly not the worst either... they are not as good as luvs but MUCH better than the parent's choice brand. It really just comes down to a matter of preference. I would see if someone you know has a couple that you could borrow so you could try them out before you make the decision to buy them. That way you know if they are going to be good for your kids or not.

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answers from Savannah on

We use sams club diapers all of the time! We will have an overnight leak once ever couple of months, and it is not major. This happened no matter what brand he wears,, so I think he just pees more once in a while. Other than cheap gas and other goods in store, an added bonus is that diapers can be shipped free to your home. So if you only plan on using the membership for diapers, you don't even have to go down to the store! Also, When I logged onto their website, they also sold luvs brand. They only had size 5 and 6 though I am not sure if this is only at my location or their entire online stock.



answers from Pocatello on

We were at Costco and then the next year went to Sams...I did not like their diapers at all...wipes were good though. We went crawling back to Costco and I like the quality of almost everything better and I think the prices are just about the same.



answers from Huntsville on

We used Sam's diapers & "pull-ups" when my daughter was younger. And the wipes! I loved being able to buy the wipes in the big boxes & saving money on both diapers & wipes lol They worked for us :)

We tried Luvs when she was really little and she HATED them, so we never got them again. So I can't compare to them... lol



answers from Pittsburgh on

We used to use the diapers when my kids were still in diapers. They worked just fine for us, but I was not picky.

I thought Sam's gave you the opportunity to make a purchase as a guest. You pay something like 5% over the member price but it would be an opportunity for you to try them.

I also believe that they offer a money back guarantee on their membership so you could join and if the diapers are a deal breaker than you could cancel your membership.

If you looked around the club though I bet you'd find more items that would make the membership a bargain whether or not you buy the diapers. The price of their tires and car batteries can pay for the membership in one trip.



answers from Chicago on

We have used the diapers fine and the wipes fine. Love the discount at tge gas station as today it was 4.24 and the other stations in town were 4.47 so a huge differene. Some scripts. Are cheaper as well and generally i can take in a script and walk out ten minutes later. Orange ticket meats are also a pretty good deal. K cups are regularly cheaper without sales and tire rotations free.



answers from Pittsburgh on

COSTCO, COSTCO, COSTCO!!!! Their diapers are FANTASTIC. Hated everything else.


answers from Kansas City on

My one daughter with twins used the Costco diapers and they worked and she loved them, not so with the Sam's. You might like them but we didn't. I prefer Sam's for some things over Costco but either way I guess you're saving on other things too.



answers from Washington DC on

When my son was little (albeit long ago) you could also buy the namebrand diapers there... not as cheap as the Sam's Club brand, but still less per diaper than getting them in the smaller boxes at regular stores. If you have diaper that you like, you can probably find it there.

Also, if you use formula at all, that can be WAY cheaper as can cheerios and milk. Just fyi.

Hope this helps.

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