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Updated on July 23, 2010
K.M. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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What is the earliest you've ever taken a pregnancy test after a missed period and gotten an accurate result? My period is 5 days late which is very unusual for me but not completely abnormal considering the month I've had. I don't feel pregnant but would like to know whether or not I am since I"m just curious and because I'll be at an event where I'll be drinking and obviously won't if there's a chance that I'm pregnant. My last 2 pregnancies felt exactly the same and I don't feel that way so I don't think I am pregnant. There's an extremely slim chance it could've happened. We used protection but didn't put it on at the beginning of things but it was on for the "finale" so to speak. I'll be happy with either result. We planned on starting to try next month but have a few events between now and then that we wanted to get through and enjoy before we got pregnant. Thanks for the answers!

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So What Happened?

A few hours after I posted I got my period! Thanks for your help ladies :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I have only one point of reference, but after having an IUI, I took a pregnancy test the day after I should have gotten my period and it came back positive.

Good luck either way!

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answers from Norfolk on

There are many pregnancy tests on the market that are meant to detect the hormone days before your missed pregnancy test. When I was trying to conceive our first child, I took a pregnancy test three days before my missed period and got an accurate positive. The only downside to this level of sensitivity is the chance of a "chemical pregnancy." That is a fertilized egg makes enough of the Hcg hormone to register on the test, but the egg never implants to become a viable embryo. (So if you get the early pregnancy tests, beware false hope.)

Most doctors would tell you, if there's a chance, treat your body as if you are pregnant. They also recommend those trying to conceive prepare their body for months in advance.... but if you take a test today and it comes back negative, you should be OK for going out for a couple of drinks for the next week or so. (Then you'll be close to the ovulation window for your next cylce.)

Best wishes to you.

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answers from Cleveland on

I took one the day before my period was supposed to come and it was positive.



answers from Seattle on

I took 2 pregnancy tests 1 day before my period and they both said positive, one was a digital test and the other one wasn't.



answers from New York on

With my first, I got a positive result from a pregnancy test 5 days before my missed period. Go ahead and test. Good Luck!!!



answers from Des Moines on

With this one, I got a + 4 days after...doesn't hurt to check, just remember it could be a false -...Good luck! :)



answers from Charlotte on

Go ahead and take the test. Most pregnancy tests will pick up pregnancy as soon as the first week of pregnancy. Good luck to you!!


answers from Dallas on

You already have a bunch of answers, I was just going to say... Don't forget to let us know how it comes out. I'm curious. ;)



answers from Detroit on

I took a pregnancy test the day after my period was supposed to start and got an accurate result. I knew I was pregnant (just had that feeling) and wanted to confirm it and sure enough I was right. Good luck!



answers from Fort Wayne on

You should be able to get an accurate result if you test now. Most tests say they work up to 5 days before your missed period.



answers from Albany on

It takes 11 days from conception to show up on the test. I didn't test positive this last time until a week later than I should have based on the calendar and this pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different from my last 3. If you aren't sure, don't drink to be safe.

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