Pregnant with No Symptoms?

Updated on December 02, 2010
E.W. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hi mom's. My husband and I have been trying for baby #2 and recently had success. Last week I took 3 positive pregnancy test (over 3 different days). Only thing is, I have NO symptoms. My boobs aren't sore, I don't feel tired, I don't feel nauseous, nothing. Normally I would think, great! but I am worried that either I am not really pregnant, or that something is wrong. Going from my last period I am 5 weeks. With my son, I had terrible nausea, and although I know all pregnancies are different, I would think I would feel pregnant a little at least. Any one else have this happen? (I don't go to the dr till I am 8 weeks)

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answers from Dothan on

No but dont feel blessed yet, it might hit you in the second trimester! haven't you seen the show on discovery health(?) I didnt know I was pregnant. If you haven't, watch it lol

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answers from Minneapolis on

Im pregnant with number 2 also. (38 weeks about) anyways I had no symptoms either. With my first (boy) I had everything in the book. I could barely walk because my boobs hurt so bad and I was throwing up all the time. At 14 weeks I found out I was pregnant with a girl. Most people I know have had different symptoms for different sexes of children. The only thing my 2 pregnancies have in common is heartburn, and I bet she will be born with long thick hair like her brother. I bet your pregnant with a girl this time, because I was worried that I wasnt really pregnant because I didnt feel pregnant. Just feel lucky that u are not hanging onto the toilet bowl every morning and enjoy being symptom free.

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answers from Topeka on

Every pregnancy is different, and you know that. So this one may not start the symptoms until later... or you could have no major nausea or breast tenderness at all. With my last child, my boobs swelled up so bad and hurt so bad I had to have compresses on them constantly. With my first pregnancy, I hurled every five minutes through the first trimester. With my second child, I had no major problems. It was a breeze.

You took 3 tests all with a positive readout. They are the same kind of tests the doctors offices use.


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answers from Dallas on

Well, you won't get 3 positive results, if you aren't pregnant! I know I didn't get symptoms, until about 7 weeks...then they hit HARD. I have a friend who had a symptomless pregnancy the first time and an awful sickness filled pregnancy the second. I wouldn't worry too much, just enjoy this symptomless time!! If you have bad symptoms like heavy bleeding and painful cramping, then that's worrisome. No symptoms, is just plain nice!!!

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answers from Spokane on

I didn't have pregnancy symptoms with my daughter, except for being more tired than normal (but not EXHAUSTED like I had been with my son). I also worried daily (I had lost two babies before this), but she came out perfectly healthy and two and half years later is still a wonderfully healthy, joyous little girl! Try to take a deep breath and know that whatever happens will be right for your family!

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answers from Sacramento on

My second pregnancy was like night and day from my first. With #1 I was exhausted, sick, sore, and miserable. With #2 I hardly noticed I was pregnant (well, except that I started gaining weight right away, which I didn't with the first). Count your blessings - you may have a very easy pregnancy! Congrats!!

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answers from Chicago on

I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with my third, although this is my second pregnancy. The only symptom I noticed right away was fatigue. My breasts still aren't sore, and I read that if you breastfed before (which I did for 15 months), your breasts already have the system in place for nursing. Also, like you said, each pregnancy is different. With my twins, I had no morning sickness or nausea. Now, with my singleton, I've had nausea from six weeks on. Don't be worried, and nothing is wrong with the baby. You're fine, and enjoy not having any symptoms yet! Something will hit you soon enough, and you'll laugh at yourself for being worried.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I was never sick with my daughter. The only thing that happened to me in my pregnancy beside migraines (I always have had those) was heartburn. I didn't get tired til my 3rd trimester. The only reason I even went to the doctor is because I was in the marines and my lower ribs started hurting like heck so I went to medical and found out I was pregnant.



answers from Raleigh on

It was the same for me with the third pregnancy (baby is 6 weeks old) Symptoms came around 8 weeks full force and never left.....enjoy while it lasts:) (maybe it will be a very easy preganancy)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I had no symptoms at all when pregnant with my daughter (my first). No sickness, no tenderness, maybe peeing a little more frequently, but that's it. It was a lovely pregnancy! I hope that you enjoy yours as much as I did mine!



answers from New York on

It's true that each of your pregnancies can be very different. You would have to be pregnant (or on some kind of medication that alters hormonal levels) to get 3 positive tests. Even if you don't have a prenatal appointment til 8 weeks, you can get in to have them draw blood and run that type of test, where they'll see the actual numbers in terms of your pregnancy hormones, which should indicate if this is a viable pregnancy. Fingers crossed for you!



answers from New York on

enjoy it! I had no problems with my son, but nausea and everything else kicked in around 8 weeks for me with my daughter. It was miserable! Good luck and congrats!



answers from Albany on

Try not to worry. Every pregnancy is different. I am pregnant with my second and it is different from the first. At five weeks you have not been pregnant very long and the hormones take time to build up. The sickness didn't kick in for me right away but when it did it was worse and longer lasting than the first time. Enjoy feeling good! You'll get there :)
Good luck!

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