Pediatrician in Hayward or Castro Valley

Updated on November 17, 2009
K.L. asks from Hayward, CA
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Hi! We are giving birth in Eden Medical Center (anyone else who also did? new to the area and dont know alot of people), anyway we are now in search for a Pediatrician around the area. My Ob gyn gave me a long list. So far we have an appointment with Dr. Hiramatsu with Castro Valley Peds. Can anyone give us more recommendations? Thanks!

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Had both of my kids at Eden. They both see Dr Wells. He is great and his office staff and nurse Judy are awesome! Judy is always there when you call about whatever silly or serious question you have.
Good luck
Enjoy the birth!



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Hi K.,

I also gave birth at Eden Medical Center and had a great experience. Our pediatrician (until we changed insurance plans) was right behind the hospital at Primary Pediatric. I found all the doctors to be good and have a number of friends who also take their baby there. In addition, they have a lactation consultant on staff (so if you need one after you give birth, insurance pays for this!).

Also, Eden has a weekly breastfeeding support group, if you are planning to breastfeed. It's run by a nurse/lactation consultant named Esther who is absolutely great. I went weekly to the group for son's first year. Found it to be such a wonderful resource besides getting help with breastfeeding, in addition to meeting many of my close friends and a support group for new moms.

If you want to talk anymore, feel free to message me!

Good luck and Congrats!


P.S. Just saw the first response - Dr. Hoglund is one of the Pediatricians at Primary Pediatrics.
Castro Valley:: 20126 Stanton Ave #200, Castro Valley, CA 94546
Phone: ###-###-####



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I gave birth at Eden also. My daughter was born last year. Our daughter goes to Dr. Willie Ross and he's also part of Castro Valley Pediatrics. My sister takes her kids to see Dr. Yasmin Carim (also part of the same group) but I don't think she's taking new patients. Anyone of them from the group, in my opinion, will be great. The nurses are always really good with my daughter. The front desk staff are nice enough(my own primary is way better). I attached their website so you can inquire for yourself.



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I would recommend Primary Pediatric Medical Group. We go to the Alameda office but they also have an office in Castro Valley. Our primary doctor is Jennifer Betz in Alameda (only works in Alameda and Oakland) but we have seen Laura Balestreri also and like her too. I just saw the other posts and this is the same practice that Dr. Hoglund is a part of too! You pick a primary doctor that you want to see for the wellness visits but for the last minute emergency type visits you might see any of the doctors in the practice. It's nice that all the doctors seem to be highly regarded. :)

Here is their website.

Hope this helps! Congratulations on your upcoming little blessing!



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I am also expecting our 2nd son and will deliver at Eden the end of February. My nephews go to Dr. Hogland in Castro Valley and he is great!! We recently switched insurance and now our sons will see Dr. Hogland as well. His name is Neil Hogland and he is excellent! Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family!!

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