Push up Bra That Doesn't Add a Cup and Is Not Elastic?

Updated on February 11, 2012
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
11 answers

I am 34 DD and I am 5'. These boobs start to bother me I am noticing I am staring to curve while walking and I have the feeling is for the boobs.
Yesterday when I was at the super, I laid in the cart bar to kiss my daughter, the bar kind of push my boobs higher, like a push up bra and it felt OH SO GOOD!
I spend the rest of the shopping kissing my daughter, lol.
I have being measure many times, always came to the same size, I have try push up bras but they add a cup, not what I want.
The few that I have found without the extra badaboom, are made of elastic that doesn't last.
The only one I have found with all these needs and that has lasted is a Calvin Klein, BUT is a full bra, meaning that it cover all my boobs but it goes way up so I can only wear it with shirts with high neck.
Oh and that it doesn't make my boobs like ice cream cones, I have a very comfortable bra from Playtex but it makes my boobs very pointy, think Madonna.
I think designers have to come with a bra where is not only about size but shape AND weight, hello?!
Any suggestions?

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answers from Seattle on

Keeping the girls up up UP where they belong!!! is an absolute necessity in my bra shopping.

I'm a 36 DDDD.
I wear mostly lace, non stretchy thin strap, underwire DEMI bras.

The nonstretchy strap and the demi are vital to the up part.

The thin strap is my personal preference (because thick straps dig these awful grooves into my shoulders and give me headaches/ backaches/ etc. The thin ones fit oh so nice on my collarbone... no digging/ grooves/ etc. BUT I realize that the opposite is true for a lot of women)

Chantelle are some of my favorites :) :) :)

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answers from Missoula on

I know you said you have been measured and are wearing the correct size, but your post makes me think that you are wearing a band that is too big. You should be getting enough support from your band that your straps are basically unnecessary, and your breasts should not be weighing you down. The correct bra will give you the lift you want without being a push-up.

I wear a 36FF (or a US size 36H) so I know what you are talking about, and I know that I had been measured multiple times as a 38 or even 40 DD before I found the right bras. The difference is amazing. My favorite brands are Panache, Freya, Fantasie and Elomi. All are made in the UK (I think) and they seem to have a whole different philosophy about bras there. They cut way more sizes, and don't expect everyone to fit into A, B, C, D or DD.

You can size yourself at home, here is a link to my favorite place to buy bras. They have some great info on sizing and instructions for you to do it yourself. Most places that size women will take your measurement around your ribcage and then add a certain number of inches to the measurement. This is crazy. If you measure 30" around the ribs, you are a size 30, not a 34 or 36. Give it a try and see if you still get a 34DD as your size, can't hurt, might help.

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answers from New York on

i definatley agree with melissa L. t-shirt bras are awesome try one of those

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answers from Chicago on

Since highschool I have had the hardest time finding bras that fit and do not make me look like I am 'sagging'. I am 5'3 and wear a 32 DD - In the past year I discovered Maidenform custom lift Tshirt bra - they give a little lift and the lift is determined on your cup size. I bought one when it was on sale thinking, "whatever, gonna turn out like all the others" but feel really good in them - I now have 4!!!!!!!

They are usually on sale ( I buy them online from Kohls) - they are regularly $36 but either find them on sale for $25 or buy one get one half off.

here's what they look like:


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answers from Lakeland on

I wear Playtex bras that do not have wires (wires are painful in a 42DD). They seem to have the best support for me, it does not make my boobs look pointy (I can't stand that look either). It is not a skimpy bra, but not an old lady looking one either. I find them at Target or Walmart, they are no expencive so I replace them about every six months or so.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I know your pain. Before my reduction i was a 42 DDD. Try Wacco Razor back bras. They are at Macy's. I liked the one with a little padding in it cause my nipples are very sentive and the support felt better then without. THe razor backs give more support for bigger boobs.

I also, like Maiden form's razor back front closer too. Found at Kohls and other department stores.

For a sports bra without the one hump look try Danskin's medium impact front closer. I found mine at Walmart but sure you could find it online too. I can jump around all day and be supported.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I like Warner's or Vanity Fair Bras--under wire with lightly padded molded cups. I find them at Kohl's or Macy's.
I'm about your bust size...a REALLY supportive bra is very important!

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answers from Dover on

Try Victoria Secret's Bio-fit. The amount of padding (or lack thereof) is determined by your cup size... A has padding, C has shaping, etc. Let them fit you there but realize you may need to go up a size...I did (measured as a 34C but was completely tooooooo tight so I went up to a 36C and it was heaven...had always worn 34B or 36B so the right bra makes the difference).

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answers from Cleveland on

lane bryant!!! they normally have buy 1 get 1 50% off they are good bras, i get the demi push ups, they dont add a cup and are made well, they last me 6 months or more

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answers from Chicago on

I would suggest going to somewhere like Nordstom, or a specialty lingerie store to find a selection. Sounds like you've been fitted correctly multiple times, but it doesn't sound like you're wearing the right bra (or have been exposed to the options for them).

I'm a 36DD, and getting the right bra doesn't limit your options, you just a) get what you pay for and b) have to look in the right places.

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answers from St. Louis on

underwires make all the difference for me!

Non-stretch straps/sides also help.

& honestly, a racer-back/t-back also helps me stand straighter.

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