New Formula - Change in Poop!!

Updated on January 11, 2010
A.W. asks from Smyrna, GA
6 answers

I recently switched my 10 week old baby to Nestle Good Start, it has only been 2 days, so far so good. One thing that concerned me though was he had a dark green/ blackish poop this morning. Could it be the change in formula? Is it from the NGS formula? Anyone else experience this?
My baby seems content, and he doesn't have a fever.

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answers from Fort Myers on

I was feedin my daughter Enfamil and was given Nestles Good Start coupons. I switched her to NGS, as I figured it would be fine for her, as that was what she was given for the first 2-3 weeks of life. Her poop changed color from yellow to dark green and it smelled fowl. So, I think with NGS this is typical--after reading that it has happed to others.



answers from Atlanta on

I had this same experience with Nestle Good Start. My first daughter could drink any of the formulas without any problems, but I tried switching my 5 month old a couple of months back to NGS from Similac and she had the same dark green poop. I wasn't so concerned with the color/consistency as I was the smell. Although she never acted like her tummy was upset, she started having really smelly gas and unbearable diapers, so I went back to Similac. She takes Enfamil just as well, but I don't plan on trying NGS again with her. I really wanted to use NGS because they send the most coupons and cost less to begin with, but I have found some online coupon sites where I can trade my NGS coupons for Similac & Enfamil.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi Ann!

The change in the color may be from the formula. However, I think you don't need to worry too much, if he is happy and doensn't show signs of being in pain and gassy, which was your main concern to switch formulas, then it means that is working for him. The stool would be a concern if he was constipated or you could tell he is somewhat sick, but if is only the color, then in my opinion you shoudn't worry. Also, try to give this formula some time .
I totally relate to your fears and concerns specially now that this is your first baby, but remember to also trust your instincts. If he is happy, he eats well, is changed when needed, and sleeps well,then you just take a deep breath and sit back, have a cup of tea and relax. You'll know when something is wrong, beleive me,you will.
I also hope that the medicine is working and along with this new formula I am sure he is much happier.




answers from Atlanta on

YES it is the formula!
Nestle Good Start was fantastic for my second son as far as little to no gas, but his poop was very dark green on it. His poop was yellow-ish brown on Parent's Choice. I have to say I liked Good Start WAY better than Enfamil and Simalac which caused severe gas in my two boys, but the weird looking and yucky smelling poop was the drawback. As soon as I switched them to Parent's Choice at Wal Mart (which was 1/2 the price and almost exact ingredients) the smell and color went away. If you are looking to save a few bucks I would recommend PC as the next thing to try.
Good luck~ :)



answers from Augusta on

I don't think u have anything to worry about. Babies poop usually has some color and unless he is pooping too much or not enough he's fine.



answers from Macon on

That is a normal poop for babies on an iron enriched formula. The iron makes it greenish. My kids were on the same formula, same thing. They did very well on NGS start and both are happy and healthy and very smart. No worries about it!

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