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Updated on October 10, 2013
M.H. asks from La Grange, IL
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Did you just use the pull ups? Or did you actually get the training underwear with the plastic pants? If you use the underwear and pants.. where the heck did you get them from? Do I have to do this on line?

We are going on vacation next week and I would like to have the supplies since I will have the time to be able to stop every 30 secs to put her on the toilet.. But I can only find this on line.. why.......ugh. sorry, haveing a stressful day.

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So What Happened?

I will try Target tonight. She has been going on the potty with pullups for about 3 weeks now, but is still going in the pullup.. so that is why we wanted to step it up.. and her daycare requested that we step it up..

She truned 2 in June, and tells me she has to go often.

I think I will just get some thick training pants.. and go from there.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I bought terry cloth underpants - got them at Walmart. No plastic pants over them. Yes, she had accidents, yes they were a pain to clean up, but no more than housebreaking a puppy is.

Pullups are just glorified disposable diapers.

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answers from Phoenix on

I use Pull-Ups over underwear when potty training. Once the child is asking to go potty, productive on most attempts and pooping in the potty occasionally, they graduate from diapers to Pull-Ups. From there, they have to be compliant to going when asked, no fits, on a 30-60 minute schedule and pooping in the potty more than not to then earn underwear under the Pull-Ups. Same idea as the plastic pants, a barrier to a flood, but allows them to be wet and uncomfortable. Pull-Ups breathe better, so less chance of a rash especially at nap and night.
If you're going away on vacation, I strongly urge you to wait until you are home to potty train. Asking that much from a kid in a strange/new place is just too much to expect good results. If you're just staycationing at home, go for it!
Good luck!

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answers from New York on

Ours sn't fully potty trained as yet, so take what advice I give you with a grain of salt. The plastic covers are available from Amazon.

We bought them and haven't really used them. They are moderately good at keeping leaks in, and really good at promoting chafing. Our kid is a bundle of activity, and we found that he was clammy, but not wet when using the covers. It led to a horible case of diaper rash (whereas he had never had it before).

Not sure what type of vacation you are doing, or how old your kid is. a "piddle pad" might help keep the car seat clean. every 1/2 an hour on your prompting, then every hour, on your prompting, then every 1.5 hours on your prompting, until your kid takes ownership of the process and starts telling you and going on their own accord.

keep a potty in the car.

sometimes a vacation can be a real help. i.e. let's go to the potty when we leave the hotel, lets go to the potty before the valet brings the car. let's go to the potty when we go to the zoo, let's go when we go to the cafe, let's go when we leave the cafe, go again when we leave the zoo, etc. etc. vacations and their go go go nature can promote potty usage.

good luck to you and yours,
F. B.



answers from Sacramento on

First child, we did it all. Pull-ups (a big "no" in helpfulness, although they are certainly easiest), underwear with plastic pants (found at Target) and then underwear (what worked). Did "potty parties," trips to the bathroom every half hour, rewards, you name it. Our son was NOT interested in potty training and it took about a long, long time with him. After he turned three and all of his daycare friends had long advanced to preschool but him, we put our foot down. Put him in underwear, did tons of laundry, scrubbed furniture and floors all day long after his accidents. A week of this and he was finally trained.

Second child, we had zero interest in even starting potty training after the experience with her brother. At two and a half, she asked to start using the potty. Put her in underwear. Had a few accidents now and then, but mastered daytime training within a month.

In both cases -- easy and very, very hard -- underwear was the way to go. It's very messy, but gets the job done. Make sure you're not in a carpeted hotel or condo, because you'll be scrubbing carpets. And don't let your child sit on furniture in underwear, because you don't want to soil the rental's furniture. Even with scrubbing diligently with fabric cleaner, it's still not going to be pristine ever again. Honestly, I don't think I'd tackle potty training on vacation. It's going to ruin your time away.



answers from Washington DC on

Depends on how ready she is and what you are intending to accomplish.

For my son (at 25 months) I just got the training underwear and kept him in a pull-up/diaper (we had switched to "EasyUps" a year before just because he wanted to be able to put them on himself) at night. He was pretty much 100% urin trained in the first weekend at home with a bare bottom, so the underwear were fine. He still had poop accidents in his undies from time to time while at preschool for the next month or two... but (gross as it is) it's no messier in undies than a diaper... and the plastic cover wouldn't have helped.

It's my personal opinion that pull ups (which are diapers) and plastic pants are only the answer if what you want to do it introduce the idea of going on the potty without completely disallowing going on yourself. If you want her to use the toilet INSTEAD of her clothing, you've got to make it clothing that isn't meant to be peed in.




answers from Wichita Falls on

I wouldn't try to potty train this close to a vacation. It takes a lot of concentration on the part of the child and vacation is just one big distraction.

I found pullups to be of no help at all. You can find training pants at Target (in the baby section usually near the cute little underwear that they will wet through in two seconds). I also preferred the cheap little seat cover to the little potty. Just keep a step stool right next to it.



answers from New York on

My oldest went right to underwear and she trained in four days (3 years, one month). I started a little before 3 with my son, I used the multilayer cloth training pants with the waterproof outer layer. I don't believe in pullps and feel that they extend the process and don't facilitate the toilet training process in any way,


answers from Seattle on

I did not use pull up. I did not use training underwear, I did not use plastic pants.
I just put my kids in underwear (or naked if it was possible) and did it! Granted, we had some accidents so I was doing a lot of washing by hand. I truly truly truly believe that using pullups is just like putting a diaper on. There is not much difference.
I wanted my kids to feel the warmth, feel it running down their legs into their shoes, and understand that it didn't feel good! Can't get that with a pullup! The first day or two of doing it like this made it near impossible to get out of the house, but potty training has been easy for me.
I have potty trained 4 kids and had each one trained completely (day and night) within one week by doing it this way.



answers from Washington DC on

Underpants. And used the Bum Genius covers if we really had to go out somewhere before she was fully ready. Used pull ups only on trips and nighttime. I used Gerber training pants at first, from the regular store. Pack yourself extra wipes, extra socks, shoes and pants and plastic bags.

On the trip, bring a potty. Put her in the pull up in the car, but not when you are not on the road.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Do NOT try to potty train her in the car. You'll only get pee pee seats and will have to pay to get your car detailed. It will still stink though. Pee dries and gets nasty.

You'll need to wait until after you get back. Please also know that she's very very young to be potty trained. She's going to have accidents and is going to not be potty trained while traveling.

Tell your child care provider that you'll bring in some panties next time you bring her in. Let "them" be the ones to clean up pee and pooh off their floor. She'll do well there for a while they you can do the panties at home. It will be so much easier for you.



answers from Cleveland on

I'd wait until after vacation personally. And with my daughter she really trained herself at 3 we went and she picked out panties and that weekend she was trained with very few accidents. 6 months later she was good at night

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