Do Any Moms Out Ther Have Hobbys They Do at Home for Fun???

Updated on March 25, 2010
T.N. asks from Duff, TN
18 answers

ok does any moms out there who stay at home have any ides on some hobbys they do for fun? any of you make something i would really appreciate some ideas. something that would help me enjoy being at home all the time. any suggestions are welcome!! Thanks.

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answers from Austin on

I like interesting crafts such as origami, beads, cross stitch, card weaving, wreaths, and tatting. However, my favorite hobbies are crochet, sewing, and gardening because I feel like the end result is something "useful" such as a blanket for my son.

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answers from Peoria on

I enjoy oil painting and china painting. It might be fun for you to find a class of some kind that could help you get started on a project that you could also work on at home.

Some other ideas:

Candle making
Soap making
Cake decorating

One of the best things about some of these hobbies is that you'll have some great homemade gifts for family and friends (or home business...I have a friend that makes a decent amount of money selling her homemade soy candles around the holidays)

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answers from Kansas City on

Well, im not sure if you have daughters, or nieces, or anything, but I make hair bows for my dd. It is addicting and fun. :-) Here is a great website for starting out, and I know a lot of moms who make them to sell:

I also like to do cross stitching. Both of these hobbies allow me to justify all the time I spend in front of the tv. :-) I also make our family's halloween and ren fest costumes. I'm getting ready to start experimenting on making the hubby a "captain morgan" pirate coat.

I also know lots of moms who like to do scrapbooking, but mine always turn out looking like a small child made them. hee.

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answers from Honolulu on

doing designs for my online shop

Um but with my 2 kids... WHEN oh when to find the time... without being interrupted! LOL

Good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

I used to scrapbook! but now for fun I sell avon lol I know for fun but it really is!

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answers from Dallas on

Pottery class, there is a really nice lady that teaches beginner and advanced pottery at our church. It is a lot of fun and fun to make gifts for other people. I know this isn't something I do at home, but thought I would mention it anyway.. However, you could if you really wanted to do this and get all the supplies, kiln,etc... and have the equipment at home.

I do scrapbooking at home and I go to my friends house for crops. Love the end result with beautiful scrapbooks with my pictures protected and preserved for my child to pass on to his family someday. You can scrapbook trips that you take, your children, any pets if you have any, family-Grandparents/Great Grandparents or family in general. You could do each year of your child and major things the child did that year-school,etc... This is something that you will treasure for many years and your family will treasure also.

I have a stamp collection that was my hobby when I was younger, however I still have it, just not actively doing this hobby anymore. I have a dollhouse and miniatures that was my hobby of collecting the miniatures.

Paper Piecing- which is a part of scrapbooking. I belong to a Paper Piecing group- every 3 months we do a paper piece for our scrapbooks. One time I did a bunny for Easter, another time I did a poinsetta for Christmas, another time I made a Christmas Tree. You make it from scratch or you can get a Cricut machine and get the punches to make whatever you want to.

I had friend whose hobby was making soap and candles. I went to her house and made some Valentine soap and candles in a teacup. This was fun, however you do have to buy the candle machine and the soap making equipment and is time consuming/messy at times.

I've made cards for Easter before and birthday before and that was fun. I enjoy stamping and stenciling also.

Do something that you enjoy doing. Try something out and see how you like it. It should be fun and not so overwhelming that you can't enjoy having fun.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

scrapbooking, crocheting, reading, cross-stitch, counted cross-stitch, sewing, beading, preschool crafts with my daughter, make-at-home games with the children, plastic canvas, . You could also try knitting, loom knitting, latch hook, embroidery, felt applique, quilt magic (which do require a kit I believe), painting, quilling, tatting, puzzels, fabric painting, etc. The employees at the craft stores have LOTS of ideas.

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answers from Tulsa on

I like to cross stitch. It's really easy to do and you can buy full kits with everything you need. However, they are time consuming, so if you aren't very patient it might not be a good fit.

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answers from Dallas on

I've done scrapbooking and other things in the past. Right now I am enjoying painting scripture on stones and tiles. I also learned a stencil paste technique. I have sold quite a few things.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I'd like to know what SAHMs have time for a hobby! lol Actually, I've recently taken up two. We just got a puppy and I'm determined to have her be the best trained puppy on the block! I'm taking her to obedience school and reading lots of books. My other hobby is photography. I am horrible at it, but with digital, I delete the awful photos and print the few that actually turn out!

good luck finding something fun!

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answers from Boston on

I work from home so I dont have much time lately to do this but I love stampin can google it to see thier products but you can make anything from cards, to scrapbooking, to framed Art! Im not very creative though and I like to take the classes so I have ideas on things to make. My sister in law is a "consultant" so that helps too!

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answers from Peoria on

I got a new slr camera for Christmas. I took a one-day photography class, and have been spending some of my daughter's playtime practicing taking pictures of her. Then sometimes at naptime or after she's in bed, I spend time downloading and editing them. I've gotten some really good ones, and am excited to have something to show for my new hobby!

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answers from Wichita Falls on

I see in your profile that you have two boys. Do you take a lot of photos of your boys? You may want to learn to scrapbook. It's not so much about the "craft," rather, about recording their personal history in albums. If you wait until you are older, you may forget so many details! That is just what happened to me.....

In addition, I add to my family income by doing this, and I get all of my own supplies at "cost." It's my "home" business that I have been doing for 7 years!

Good luck to you! What a great blessing to be able to stay home with your children!

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm not a SAHM but assume it's ok to answer your question! :O) I own an insurance agency so I work full time outside the home am married and have 3 kids. Just in the last 2 weeks or so I have decided to start a "hobby" that I can do while hubby and I are watching TV after the kids go to bed. I decided I would make jewelery so I have been buying beads as they are on sale and I have picked up a few books at Goodwill and garage sales. I'm starting with something easy like stretchy bracelets and depending on how that goes maybe do more. Hope you find something you like to do! Good luck!



answers from Johnson City on

I crochet... be glad to help you learn how.
L. Hamblin



answers from Charlotte on

Sewing, embroidery, jigsaw puzzles, gardening, redecorating small areas of rooms by switching stuff from one room to another.... it really looks different in another room! Cooking for neighbors helps to bring us closer. Going to schools to read to a class (outside on pretty days) really helps the teachers. Even if your child isn't quite at that school yet it will give ideas on who to want for your child's teacher!



answers from Nashville on

I crochet. It is a pretty inexpensive hobby. Once you have bought your hooks and a few pattern books all you need for each project is yarn. Hobby Lobby is pretty good for finding yarn on clearance sales. That is what I usually buy. Some of the Walmarts still have crafting sections too and they are real cheap. Some yarn shops have free classes for beginners or groups that get together to learn new projects. I don't know where you are but there is one in Mt. Juliet called Knit Happy. They mostly do knitting there but that is a good hobby too. I just never got the hang of two needles.



answers from Charleston on

during the spring and summer months I have a large vegetable garden that I enjoy tending to. Its great exercise and it gets me outside and the kids can get involved too. I also scrapbook and I even get together with other stay at home moms once a month in the evening at someones house to scrapbook with no kids or husbands and we all bring food and pig out before we get started. My husband and I "flip" cars too. We take junk cars and rebuild them and sell them. Just like flipping houses but its cars instead. I consider it a hobby cause I have fun doing it with my husband. Good luck and I hope you find something that interests you.

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