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Updated on October 07, 2010
R.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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I conceived my first two children VERY quickly, which I feel so grateful for. But now we have been trying for 10 unsuccessful months for a third. We were about to go back on BC for awhile, but have decided to try Clomid for a couple of months. I'm not too worried about side effects (it's a low dose), but I'm wondering, when do you ovulate with it? Day 14? Do I go by that same "window" of a regular cycle? Also, I am just curious if and how quickly it worked for you. My doctor said the risk of twinning is about 1/65 on Clomid, which I think would be exciting! Thanks ladies, it's so great having so many moms to 'talk' to and get support from!

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answers from Hickory on

I just tried 50mg this cycle. I get to test or see AF this week. The Oing part can come later than normal or earlier so best thing to do is test for O so you know when you are.

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answers from Cleveland on

I used clomid to conveive my second. I took my temp each morning, charted, and when my temp dropped I took an ovulation test. We had sex every other day from day 11 to day 16 and I think every day from temp drop until it went back up. We conveived the first month and have a 2 year old boy! Totally worth it and would do it again if I had too. Godd Luck! :)

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answers from Denver on

I conceived my first two children very quickly as well and was surprised when we had a hard time conceiving #3. After 1 year of ttc, I used a very low dose of clomid. I used ovulation test and charted my temp. My ovulation day did not change with the clomid. It was successful the first month. I now have a sweet 13 month old little boy. I would definately do it again. Good luck.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Talk to your doctor about when to anticipate ovulation using the Clomid. That is what the Clomid is for, to KNOW when you are ovulating. It was offered to us (me) when we were ttc our 2nd, and due to the increased chance of multiples (not necessarily just twins) we opted to wait a little longer. With our first, we conceived after about 4 months. With out 2nd, at about 7 months, and no conception was when the Clomid was offered. I have a rather long cycle (sometimes 45 days instead of 28) so time was going by quickly. The next month we conceived without the Clomid.

Any questions like yours, I would direct to your doctor.



answers from Denver on

I conceived the first or second month. I also had twins, but they are all over my family, and I already had about a 1 in 4 chance of twinning, so I had already had other pregnancies that were lost with twins. I totally would have done Clomid again, if we were interested in more kids. The mood swings were a bit much, but the other side effects were a lot of fun. GL!


answers from Pittsburgh on

None of the ovulation predictor kits worked for me or several other infertile women that I know. I wasn't on Clomid, but something similar for IUI proceedure and I ovulated on cycle day 8, like I do with every other cycle (between days 7 and 9). Two of my friends who took Clomid for IVF had several failed IVF's because they kept waiting until day 14 - they then charted to determine their real ovulation date (one sooner and the other much later) and finally had a successful IVF.

Another friend is on Clomid now (6th cycle) - she was told she would ovulate on day 14 and has been unsuccessful. She's now just going to have intercourse every other day, starting the last day of her period, for at least 2wks (instead of relying on the CD14).




answers from Denver on

Clomid can definitely work as indicated by several ladies here. I tried clomid with IUI 5 cycles with no success. I actually ovulated early with clomid. I would start the ovulation predictor test around day 9 just to make sure you catch it. The reason clomid didn't work for us (we are now 30 weeks pregnant with other meds!) is in a percentage of woman the clomid makes your lining too thin for implantation. I wouldn't use it for any number of cycles without an ultrasound close to ovulation to determine if your lining is okay! Hopefully you'll be one that is successful first time around! Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

I conceived my twins on Clomid (be careful what you wish for!). I used an ovulation kit, and I ovulated after day 17. I've read that because Clomid allows the egg to develop a little bit longer before being released you ovulate later than without using it. Seriously, though, twins are great. ;) Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

Clomid is given so that you ovulate around Day 14. But unless you've been charting, there's no way to know that your natural cycle has you ovulating at day 14. If you're going to do Clomid, I'd also recommend taking ovulation test strips too so that you don't miss your conception window. Or just have sex every 1-2 days from day 10 until day 18.



answers from San Francisco on

To use Clomid effectively, you must take an ovulation test each month.

When my husband and I wanted a second child, we had to use clomid. The second month on it, I did get pregnant but suffered a miscarriage at ten weeks along. The fifth cyle on Clomid, I got pregnant again. He is now my beautiful seven year old boy.

By the way, I got pregnant with my third child without being on Clomid six years after having my seven year old. Because I did not think I could get pregnant easily and I was on the pill, I did not recognize that I was pregnant and did not find out until 16 1/2 weeks along. So just because you are having a tough time conceiving now does not mean you always will.

Good luck!



answers from Houston on

I used Clomid to conceive my first child and it worked the first month. They did an ultrasound to check to see if I was ovulating (that was the issue we were having) and told us when to try. Be sure to ask your doctor when you should ovulate. They may do an ultrasound to see if they can see the "folicles" in your ovaries. I was also on the lowest dose and had a singleton. Good luck! I hope it works for you. We were able to conceive #2 on our own. :-)



answers from Denver on

My first child was conceived on the lowest dose of clomid. I took it on cycle days 5-9 and ovulated around cd 14, and he was conceived on our 3rd month. We had no problems getting pg with our 2nd and 3rd (1 and 2 are 14 months apart and 2 and 3 are 17 months apart) we tried for awhile for #4 and eventually went back on clomid. I took it on cd 3-7 and o'd around cd 17 both months. Again, the lowest dose. I conceived the 2nd month, and we now have 10 month old twins. It is important that your ob uis monitering you, and that it's an ovulations problem that is keeping you from gettng pregnant, and not something else, otherwise you could be running the risk of other complications such as cysts, and hyperstimming etc. I reccomend temping and using ovulations test kits. i got them from the dollar tree, same stuff, just no fancy packaging, so MUCH cheaper.

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