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Updated on May 31, 2014
S.R. asks from Crystal Lake, IL
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Can I travel in my third trimester? I will be traveling out of country for a month. I will be leaving in my 27-28 weeks and come back in 32-33 weeks, will it be safe for me?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I wouldn't do it. What if you have early labor? What if you get sick with an ear infection and can't fly home to have the baby? What if what if what if.

I would stay stateside. BUT. If this is a once in a lifetime trip that you'll not have the opportunity to do again then I'd consider it if the doc said okay. But I'd plan on having the baby over where you're going just in case. Pack some clothes and diapers. I know you can buy stuff there if you need to but bringing something from home could be comforting.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Really, the best person to answer this question for you is your doctor.

(I would not.)

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answers from Dallas on

You would need to discuss that with your doctor. However, each airline has its own rules for expectant mothers and they differ on the number of weeks and the type of documentation that you must present in order to fly so late into your pregnancy. United says for international travel over water, it is not advised within 30 days of your due date. And you have to have a document from your doctor within 48 hours of your flight. That would also mean that you have to get that document from a doctor in a foreign country to return home. Check on the specifics for the international airline you would be taking -- i checked a few and there are a lot of different rules. I would also check to find out how my insurance would cover a foreign birth and hospital stay. Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Check with your OB and your insurance. You would want to make sure that wherever you're going, if there were an emergency, you would be able to get the kind of care you need and have it covered by insurance. It would also depend on whether or not you have any pregnancy complications.

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answers from Washington DC on

Most Airlines will not let you travel that late in pregnancy. They will require a doctor's note stating your due date. I've been through it and they did actually ask to see the note! You shouldn't hope to slip through the crack and get away with it.

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answers from Washington DC on

You need to ask your doctor. It completely depends on what that opinion is and how you are doing health wise.

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answers from Austin on

Only your doctor could tell you, then check the airline to see what their policies are.

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answers from Phoenix on

I flew from Kenya to Phoenix at 28 weeks, and it was no picnic! My feet got horribly swollen and my lower back was not happy. Also, my son would kick like crazy during take off and landing! So not fun, but after doing the research I felt it was safe. I would be more concerned at 32-33 weeks. Is there an option where you could go from 27-30 weeks or something similar? If not, assuming your doc says it is safe, etc, I would go. I would be sure to identify resources in your destination country- an OB (get your current doc to send records to a doc in destination country and maintain your appointment schedule while you are gone), a hospital, and the best option for a NICU, since the baby would be early if born then. You don't say where you are going, but in Kenya it was very important to get a malaria test while pregnant (malaria is very hazardous to a fetus). I never would have thought of that, so I would definitely recommend going to a local doc AT LEAST once, even if your insurance won't cover it. If you are going to Europe, you will be pleased at the rates you will pay :)

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answers from Chicago on

I cant even go to the movies during the third trimester because it makes my back hurt. I couldn't imagine doing an international flight. I've done international flights three times while pregnant during the first trimester. Every time I wanted to die! I know the airline we use wouldn't let you go past 6 months. They don't even take doctor notes because they don't want the risk of an early labor while in the air.

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answers from Dallas on

Depends on where you are going really and if they have shots you need or diseases that aren't the norm here. I would think since you're not near your due date it should be okay..

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!!

This is a question for your OB/GYN. He/She would know since he/she has been treating you.

If it were me? No. I would not be traveling out of the country. But that's me. I have no clue where you are going. No clue what your pregnancy has been I would NOT tell you to go.

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