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Updated on May 07, 2015
N.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms, we need a new gas dryer that is not too expensive. Two questions: 1.) do you have one you can recommend (Amana? Whirlpool? Maytag?) and 2.)a place you recommend buying it? (Sears? Home Depot? Best Buy?) Would like a good machine, good price and good service if needed. Thank you!

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answers from Portland on

I have had my very basic Gas dryer for at least 20 years so knowing the brand would not be helpful. It gives 3 heat selections. That's it. Because it's simple, there isn't much to go wrong. My cousin did rrplace the nelt several years ago. the belt was inexpensive. The more the dryer will do the more likely to have expensive break downs.

My dad was an appliance repairman who owned his own business. He said if price is important, it's OK to buy a used basic dryer from someone you trust because they last for years. I've bought from both Sears and a large independent appliance store, Standard Brands, and been pleased.

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answers from New York on

I usually begin my searches on amazon just so I can get the customer feedback on something before I buy it. Once you narrow down the choices based on customer feedback then you can google and see where its available in your area.I don't have brand loyalty any more. A lot of the big names sell garbage now.

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answers from Los Angeles on


Look for a local appliance store over a big box store.
Better service.

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answers from Chicago on

We have always had a Kenmore dryer. We originally bought one in 2001 when we bought our building. However, that one died out a few years ago. We currently have one that the co-owneror our place had purchased about 5 years ago. Going strong. We did have to change the belt wheel but we did that ourselves and cost less than $30. Other than that, no issues at all. This thing gets used 5 days a week for 2 families. Since you are in teh Chicago area, if you really want to keep costs down, you could check out one of the Sears outlet stores. Usually the items get big discounts because they had too many, someone ordered something but changed their mind and sent it back, or it has a little scratch. They now deliver so worth checking it out. We will get our new fridge from the outlet in a couple of months.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have a Maytag gas dryer that we got when our old Maytag broke and the appliance insurance co. offered us that one as replacement. It works fine. IMO, it is less important the bells and whistles on the dryer than the washer.

Not a dryer, but a friend just had to replace a Samsung fridge that was terrible. The service was terrible. The product was terrible. I'd stay with companies like Whirlpool and Maytag. My grandmom just got an Amana dryer and washer set.

Also, consider ReStore and outlets. Our washer was less than $400 delivered and installed due to a cosmetic ding we can't even see. From a Sears Outlet.

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answers from Beaumont on

I'd go with Sears. Good service. I'd also do research on the websites of the ones you mentioned above and read the reviews. I buy most things that way and haven't been disappointed.



answers from Chicago on

I just had my dryer repaired. But the repair guy have me recommendations if I was to buy one. First, no NOT buy samsung. Second, do NOT buy a front loader-too many problems, break all the time-I should know, I have a dryer that's been repaired three times and it's only 8 years old. Third, buy a Maytag. Spend 500. No more.

I trust this guy. He repairs machines for a living.


answers from Dallas on

Mine is electric and it is Samsung. I LOVE it. Mine are almost 3 years old and I've never had an issue. Both front loading and LOVE them.

I had a Maytag before and I will never purchase Maytag again.

We purchased the set at Home Depot. We paid $2700 for washer/dryer and the stands plus they came with a great warranty.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I got a Samsung Electric dryer for around $500 at Lowes. It's the best dryer I've ever had. It dries the clothes in a fraction of the time a gas dryer did. I love that it's over 7 sq. feet inside too. Big loads~



answers from Chicago on

I just bought an LG steam dryer last year. All good so far. I agree with reading reviews. Also make sure when you read the reviews that you are reading it for the same model # that you are planning on buying. Brand name is not enough. I always buy my appliances at Sears. I bought a dishwasher once from Lowes. Needed a repair within 6 months. They told me it was cheaper to refund me my money than to fix it. After 4 weeks waiting for a repair guy and a refund, I went to Sears and bought a replacement. They have the best extended warranty and their service is unbeatable if you ever need a repair. I have a washing machine that is fourteen years old and I had a Sears service tech out last year. He told me to keep maintaining my washing machine because the new ones are nothing but problems. Especially the front loading washers. Buy the extended warranty! I never buy extended warranties on small electronics but always on large appliances and I have never regretted it. Also, if you tell the sales person upfront that you are planning on purchasing the extended warranty, you have an ever better chance of negotiating the price down further. NEVER (with or without the warranty) pay full price, (for large appliances) even if it's not on sale. Also, Sears will come out and fix an appliance even if you didn't buy it from them.


answers from Los Angeles on

I bought a Whirlpool several years back and I have been very happy with it. It has not needed any repairs and it dries my laundry very quickly (probably because I have an energy efficient washer too). Mine is electric.

Julie G-I have never seen a dryer that wasn't a front loader. Is there such a thing?

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