Probiotics vs Miralax

Updated on June 28, 2016
S.C. asks from Bowling Green, OH
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I know I've posted on this issue before, but here it goes again! My 3 year old deals with chronic constipation. She is normally a good eater and loves fruits and vegetables. She also drinks water regularly through out the day, I'd say about 4 8oz glasses per day. Sometimes she goes up to 4 days with out having a bowel movement. When she goes that long she gets really sick. She won't eat or hardly drink anything, her belly gets round and hard and she's miserable. Her bowels push on her bladder and she loses the sensation that she needs to urinate, so she has accidents. On the 4th day, she will also have poop accidents. It's like it comes on so fast she can't make it to the bathroom in time.
She's on 1/2 cap full of Miralax a day and it doesn't always work. We had blood work ran to test for Thyroid problems and Celiac disease, everything came back normal. So, now we're back to the Miralax. Her pediatrician wants me to up her dose to a full cap every day. I've done research on Miralax and I'm not thrilled with the idea of her being on that much for an indefinite period of time. I'm pushing for a referral to a GI, but my pediatrician seems hesitant about giving me one. I'm not exactly sure why.
I've heard good things about probiotics and I'm wondering if that might be a viable option to the Miralax. Is there a special kind for children? I believe I've read about a powder you can sprinkle onto their food? Or mix in their drink? What's it called and where can I get it? Is it hideously expensive? I'd appreciate any advice from all you Moms that have been in my shoes.

**Disclaimer** I'm not interested in buying Melaluca, Shaklee or anything else like that. If you give me a response trying to sell me something I will report you for spam. Thank you.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Shaun,
My son had terrible constipation when he was younger. I also was hesitant to give him Miralax for so long. When I expressed my concerns to my Pediatrician, she told me it was safe to use. If I remember right, she also told me that people with Down's Syndrome often have the constipation issues and are put on Miralax indefinitely. My son is now 6, and we still give it to him. We miss days here and there because he is much better, but he is still on it. Good Luck!!



answers from Scranton on

Wow. your story is exactly like mine with my daughter. She is 7 now and still sometimes has accidents. it is finaly getting better though. i didnt want to do the miralax either and held off for a long time and am paying the price now. her doctor also didnt want to send her to a specialist but i finaly insisted! she now sees a nefrologist reguarly. we were doing the miralax for about 2 years and now she is finaly off of it everyday but she still sometimes needs it. if she gets really bad we do an enama. sometimes she will come to me even and ask for one. when that happens we start miralax again for 2 weeks. the doctor says the wetting comes from the constipation b/c she is weak down there and cant feel the sensation. as you know. nothing worked but the miralax. she dosnt wet much at all anymore but i am afraid the constipation will always b there. bananas are a nono as they constipate her BIG TIME so watch her diet for things like that. the begining of this year she missed a lot of school due to the constipation. she would get plugged up and have to do a miralax flush then have the runs and not beable to go to school because she is so weak down there if she has the runs she can't feel it and has poop accidents. she still has to wear pull-ups at nite. i know what you are going through. i am still there also. if you have any questions or just need support you can contact me at i know i could have used someone going through the same thing at times! also the probiotics and fiber didn't work, i tried her on a high fiber diet and nothing worked but the miralax.



answers from Dallas on

Before I'd let my child be recommended for constant medication, I'd seek a second opinion from a pediatric expert.

For example, my blood test found that I was low on Magnesium. Taking a lot of magnesium can cause diarhea. But for me, it caused me to be normal! Wonderfully normal.

Try to find out what is causing things instead of treating symptoms. Don't stay with one doctor on any issue who isn't interested in finding out the problem.


answers from Chattanooga on

I just bought Culturelle kids for my 8 year old who has the tendency to hold himself because he says it hurts to bad and after two days of one dose a day he has had two bowel movements that were painless, so I'm hoping that we finally found the trick for him. We too, had been told to give miralax but after reading online about it, was scared to give to our son. This new thing is a probiotic with fiber and is equivalent to 5 prunes a day, is odor less and tasteless. I just mix it in his juice in the morning with breakfast. Hope this is helpful, good luck!



answers from Rochester on

I don't know anything about the probiotics end of things, but I do my ped said some kids need to be on miralax all the time. My daughter is 2 and has hard bowls too....its been horrible, but using it works. Sounds like a whole capful is a lot (we only sprinkle it in my daughters drink)....but I'm not sure.

Does she have a lot of yogurts? Maybe the probiotic kinds you could try?

According to my ped, most of her constipation could be from all the dairy she has, and she loves bananas (which causes it as well).

Sorry I couldn't be more help -- we're just in the same boat, somewhat.



answers from Chicago on

Probiotics will help regulate the gi tract as will a good yogurt. She must need more fiber in her diet. Is she on an iron pill or eating iron fortified foods? Some times too much iron causes constipation. I would also at flax seed meal to baked goods and go to the local health food store get the capsule kind in the refrigerated section give her a half of capsule every day for the next 3 weeks to really give it a chance to work. Good luck.



answers from Columbus on

if you are looking for a probiotic i would suggest buying one that is made at the pharmaceutical-grade food level. That does not mean you need a prescription for it. I hope you find something that works!



answers from Los Angeles on

I've used Culturelle for Kids that I got at Target and sprinkled it into my son's formula but I used it to prevent diarrhea after antibiotics. It worked wonders for that but it's kind of the opposite problem to yours. I've heard that it works well to regulate the GI in either way though and is good for consitipation so I'd definitely give it a go. Since probiotics are natural, I'd feel better about giving them to my kid. Best of luck,

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