Outfit Ideas for Upcoming "Natural" Pageant

Updated on February 10, 2011
R.R. asks from Mountain View, WY
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Hi moms,

I asked this a month or so ago and didnt get to many responses, so I thought I would ask again :) I put my now 13 month old daughter in a prelims pageant for the Little Miss Wyoming Scholarship pageant in January of this year and she won Tiny Miss Photogenic and had her way paid to the state finals in early June.

I'm looking for ideas on outfits. I am in need of three of them; 1) Western outfit for the Hoedown party the night before (just for fun), 2) casual wear for the personality competition and 3) a pretty party dress. The party dress has been the easiest one, I have a few options that will work great already in her closet. The one I am having the most trouble with is the casual wear, I just dont know what to do!

I will fill you in on what kind of pageant this is so you can give appropriate suggestions. as well It is an all natural pageant. Contestants WILL be disqualified for wearing fake hair, teeth, eyelashes and for wearing makeup under the age of 12. This is more about personality and talent. Glitz is really not an option either.

I need ideas for real, off the rack clothing. If any of you moms have an idea on something cute and fun for a 13 month old to wear for her casual outfit, I would be soo greatful and relieved to find something lol! :)


P.S. Please, I dont want to hear comments on how this is so terrible to put my daughter in a pageant. I am not asking your opinion on pageants just asking for outfit ideas, keep your judgments to yourself please!! Thanks!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies, for all your suggestions. I agree 100% with those moms that said it is HER choice not mine. Yes, her being 13 months, this pageant was MY choice and was actually the only one I planned to do until she told me she wanted to do more.

Anyway, I think I found her casual outfit. I wasn't looking when I found it actually lol. Its a pretty, white sundress with a red flower print and a red/white polka dot trim around the bottom. Comes with a red cropped short sleeve tie top that goes over it and white capri leggings. I was thinking of pairing it with some cute red/white hair clips (curly pig tails, as her hair isnt quite long enough for braided pigtails, tho that would have been way cute ;)) and red ballet flats. What do you think?

Thanks again for your ideas!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

They some adorable outfits at gymboree (?) something along the line of those cute little capris pants with the large polka dot dress/shirt over the the top with a little sun hat would be cute! Good luck on the pagent!

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answers from Flagstaff on

My five yr old is in all Natural pageants and they are not like the "glitz" ones at all... They are not under judgment, it is fun for them and they get to meet new friends. My daughter loves doing them and the first second she says she does not want to we will not do them, I do not agree the the statement from the other response. These pageants are strictly to build self esteem to reword them for achievements they have made and there personality and uniqueness, not on beauty!!! Ok now to help you out with casual outfit, I had a Tinker bell out fit made for her, it has a skirt and lace up top that has the fairies and tinker bell on it. She has won 2 pageants with this outfit in the casual wear, It reflects her and what she likes, My daughter loves tinker bell and always say's she wants to be Tinker bell when she grows up. Soooo I would get something that reflects your daughters personality and things she likes, Like sparkles, or flowers or something like that, It does not have to be a big flashy dress or anything, something she will be comfortable in and that she likes!!! :) hope this helps :)

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answers from Albuquerque on

Gosh, casual wear can be anything right? I would try going to gymboree. They always have cute outfits with all the matching accessories. Look them up online, you may get some good ideas. Maybe you could find a cute summery outfit, then add some sunglasses and have her hold a bucket and shovel. A fun day at the park?!

I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing your talking about. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Good luck to your daughter!

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answers from Sacramento on

Leggings and tunics are fashionable, cute and girlie. How about some little leggings, a poka-a-dot (or some other print that's cute on a one year old) tunic/dress, and little slip-on canvas shoes in a bright color to match the print of the top.

I have NO idea about pageants, but I think that would be SUPER cute. :-)

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi R.,
The best place I've found for the cute "casual" outfits is shopko. They have a great selection and most of the time they are reasonabley priced. Good Luck!


Hi R.,
The best place I've found for the cute "casual" outfits is shopko. They have a great selection and most of the time they are reasonabley priced. Good Luck!

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answers from Spokane on

Is she walking? A cute pair of jeans and a nice polo and light sweater with some Mary Jane's sounds good to me.

