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Femara vs Clomid???

I was wanting some info about femara...my dr. put me on clomid, but my folicles were small, a lot of them but no mature ones, and she wants to put me on femara now. Has anyone taken this or heard of it, and has it worked for you? How is it different than clomid and is it supposed to work better? thanks!!!


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Clomid & Multiples

I'm considering taking clomid to get pregnant. I am just wondering how many of you got pregnant with twins or more because of clomid?


Question About Clomid

I started Clomid this month. I didn't seem to have any side effects from it...


Clomid and Metformin

Hi! I'm new here, and I was wondering if any of the moms (or moms-to-be)...