Did Your Child Reject Pull-ups?

Updated on November 01, 2012
I.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
17 answers

My first refused them for toilet training. Some how we got by without using them. Is this common? I hate to waste money buying pull-ups if they just aren't going to get used. My youngest is 27 months.

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So What Happened?

cheryl B I have a hard time believing you actually raised children. Yes she refused them. How? She was absolutely terrified of them and threw a fit if I brought one anywhere near her. I'm sure your automatons never did any such thing.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I didn't use them. They're nothing but glorified disposable diapers.
I used cloth diapers, then cotton training pants, then real underwear.

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answers from Redding on

My kids never even knew what a pull-up was.

They went from diapers to underwear.

I mean no offense to anyone who uses pull-ups and it works for them, but they're just another form of diaper, in my opinion.

Best wishes.

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answers from New York on

I never used them for toilet training. They're not underwear, they're just another kind of diaper. I used real training pants - multilayer cloth with waterproof outer layer. Pullups are a waste of money. They don't make kids use the bathroom or realize that they have to.

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't understand how a 27 month old can "refuse" something. You're the parent - put it on him/her.

I personally don't agree with using pull-ups. I think they confuse the child. Children are not stupid - they know that a pull-up is a diaper. The only difference is it's put on differently.

If you are really serious about potty training, don't use pull-ups. Use potty training pants. That way the kids get the full effect of having an accident and more incentive not to!

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answers from Dallas on

My kids both used them but when they were in daycare after a while they requested underwear. So I sent them but they had so many accidents in them it was not even funny. I did not like cleaning poppy underwear. If I wanted to do that I would have used cloth diapers on them and didn't do that either! And if they had an accident at home I did not want to clean pee out of the carpet or the couch Some can do it without but there was no way I was going to!

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answers from Dallas on

I hate pull-ups. They hold liquid closer to the skin. They always gave my daughters bad rashes, even though we changed them often, used cream, etc.

They are just another diaper, IMO, I prefer going from diapers to underwear.

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answers from San Francisco on

Mine did not reject them, though one was more attached to and reluctant to give up his regular diapers.

We used them as diapers when we were in the experimenting with the potty stage, but before they were truly ready for potty training. I found them more convenient for trying to sit on the potty then regular diapers because I could just pull them up and down. Actually, initially I used regular diapers that are pull-up style (Huggies Slip-Ons).

We didn't do a true 3-day bootcamp style of potty training, but once we were ready to make the switch, we went to the Gerber trainer underwear instead.

We are using pull-ups at night until we see consistent dryness through the night.

My kids never had any confusion with wearing pull-ups....even if they are wearing them when awake (like when they first wake up), they know to use the bathroom and not use the pull-up.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We never tried to use pull ups with my son. Just went right from diapers to underwear. I personally think that pull ups are a bit confusing for kids. Are they ready for underwear or not? I suppose we were lucky that my son was able to get through the night from the first week of potty training without any accidents. That's the only scenario I can think of that pull ups might be necessary.

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answers from El Paso on

For mine, they were just too much like diapers. Couldn't convince her that they were "panties" and that she wasn't supposed to pee in them. So, since I had already bought them, we just continued to use them as "nighttime panties" until she didn't need those anymore either. I still have a whole box of them sitting around waiting for the next one to need "nighttime panties." :)



answers from Kansas City on

my husband rejected me getting them. We used diapers, and underwear. And they ran around naked a lot too, since they would not pee on the floor. They were potty trained pretty quickly even at night.


answers from San Diego on

My daughter can't wear pull-ups. They give her horrible horrible rashes, even if we change them the second she has an accident. She has always been sensitive to diapers too so we're not surprised. We're just keeping regular diapers on her until she can use the potty and not have accidents then she can have her underwear.
We used pullups with both my boys.
It doesn't really matter if you use diapers or pullups. Eventually they do learn to use the toliet.



answers from Las Vegas on

We skipped them, went straight from cloth diapers to underwear. I think they are a waste of money.



answers from Dallas on

My daugther loved pull-ups...she considered them to be diapers that she could pull on and take off herself. They in no way assisted her potty training, they were just more convenient diapers for her.



answers from Jacksonville on

We didn't use them for potty training, per se, but we did use them at naptime/bedtime while potty training. She wore regular underwear all other times, but we switched to pullups from diapers during that time to continue with the pulling up/down theme of the underwear....


answers from Chicago on

My DS didn't refuse them, per se. He just used them as a diaper. So I stopped buying them and just put him in underpants full time.

So far, looks like my DD is going to be the same way.

So no, we didn't waste money on them either.


answers from Chicago on

It's best to go straight to underwear, and be prepared for some accidents. Put towels down on the couches, the floors etc... I just finished potty training my third. I put him in underwear during the day and diapers at night still. I only put him in a pull-up if we're going to be going out for longer than an hour without access to a bathroom.



answers from Denver on

I only used them at night. Went straight to underwear. I'd try without them! Cheaper and I think they learn faster without them... but each child is different.

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