PLEASE Help Me Find This Cake!

Updated on December 11, 2008
L.C. asks from Roseville, MI
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My husband and I were recently at a party and someone brought an Italian Cream Cake. It was one of the best things I've ever tasted (FYI I'm pregnant)!

Anyways, on the box it said it was from "The Dream Factory, A Division of the Cheesecake Factory".

Does anyone know where I can find another one of these cakes??? Have you seen them at a store or bakery. I found them online at Gourmet Express, but it's some place in California.

I'd like to buy one to bring to my Italian side of the family on Christmas.

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So What Happened?

I FOUND THE CAKE!!! They have it at Sam's Club!

Thanks for your help, I'm now a happy pregnant momma :)

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From what I researched, looks like you may be able to get one at a Sysco store. There doesn't seem to be any very close, only three locations in Michigan. Here is a link to the locations web site. Probably want to call first. Happy Cake hunting!!

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Sam's Wholesale Club carries some of the Cheesecake Factory line of desserts so they may have it. I would suggest you also ask the hosts of the party to make inquiries for you about who brought the original cake.

Christine's Cakes at Hall Road/Hayes makes wonderful cakes in a huge variety. This may be one they currently make.

Good luck!


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Hi, If it was a pale yellow box, you can get them at Sam's Club. In the frozen dessert section. Enjoy

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Check Sam's Club. It sounds like the same cake our office manager gets for our monthly birthday celebration and that is where she shops. And if it is the same cake you are right it is fabulous. If you don't have a Sam's Club membership hopefully you know someone who does. We have a Costco and I have never seen the cake there.

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I don't know where you can find that cake exactly. But there is a great bakery called Manino's that makes an amazing Italian Casada cake. All of my Italian relatives (and even the one's that aren't) love it! It is either in Troy or Sterling Heights I think.

Also, I notice that you teach a parent-toddler class in Troy. Where at and what days?



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Hi L. is it a Cassada Cake you are looking for. Usually yellow cake with a Cannoli cream w/choc. chips in the cream in between the layers? If it isn't I would try to call different Italian bakeries and describe the cake. Good Luck I am Italian and would love to know what it is.



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Try any Italian Bakery, it is a Cassada Cake. A Cassada Cake has a Cannoli cream in the middle of the layers.

You can try Vito's in Clinton Twp, Bommerito's in SCS, Ventiglia's Market in Sterling Heights, Savagio's and Randazzo's might be able to also.

As long as it is an Italian Market/bakery you can find one. Make some calls, also just as an FYI a lot of the bakery's in the Metro Detroit Area get their Cannoli cream from Vito's.

Good luck



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Hi L.,

Tell me a little bit more about this cake. What is it made of? Yellow or Choc cake... cream in it...frosting... is it layered.



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Ciao L.,
If you are referring to an Italian Cassata Cake (where the cream is actually connoli filling) - a layered cake of cake then connoli filling and then more cake. you can get them at Nino's Italian Bakery (I think that is the name) on the southeast corner of Ryan rd and 17 mile rd.

If this is not the type of cake you were referring to, perhaps they might know what you are looking for being an Italian bakery. Bouna Fortuna!


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