Formula Brand (with Iron) as Cause

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Formula and Constipation

L.E. asks from Philadelphia

My question is everyone's experience with formula and if their babies get constipation. My first son got constipated and then blood in stools. Now my second son has...



K.M. asks from Tampa

I went to W.I.C and when they pricked my son's foot they told me his Iron was low.. What kind of foods can I give him that are good sources of Iron? I have never be...


Formula Not Fortified with Iron

E.P. asks from New York

Can anyone recommend a formula not fortified with iron. My 8 month old is constipated and i believe it's her formula. I do not feed her many starchy foods in a day su...



R.L. asks from San Francisco

My daughter is 9 months old I'm trying to figure out what foods cause constipation. Think she might be constipated. Thanks.



P.S. asks from Roanoke

What can I do to help my grandson (6 mo. old) have immediate relief for constipation?



K.B. asks from Fresno

I have a 4 1/2 month old who has begun eating solids. She is doing a really good job so far. However she is starting to get constipated. I gave her some prunes and it...


Constipation Causing Formula

S.J. asks from Boston

My daughter is almost a month and though I am mostly breastfeeding, I had to supplement with formula, to get her weight up. The problem is now she is constipated and...



M.R. asks from Minneapolis

I started my baby on some solids - rice cereal and then added pears. It went well the first week. Then, the second week she got constipated and I ended up having to...



K.R. asks from Los Angeles

my 10 mo. old has constipation, any advice? we have been feeding her fruits and vegs mostly today, is there anything to give her? could rice cereal be the cause? we d...



T.T. asks from Houston

My 7 Week old daughter is having problems with constipation. She is going 3 and 4 days without a bowel movement and by the 3 day strains and cries to try to have one....