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J.C. asks from Tampa

Has anyone tried any natural methods with a child that has ADD? Any recommendations? What are ways I can help me child stay focused in class?


Is Is ADD or What?

U.G. asks from Lakeland

My 9 year old has recently been diagnosed with ADD. Since the end of her 2nd grade year she began getting notes and we had conferences about her daydreaming, talking...



K.D. asks from Dallas

Help!!! My 6 year old daughter is have a very difficult time staying focus in school. She has always had a hard time completing simple task at home and now it has...



S.B. asks from El Paso

Ok well today my little boy was diagnosed with ADD. We are not gonig to put him medication, we are going to try his eating habits. So I need help with this,he cant ha...


Is It ADD?

H.B. asks from McAllen

I have been having a lot of problems with my middle daughter. She is almost 7, beautiful, bright and energetic, but she is doing very poorly in school and reading in ...



R.B. asks from Los Angeles

my middle son is 8 years old, he has just started third grade and already i have already revieved the call that "we think he has ADD" actually the school counselor to...


Test for ADD or ADHD?

P.L. asks from Tulsa

How do they test children for add or adhd? He is very disruptive and defiant at school and here at home. He is in the 6th grade and may have to repeat this grade aga...



H.K. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter just started kidnergarden. We are already dealing with hyperactivity and suspecting ADD. Does anyone know about the process of diagnosis and treatment is?...



S.S. asks from Lincoln

Okay - I have a 2 and a half year old son - so he is well into his terrible twos - he wants to do everything, and he's into everything - pretty standard. My question ...


My Son Has ADD and ADHD Help

T.S. asks from Springfield

My 6 year old son has ADD and ADHD. I was wanting some advice on how to deal with it. He is drivingme up the wall and plus he is not doing good in school. It is so ba...