Potty Training a Boy - Charlotte,NC

Updated on September 08, 2006
H.B. asks from Charlotte, NC
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My son is almost 2 and about 95% potty trained. He only has accidents now and then -usually while in social/play situations because he waits too long to go. However, we have had a problem with him dribbling/squirting a little in his underpants before going to the potty. These episodes usually occur together, i.e he'll go weeks without doing it then do it 3 times in one day, etc.. It can be very annoying because the dribbling is usually enough to still have to change his underwear. Has anyone had this problem and is there any way to keep it from happening?

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answers from Greensboro on

That is normal. My son did the same thing and I was frustrated just as you are. However, with time he will begin to have fewer accidents. It is perfectly normal for them to have no accidents for a period of time and appear that they are finally 100% trained and then have a few accidents. They are learning how to juggle their new way of going potty and their many activities. Just be patient and before you know it he will be over this stage. :)



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I have four boys and they all went through this. Just remind him that if he has to go potty, stop playing and go, then he can return to his previous playing. Just make sure that when he does use the bathroom to let him return to what he was doing so he can see for himself that he can return. They do outgrow it with help of being reminded and congratulations on doing good!



answers from Charlotte on

Babies R us also has 'target' toilet goodies that don't flush - BRAVO to you !!! You've done a TERRIFIC job. My oldest son wasn't 100% potty trained until just after 3! Now I have a 7 month old and I think you've done WONDERFUL to get this going so soon!!! Boys tend to be less interested by nature...



answers from Spartanburg on

He is probaby waiting too long before going to the potty, and that will just come with experience and as he gets older. I know sometimes I really have to go and it is all I can do not to pee on myself before I get my pants down, and he is so much younger. If you want to prevent accidents and not ruin his underwear every time this happens I would try PODs you can get them at www.pottytrainingsolutions.com, they work get, don't cause a mess, but unlike pull ups they can feel the moisture and it is bothersome. These worked for my daughter when she was learning. good luck



answers from Charleston on

You are extremely lucky to have a SON that is potty trained at 23 months. Most girls don't potty train that early, and most boys are 3-3.5 yrs. I think that what is happening is that he is still not 100% sure of the cues that he has to go. He gets too busy with playing and he ignores the cues that he has to go. The only concern that I would have is he ignoring the cues to go poop as well. If he is this could get him into some stool holding and that may not allow him to hold as much urine in his bladder as he normally does and he will have days where he repetetively has dribbling. Make sure that he is pooping at least 1-2 times per day. Watch his dairy and push the fiber in his diet. If need be take time out to have him sit and try to go as well. I don't think that you have a problem, and he is doing very well at this point. Remember most boys don't mature their bladders until 8-9, and they are very busy, so encourage him to take time to go and stay there until he is finished. Good Luck

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