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Car CD and Tape Player Used as a "Piggy Bank"

Read all 7 responses: "My son recently found some loose change in my van and then put it in the CD player and tape player. Has this happened to anyone else?

Car Seats in Limos?

Limos get in car accidents too. I installed my daughters car seat and my son's booster on our limo ride to and from the airport. I also used her car seat ...

Getting Musty Smell Out of Car

I heard if you leave an open container of Amonia(dont know how to spell) overnight it will work my parents did this to get smoke smell out of their used car ...

Race Car Ride for B'day

I thought I might get him a ride in a race car at TX Motor Speedway for his ... it! we used texas driving experience ( and i ...

What Happens If Someone Hit My Car, but Claims I Hit Him?

That statement will be transcribed and used in Arbitration and it makes a world of ... Mind you I had just purchased that car the previous weekend. ...

Best Convertible Car Seat...QUICK

The one I LOVE is the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat. We used this rear & forward facing. It is super easy to adjust which is the part that ...

Shopping for the Best Car Seat/ Stroller(feedback on Alpha Omega Elite Brand)

i'm trying to shop for a carseat and stroller and i'm needing a feedback from anyone who has used the alpha omega elite convertible car seat. it says on the ...

What Do You Do with Older, Expired Car Seats?

Car dealers may also be able to help you. I know they would prefer that the old and maybe damaged carseats were no longer used. You never know what people ...

Playpen Instead of Crib & Car Seat Handle Orientation

They would have a gently used playpen for pretty cheap (plus lots of other supplies). As far as the car seat goes, we didn't use a 'Z' one but I have ...

Help with Infant Car Seat

I guess I should also add that my daughter used this car seat for about 7 months , my son for about 8 months. It has never been in anything close to a car ...
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