Need Help Finding Online Sources for a Bipolar Child

Updated on January 25, 2007
S.B. asks from Atlanta, TX
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I am trying to help a lady who has low-income, raising her great-grandchildren, and has a 3rd grade girl who is bipolar. Can anyone tell me some good online places with free learning games to help a child such as this in math and english? Also, where might I get information to help me learn to tutor such a child? So far, the school isn't providing enough help and the great grandmother is reaching out to others.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your input and advice. I will most certainly pass on this information and will check into the places you recommended. I love this site. People are so wonderful about responding. God Bless you all.

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Hi S.,

I just wanted to email a few ideas. I have a son with Asperger's Syndrome so I know a little about having to reach out to find help. First off, there are laws that protect that child at school, so she should make sure the school is doing what they are supposed to. Second, try to find your local Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities. They can lead you toward programs that would be benficial (they also provide monetary supports she could get, like respite care and such). I'm in Louisiana, so I'm not sure if you have this but see if you have Families Helping Families there. This is an organization run by people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. All of their services are free (they are funded by the state here, so don't know if TX does this). The Office for Citizens w/Developmental Disabilities (this is a federal agency, I think) may be able to tell you if you have anything like this. She can also receive SSI if the grandmother hasn't already done this. I know an advocate in TX (I can't remember where she is, but she helps our Families Helping Families chapter in New Orleans) and I will check with her to see if there is any links I could send you for stuff like that.

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She can try for grandma to find out how to make the school help more.


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It may be a little juvenial, but if she is really struggling with reading it will be good for her to go back to phonemic basics. Also, to get the school to help the grandmoher is really going to have to push hard. It is a lot of paperwork, so schools want to make sure parents are committed for the long haul before starting the process. It can be very frustrating and take a long time, but just keep on it and it will happen.

Also, Sylvan Learning Center might be an option for tutoring, but I don't know how much they cost or what they do for children with special needs.



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Where do ya'll live? The school may have an after school program that provides tutoring for free. If you happen to live nearby maybe I could even help her out.



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I know alot about bipolar. I have had like 40 years experience and what I learned was that when the patient would eat alot of sweets or if he got an infection he would have a mood swing that sometimes lasted for days or weeks. It happened almost every holiday and if he got sick if we could get a doctor to go ahead and get him on an antibiotic he settled down and was normal and calm. Anyway....I found a website that is excellent. It is
It only costs $19.95 per month. Also, is very good and it is free. May God bless you and the people you are helping.

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