Reccomendations for Birthday Cake W/o Milk or Eggs

Updated on September 16, 2008
C.M. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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Hi There,

My daughter's 1st birthday is Thursday but she's allergic to milk and eggs. Any suggestions on what kind of cake I should buy for her?

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I could teach you to bake w/o milk and eggs, from cookies to cakes and more... you can visit my website


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I have a friend whose daughter is very allergic to lots of foods she goes to a bakery where they make special cakes. I will check with bakerys in your area. They must have something because this happening more often then not. Good Luck! The cake tasted great. :)



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If she is allergic you should probably make one as buying seems too risky. Google for recipes.



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If you are in or near NYC ... visit:

#1 My first choice ... Lifethyme market ... they have DELICIOUS cakes ... I have never tasted one that wasn't GREAT. In fact we are getting our wedding cake from them! or ... they are on 6th Ave btw 8th and 9th. vegan, WONDERFUL FROSTINGS without dairy - they do use soy (tofu) in the frostings unless you tell them not to. No sugar either - but ehy are REALLY delicious - you can buy by the slice to taste before ordering.

#2 Second choice ... BabyCakes ... on Broome St.
delicious - many many cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc. without dairy ... and a lot without sugar (they use agave) ... also no refined sugar at all ... not even in the frostings!

Happy Birthday to your baby!

Glori Ani



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I had the same issue with my son (he's now almost 25 and has outgrown those allergies, but is still allergic to fish and nuts, esp. peanuts). For his birthday, I made a "cake" shaped like a train out of cookies he could eat. I found the instructions in a woman's magazine (I think Good Housekeeping) for their holiday issue. The base of each car was a pair of graham crackers put together with confectioner's sugar icing, and the walls of the cars were square cookies. The coal car was filled with licorice bits, and the round part of the engine was made of sandwich cookies. I covered a piece of cardboard with foil and "glued" on tracks made of pretzel sticks. It was great! and came apart for eating. I made it for him in preschool, and the teacher said he had the best cake of all the kids!
Good luck!



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A freind of mine makes box cakes and substitutes the eggs and oil w/a can of sprite (vanilla cake) or coke (chocolate cake) b/c her cousin is allergic to eggs. I think this would work for any box cake so find one that uses soy instead of milk...

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