Preschool Recommendations for Lincoln, Cumberland, Smithfield or Providence

Updated on August 12, 2009
K.F. asks from Lincoln, RI
4 answers

Looking for recommendations for a 4 year old preschool program in Lincoln, Cumberland, Smithfield or Providence. We're new to the area and would love some help weeding through some of the options.

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answers from Providence on

Hey K.,
I am in Cumberland and have used two pre-schools. Cherry Blossoms on Mendon Road and they are wonderful, but I found them a little expsnsive. My son only went two half days (9am - 1pm) and it was $299 a month. It was a great experience for him and the staff was wonderful. All of the teachers have 4 year degrees in Early Childhood Develpment and each classroom has 10 kids at any given point and have one Teacher and one teacher assitant. They start at 3 years and must be potty trained.
My next son is going to Four Corners Early Learning, they have a higher student to teacher ratio but is set up more like a classroom. Cherry Blossoms is very homey, but 4 Corners is individual classes and has 18 kids per class with one Teacher and one Teacher assistant. A little less expensive though, 3 half days (9am - 12 noon) is $210.
Hope this helps.



answers from Providence on

Hi K. -

Four Corners Early Learning Center in Cumberland, it is part of the YMCA programs and it is great! My son did the preschool, Pre-K, and is going in to the Full Day Kindergarten. My daughter did the Pre-K and finished up the full day kindergarten this past year.

We have been extremely happy with our experience there, and I'm sure that you would be very happy.

It is located on 160 Bear Hill Road, Cumberland, Rhode Island 02860 • ###-###-####

And they also have a website...

If you are looking for an educational pre-school... this is really the one to go to!!




answers from Providence on

I bring my daughter (she is almost 2.5 years old) to A Safer Start Child University. They have daycare and preschool and they are in Lincoln - 1 Commerce Street, Lincoln ###-###-####. Good luck!



answers from Providence on

I'm not sure where you are located but and I know this isn't in RI but I took my son to For Pete's Sake in South Attleboro, MA on RTE 1 near exit 1 off of 95 South and I loved it. They were like a big family. They work out of the rectory of a church but are not affiliated with the church. The teachers were great and got involved with each child and their families. They were reasonably priced and offered am and pm classes. Good luck looking.

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