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How to Switch from Formula to Whole Milk?

One bottle of formula in the morning, one bottle of Vitamin D milk in addition to baby food for lunch, one bottle of Vitamin D milk after naptime,and one ...

Soy Milk

my 2 month old baby was switched to soy milk a couple of weeks ago because he was allergic to milk. my question is that he has been on it for about three ...

Rice Milk

Rice is fine too, as long as you get the kind enriched with calcium, vitamins A & D. I like Almond milk myself, but for a baby, I'd try goats milk first. ...

Switching from Milk Based Formula to Soy

She can now have regular milk with no problems.I would stick with the soy and try regular milk when your baby gets older. Good luck! ...

Giving Cow's Milk to Babies?

Read all 22 responses: "I breastfeed our little girl who is 11 months old. My goal was to nurse her until her first birthday but lately I have been having a ...

Is Coconut Milk Okay for Baby?

Read all 14 responses: "I breast fed my baby for the first six months and I will be returning to work soon. I tried Similac Advance Formula and noticed my ...

Soy Milk?

Organic whole milk is good, it does not have the chemicals in it that regular milk has. If you give your baby soy milk... don't depend on it for all it's ...

Not a Whole Milk Drinker

We are just not big milk drinkers in our house. I think it flares my kids eczema up. I also think cow's milk is for baby cow's not baby humans. ...

What Formula Do You Use for Milk Allergic Baby?

Read all 6 responses: "My 2 month old has a cow's milk allergy. I breastfeed, so i have to avoid dairy. she is much happier, but i would like to supplement ...

Have a Question About a Baby with a Milk Allergy

Read all 5 responses: "My baby has been diagnosed as having a milk allergy so I' ve switched to feeding him soy based formula. His stools were bloody and I ...
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  • 2 percent or 1 percent in 2 answers "... for 5 years and MOST parents switched their kids straight to either 2% or 1% ..."
  • kids have never had whole milk in 2 answers "Our two kids have never had whole milk. Just make sure to offer her plenty of water ..."
  • gradually decreased the amount in 2 answers "We mixed Ovaltine with it then gradually decreased the amount of ovaltine until it ..."
  • put him on soy milk in 2 answers "... nursed my 1st son until 7 months, gave him formula and then put him on Soy Milk."
  • goat milk formula in 2 answers "... milk can take goat milk fine so you might want to look into a goat milk formula."