Needing Very Cheap Reliable Car

Updated on April 20, 2007
M.A. asks from Mesa, AZ
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I have a 5yr old son and a 9month old daughter. We have had a streak of bad luck and nothing seems to be changing. we have been without my car for 3months and it is starting to get to hot to take ten busses on a daily basis for my kids. Please help me if you know anyone who has a car maybe we can work something out. I don't have a lot.

thank you

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answers from Phoenix on

Can you tell me a little bit more about your situation? We have a truck that just sits here in our drive way not being used. Do you have money to spend at all on something or even anything to go towards payment for using the truck?

email me at [email protected]



answers from Phoenix on

My brother sells used cars from his auto-recycling lot, they are all 'salvage title' cars which means you can only put minimum insurance on them (most have been in accidents, and have been "totalled out" by insurance companies) but they are always cheap!! He also sells parts there.

Try him at Crunch Auto, ###-###-####. His name is Sam Thornton. Please tell him his sister got you the info so he knows you.

Good luck!




answers from Flagstaff on

My husband ia sold on buying salvage title cars. Sometimes it only takes a little to make them look ok. (not perfect, but not clunkerish either) We have bought several in the past. The one in our driveway right now we just put a bra on and you can't even see the damage. (It needed a new radiator too, but that was done by the guy we bought it from) Good Luck!



answers from Spokane on

have you tried checking out ? there are always good deals on there, and people who are willing to work with you. that's what my husband and i did when we wanted to trade our pickup for a car (pickup's are no good for carseats and we needed A/C).

hope that helps you at least a little bit.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi M.,
Cheap and reliable don't always go well with each other. If you are looking for a reliable car, then I would go to a dealership to see about their used vehicles that have some warranty left on them. Or, when I was divorced from my first husband, I went to a used car dealership and gave them my wedding ring and another expensive ring just to start credit there. It worked. This was back in 95, and I got an 89 Honda Accord. It didn't have any warranty on it, and it had 89 thousand or more miles on it when I bought it. I was really pleased with that car and the only thing I had to fix was the belts which don't cost hardly anything; but usually foreign cars like, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are pretty reliable used cars. Most of them you can run them into the ground and they'll keep going. I know you can't spend much, but for the safety of your children and your own, try to invest in a more reliable car that might take a bit extra money. Also, look in the AZ Central Classified ads and see if there are any cars on there that only had one owner and will sell for cheap. Usually one owner cars are the best ones to get because they're taken care of. Best of luck to you. G.

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