Preschool for Twins Recommendations????

Updated on November 26, 2009
M.M. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Hi there I have boy/girl twins and Im thinking about starting preschool possibly in the fall?? Is there a certain age that people would recommend for them to start??? They will be 3 in feb so i would not start untill prob next sept so they would be almost 4 by then. The only reason Im thinking about it is that Im a sahm and have been since they were born. So they have never been in daycare or anything! We have been in early child hood classes but other than that nothing else!! I really feel like the social aspect of it would be great for them and also giving them time away from me as well as myself getting a break~~ Also wondering does anyone have any preschools that they could recommmend in the north metro that are good are references to them?? Thanks so much:)

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I would start in the Fall, they will be at a great age. I would higly recommend Zion Luthern Preschool in Anoka. They have an amazing program, and the teaching staff in unbelievable. My oldest daughter went there for 2 years, and now my younger daughter is there 3 days a week. LOVE IT!!! My son will also go there in a couple of years. They do a ton of different educational learning and gets them ready for kindergarten, but still let them learn through play.

I am a kindergarten teacher, so I think they do a great job getting them started on the right foot for school! I have also taught preschool at others places, but would still recommend this place. Good Luck.



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I believe strongly in AMI Montessori schools. The "Children's House" program starts at age 3. My daughter has done phenomenally in the Montessori environment, and I know that she has a solid base which she began developing in the Toddler and Children's House environments.

You didn't mention where you live, but some of the schools in the Twin Cities that you should look at:

Oak Hill Montessori in Shoreview,
White Bear Montessori in White Bear Lake,
Lake Country School in Minneapolis,
St. Croix Montessori in Stillwater
Sunny Hollow Montessori St. Paul,
Cornerstone Montessori School in St. Paul,
Little Flowers Montessori School in Plymouth,
Children's Workshop in Plymouth,
Bright Water Montessori School in Minneapolis

I am most familiar with Oak Hill Montessori, where where my daughter (now a 2nd grader) has attended since she was 2 years old. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
If you're able to do so, you should also come in and observe. You can contact the office at ###-###-####, or visit the website at It is an incredible place to see.

Good luck!



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My identical girls go to the Learning center in Anoka since they were 3 (they are 4.5) and this year they are also going to St. Stephen's Catholic Church. I love both programs, they are doing different things in each program.

Good Luck!




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Happy Thanksgiving M.

We go to St. John the Baptist in New brighton. It's parochial-- my 8 yo twin girls went there since 3 yo- -preschool. The preschool is separate from the K-8 yet in the same building. They still interact with their teachers from preschool-- became friends.
Not sure where you're looking -- the girls now have 44 kids in their class with 3 sets of twins.? If you'd like more info, just reply back.

About me: 49 yo perfusionist, wellness coach also doing biggest loser for $, wife, mom to 8 yo twin girls

B. J



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Elim Preschool 685 13th Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55413

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