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Updated on May 09, 2012
J.C. asks from Seattle, WA
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I have a 2.75 yr old. He wakes up dry from night and naps and does a good job on the potty when I ask him to go. I don't think he can train with diapers because, to be perfectly honest he has no issues with staying in a wet or dirty diaper for any length of time. We do small treat rewards, like m&ms, etc. what I am most worried about it having accidents in the house. We have wall to wall carpet in every room. I don't want him to start peeing and have our house smell Iike urine and having to carpet clean all the time. So, my question is- are pull ups more like diapers and/or are there better options out their, maybe even just underwear. Any and all advice is welcome (c: I'm not trying to rush this, and we can take it slow. But since he knows how to go I wanted to try and work with him while we are hanging out at home, etc,


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answers from San Francisco on

All three of my kids started out in the thick training underwear covered by rubber pants, we never used pullups.
I got mine at Target but I don't know if they still sell them there. Maybe you could google it.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I'd get those cotton training pants for him. If he pees in those, it'll probably leak through to his pants but not too much will be on the floor. If it does do some spot cleaning and then in a month or so when accidents are a rarity treat yourself to a professional carpet cleaning. $100 to clean the carpets is cheaper than buying pull-ups for the next year. I think potty-training is one of those suck it up and it gets better moments. The more intent you are on reaching the goal the sooner it'll happen.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We just put my son in underwear and took him to the bathroom (real toilet with a Bjorn seat cover) frequently. He was 25 months and had zero signs of 'potty readiness'. The wetness never bothered him and he was rarely dry in the morning. Trained in well under a week -frequent accidents for 3-4 days, a few after that for the first week, two more over the next month. Personally - pull up are like really expensive diapers - kids don't feel the wetness and don't mind it. In their mind, they are diapers and diapers are for peeing and pooping in.

We did not do rewards - why would we reward him for something that is simply an expected part of growing up? The reward is that he is not in diapers anymore. We don't reward him for breathing. We did try the 'naked all the time' method - for one day - DS was really please to discover that he could make a stream standing up and even aim it (useful skills in the bathroom - not so much in my bedroom).

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answers from Cleveland on

My 2 kids needed to go straight to underwear. They would also stay in a wet/dirty diaper forever if I didn't take care of it. It just did not faze them. I used diapers at night and underwear during the day. They did not like the feeling of wet underwear. There were a few accidents, but once they were ready to be done with diapers they were done. It took my son about 3 weeks and my daughter a little over a week. We had a much more difficult time at night. They wore diapers at night for about a month after they were day time trained before they figured out the night time routine. Then we still had an accident 1-2 times per week for a month or 2.


answers from Minneapolis on

we are doing this with our 2.5 year old girl. She is learning as well. She is doing great but its the occasionally accident that has me worried. When she does pee its like TONS. We have tried a week of just underwear training, and that was a disaster. We ended up using pull-ups but in my opinion we should not have. They are just like diapers and I think they are confusing her. She has no qualms about going potty in them and its really my duty to keep up on her. She doesnt really indicate she has to go when they are on. At least with underwear she would say... oh I have to potty, and then make the mistake. Now she doesnt say anything. So I think i am going to go to more absorbent cloth underwear and see where that gets me, versus the pull ups



answers from San Francisco on

The Gerber training pants, as others have recommended, work well. When we first started, I also put heavy duty sweat pants on my kids to help with extra absorbency. I also put towels down on the sofa and chairs in the kids main play area. You could get a rug or picnic blanket to cover the carpet if there is an area that he usually plays in.

I've sort of resolved myself that there will be accidents and I will just have to periodically get the carpets cleaned. I do the same thing if we have an illness that brings up a lot of vomit.



answers from Cleveland on

We tried pullups for months and months and months with our first son, and he just didn't care - put him in underwear for a day, and 7 accidents later he figured it out (the pooing part did take a little longer, but was so happy to not be buying diapers for 2 anymore!). With my second son, we just went straight to underwear, and we plan to do that with our daughter, who is about ready to start training - i plan on just letting her run around outside with a shirt and underwear for a few days until she figures it out :)

good luck!



answers from New York on

I think pullups are great, if used properly. You can put his underwear on and then the pullups on the outside so that way he feels more of the wetness and that may bother him more. If it still doesn't bother him, I don't think he is realdy for potty training. Once you commit to it, you have to be intense about it. Like every 15 minutes on the potty for the first day. My son had one accident on our rug when he was training (my son pee trained last because he didn't want stop playing) and it reaked for the longest time.



answers from Cleveland on

With my son, that was the case—Pull-ups are too much like diapers for him to understand that they're not an alternative to the potty. My reservations were exactly the same as yours for not wanting to go direct to underpants (I was also in my first trimester when we started, and I was way too exhausted to think about cleaning up after messes), but honestly, we didn't have THAT many accidents, and in most cases the cloth "training underpants" (they have a little extra padding so they absorb more) with his pants and socks pretty much took the brunt of any accidents that he had.
So, I would say that if he's good about going to the potty (and doesn't argue and put up a fit like mine did every time), just have him go every 20 minutes or so with training underpants. If he has too many accidents for you to handle, then try the Pull-ups or wait a little longer.
You also have the advantage of warmer weather (some days), so maybe hang out outside and make a little potty available while he plays. Pee accidents outside will probably be less stressful for you!



answers from Cincinnati on

If hes staying dry at night and after naps, thats awesome. I would say use underwear and see what happens. just keep doing what ever your doing, it seems to be working. I wouldn't push too hard since it could back fire on you.



answers from Washington DC on

I would put him in thick training pants, like the ones Gerber makes. Andthen get some Nature's Miracle or something similar and give it a go. We only use Easy Ups (a version of pull ups) for DD at night. They let the kid feel wetter, but if the issue is that he doesn't react quickly in a diaper, they may not be the solution for you.

Remember, too, that many children do not fully train until their 3rd year, so if he's making progress, but not THERE yet by 3, don't worry too much. Some of it is just maturity.

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