*My favorite look for the lil' girls is just a plain pair of Levi's and a cute top with some Hot Pink or Purple Converse, with some braided big tails tied with a ribbon, if she's got enough hair:)

If she is not walking (or even if she is) a pretty summer dress and some saltwater sandals sound appropriate as well.

Anything you like...have fun!

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answers from Dallas on

I grew up in the Miss America system of pageants. In my town that was about all you could do, so rural and all. I went as far as state pagaent and won good scholarship money. I went on to be a pagaent judge and I hated that part of crushing someone's dream when they didn't win simply due to a higher score....not that they were prettier, more talent or "personality". I quit that part of the business.

I had a choice to participate in pagaents as a child, teen and on.......I believe those participating should be doing so because THEY want to not MOM wants to. Just keep things in perspective.

I think a yr old is too young. Even though they are young they can sense the not winning and negativity ("natural" as well).

I think casual is a cute short or sundress outfit or simple jeans and tee. Something a 1 yr old would wear out casually.

My biggest suggestion is to make it fun. If your daughter does not want to do this....GET OUT.. It is her life not yours.

Example: I model and have for YEARS. My daughter got into it by her own choice. After her first big gig in LA, she said, "mom this is not for me". We came home after the gig obligation and never looked back. Respect her wishes.

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answers from Norfolk on

I would say, jeans and a cute shirt. Maybe something that says, "Watch out for the cute ones!" or "Heart-breaker in training." Wal-greens always has t-shirts that have cute things for my boys"

"My parent's are exhausted."
"of course, I am up to something."
"All the girls like this."
"My crib, or yours?"

just an idea

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answers from Los Angeles on

i would look on ebay. my daughter competes in natural pageants also but the higher you go in the competition the fancier they become even though they are "natural" now i agree with the no make up and such but i would suggest a pageant baby doll dress that is lightly stoned. as for western wear check out lil moo wear on ebay (i think its call that) and cow boy boots. for casual wear anything works really i would avoid jeans but thats me and go for a skirt or dress set. if you have the money to spend i would check out hollywoodbabetv.com they make amazing clothes!



answers from Austin on

I would look online or go to a children's boutique. Boutiques always carry cute, not seen everyday, outfits. Also check overstock.com because they have some really cute sets. Zulily.com also has some adorable outfits that are not too hard on the pocketbook. Hope this helps. Good luck and I hope she does well!



answers from Provo on

definitely dark jeans, my daughter has some dark sparkly jeans that i love, with a blouse or cute T. Something that says "her." I also think a ruffly shorter skirt with some fun leggings would work great. Jean skirt are cute too. it is hard to say without seeing your daughter but those are some suggestions.



answers from Fort Collins on

Just a thought... First of all it's really hard to give specific cloths ideas without seeing what your daughter looks like. Mostly because if she's anything like my little girls there are things that look really cute on the rack and really terrible on them.
That said... Some of my FAVORITE casual outfits for that age usually include a pair of jeans (or jean shorts) and a dressy casual shirt. (check out jcpenny they have some really cute tops for that age) Oh and online shopping couldn't hurt either!
Western outfits are pretty simple. Go hit up any western clothing store and you'll probably be able to find a cute skirt and shirt... maybe even some little boots. I know Target was selling some cute boots last fall so maybe check some thrift stores to see if anyone has outgrown them and moved on.
Good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Really, is there anything cuter than overalls?



answers from Salt Lake City on

Check out the Hanna Andersson website. Their clothes are cute, colorful, comfortable, sturdy, easy to clean, and age appropriate. They have accessories that coordinate with the clothes.



answers from San Diego on

Seriously... would just a cute diaper work??? Or PJ's & a lovey???



answers from Boise on

Rather than tell us not to speak up for a child who knows no better and will not know better until she is at least 18 years of age (the brains judgement mechanism is not fully matured until past 20 years of age) maybe you should take this as a hint that this is NOT a respectable thing to involve your daughter in. Anytime you are putting a child up to compete on material merits, it is not healthy, to think that people would actually put fake teeth on a child makes me sick and I think those people should not be allowed to be parents. Just because you don't do it doesn't make it ok.

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