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Updated on February 08, 2013
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
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I must dress in a suit most days for work. I have no concerns or problems in choosing those type of clothes. I have quite an eye for it, actually. I should've been a professional stylist. lol

My issue is casual wear. I can dress myself up no problem in nice jeans, tasteful and sexy accessories, some nice jeans, boots, if hubby and I are going someplace. But we only go out once a year! ha! What I cannot for the life of me do is find something that isn't jeans to wear on my normal weekend routine. I want to be comfy but still presentable. NO SWEATS! But I want to feel like I am wearing sweats. Does such an outfit exist?

What do you wear when running errands/heading to target on a weekend? Sometimes I resort to my running/yoga pants and other workout wear, which is cute, but I look like I am going to the gym. There has to be a happy medium. Help me find it.

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So What Happened?

Where do you all get your leggings? I got a pair from Victoria's Secret and they seem so junky and don't really look nice

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answers from Houston on

Cute capris, tank top and infinity scarf is my equation for an affordable but cute and comfy errand running outfit. You can call it the "Target meets white trash meets Vogue" look :)

I also invest in thick comfortable flip flops, like Sketchers tone ups.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I was going to say yoga pants. I've got LuluLemons that look pretty nice, and I can pair them with a slightly dressier top than I would wear in the gym. Go to the LuluLemon website and look at the "to and from" styles. Also, I like to wear footless tights with a long sweater or a long blouse, or under a short skirt. I can wear them with flat boots or ballet flats and be really comfy, but sort of dressed up.

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answers from Dallas on

My favorite is my go to jeans... Stevie by Anthropologie. They are SO comfortable and soft! I have some really cute pants from Bebe and Limited that are comfortable and semi casual. You can easily dress them up or down.

I pair them with a cute top. I buy a lot of tops from White House Black Market and online Victorias Secret tops. I like to wear my sandals, boots or athletic shoes with them.

I'm with you on the sweats thing.... I don't and won't own a pair of sweats... just too casual for me to go out in public.

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answers from Huntington on

What about leggings and a longer shirt? I always think that looks nice and you can pair it with boots, heels or flats.

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answers from Minneapolis on

For going to target and other errands it jeans. Nice jeans, that is. And a sweater or button down shirt. And some comfy boots or oxford type shoes. I have some khakis I will wear as well, but they don't quite fit right now :( Honestly, if I dress up anymore than jeans for errand running it just gets ruined anyway. Between my dogs drooling all over me, stopping the gas station, crawling under the car to get the can of food that slipped, the flour bag that explodes on me in the bakery isle, or a myriad of other issues that come up, denim seems to handle it the best. In the summer I'll switch to capris & light weight woven or knit tops, and sandles.

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answers from Seattle on

I have a couple pairs of very stretchy almost knit kind of fabric pants, one jean, one cargo style leggings. Almost any top / sweater and clogs or boots go with the jeans. I wear long, below my hips, tops with with the cargo leggings. I found those pants at a boutique, on sale and love them.

Honestly, I do wear a lot of yoga pants with cotton T's and nice thing swear shirts. I have an adorable coat from LuLu that is long, below my hips and it covers my bum in yoga pants. And I feel casual, but not so gym looking in that.

And check out stores that carry "Not Your Mother's Jeans", they are comfy, expensive, but you only need one pair.

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answers from Seattle on

Love love Zella leggings sold at Nordstrom in womans active wear and hard tail brand too. A step up and really nice quality more so than regular leggings. Wash great too.

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answers from Eugene on

Mostly knit tops: tailored Tshirts and tank tops with jeans or a casual skirt. Layered with a sweater and/or scarf. Comfy boots. Sandals in summer.

Kohls had a nice selection of leggings earlier this season. I like the Vera Wang cotton leggings.

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answers from New London on

I have a pair of black leggings and a long sweatshirt that has a hood, a pocket and is all cotton. This shirt is a tad "dressier" than a regular sweatshirt.

Other days, I wear my jeans, a tank top, with a nice black jacket and boots. When I get home, I take off the jkt and put on an old, comfy sweatshirt.

PS -- Leggings are hard to find !

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answers from Philadelphia on

pshhh leggings arent fashionable=) who cares if you look like you're going to the gym...your butt probably looks awesome...i love yoga pants

i often times J. wear leggings. i have a favorite pair that are fashoinable with black designs on them and they are black too and then i will wear a long shirt/short dress with them with a belt or scarf under my chest area to make it fitted.

i pretty much wear going out clothes while running errnads..only difernece being shoe choice and possible wearing a tank under if its a low cut top and i have my kiddo

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answers from Houston on

Maxi dresses and skirts. T-shirts.

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answers from Charleston on

Yoga pants, fitted t-shirt and a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Add tennis shoes to make it more casual, black flats to dress it up. Those darn yoga pants can go either way if you get a good pair. :)

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answers from Chicago on

Mavi jeggings are great

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