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Updated on July 20, 2008
A.D. asks from Killeen, TX
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I am due to start my period this week and I started having what I assumed to be period cramps and all that goes with the beginning of my cycle. Since I started cramping I have not been bleeding but have been having this mucus like stuff with just the slightest tent of blood. It is not unusual for me to be a few days late before actually starting my cycle. I took a test last month because I was quite a few days late, but I eventually started and the test was negative. I haven't been under any added stress and my routines have not changed.
Has anyone else experienced something similar when they got pregnant or could this just be the start of my period?

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So What Happened?

I did test again and it came out negative and yesterday I did start my period. I did call my gyno and I have an appointment next Monday so that she can make sure that everything is fine.
Thanks to everyone for the advice and well wishes.

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answers from Houston on

Dear A.
It is an annoying thing that the symptoms of early pregnancy can be very similar to pre-menstrual symptoms so for a while there one is left guessing. This causes enormous stress for people in IVF programmes for example, who are trying so hard to fall pregnant.
Bloating, a touch of nausea, tender breasts, tiredness - yes and even a bit of tummy pain but usually cramping heralds the onset of a period.
I would be interested to hear whether you are pregnant or not...

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answers from Houston on

go take a test again and if it is still neg. then go to the doctor's. I was preg. when I was 18 and had a misscarriage and it started with cramping more then normal and bloody mucus. Hope this isnt what you are going through, because it really hurts. Best bet is to go to your doctors so he can run a test for pregnancy. Good Luck!!!!!!

Also had the bloody mucus with my third child so its not always bad news....:)



answers from Houston on

Sounds like you might be pregant. God bless.


answers from Dallas on

We werent trying to get prego when I did. I had those cramps and CONSTANTly ran to the bathroom thinking that I was getting my period....never happened - baby #1 was on the way! ha! I didnt get the blood/mucous stuff though. good luck!!!



answers from San Angelo on

It is possible that you were pregnant but miscarried. Many women miscarry and don't even know it, they just think they started their periods early. Also, if it is about time for ovulation, the mucus and blood can just be from the ovarian follicle, you may have even had a small cyst that burst. This means that you can get pregnant now, or soon. Even if you have miscarried, your body is generally most fertile just after, so good luck and keep trying no matter what!



answers from Houston on

You need to go to your OBGYN to have this checked out. t might be you that you are pregnant but there could be other reasons too for the discharge.



answers from Houston on

I have done this both when pregnant, before I knew, and when I wasn't. I have very irregular periods. With my second child I did exactly what you are describing. I kept taking test because I just knew I was pregnant. It took three weeks for a test to come back positive, but sure enough 8 months later I had a baby.

I have also done this when I wasn't pregnant; however, my periods have never been normal, regular, or predictable in any way.

Take a test, wait several days take another test if you haven't started and then see a doctor.
Good luck!



answers from Houston on

It is normal to feel some mild cramping when the fertilized egg moves down the fallopian tube and implants on the uterine wall and to have some bloody discharge afterwards. Some women who have light periods mistake this for their actual period and don't realize they are pregnant for another month. I would wait a few days and take the test again. If the cramping is severe or gets worse I would call and talk to your doctor's nurse to see if they want you to come in. Good luck!



answers from Houston on

Sounds like preg symptoms to me. Take a test and if so...that's great! A baby is always a blessing. :)

The bloody mucous comes from implantation.

S., mom to 1 in Heaven, 4 on Earth and 1 in the womb!



answers from San Antonio on

To tell you the truth this is how all my period have been start this last year. It's quite annoying. I have like you said then nothing then wham my Period full blast. It seems to be longer because of this pre-period stuff. Weird.



answers from Houston on

I know people that have been stressed about having those 'cramps' when they are pregnant. Me and my three friends all had them. Our babies turned out healthy. Don't let stress wear you down!! I know of the four of us...one of us had the dr (a man by the way) say that cramping was abnormal and they ran test after test. It was her first baby and she didn't enjoy her preg that much because she was so scared something was wrong. I don't know of any of us having the mucous-ish issue. We all had tender breasts though. I felt like my head was pounding w/ a high blood pressure feeling right at my missed period time. That's it...good luck w/ the outcome.

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