Need Female OB/GYN Referral Affiliated with Alexian Brothers Medical Center

Updated on November 01, 2011
S.G. asks from Schaumburg, IL
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I am looking for a new female OB/GYN that is affiliated with ABMC in Elk Grove Village. While I LOVE my current OB/GYN, his practice is VERY busy and I often have to wait several weeks to get an appointment (if not months!). The type of practice I am looking for is similar to what I see on the Discovery Health Channle tv show "Deliver Me." After watching that show frequenly, I am beginning the think that there's something "missing" from my current practice. Anyone have any suggestions? I am open to a male doctor, but perhaps the something "missing" is a woman's touch. I look forward to any suggestions you may have!

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Advanced Women's Care

They were very flexible with scheduling, etc. and everyone in the practice including nurses and staff are extremely friendly. Dr. Schaub was my doctor, but I had most of my appointments with Nicole Quigley just because I wanted specific times for my appointments due to my 2-year old's schedule. I had a post c-section complication and it was handled by Dr. Yockey. So you can see everyone in the practice works together. I would recommend them to anyone.

Also, I started out at AB in EGV, but after the tour, I decided I wasn't thrilled with the facilities. I delivered at Northwest Community Hospital, which now has a brand new wing with very high-tech set up. Advanced Women's Care delivers at both locations.

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Why not try a midwife? They are so much better for normal healthy births and can always refer you to a Dr if there are complications. They spend a lot of time with you and help educate you and answer your questions. I have heard good things about Midwest Midwifery...they used to have their own webpage but now when I look them up I only get a very small page on the Alexian Bros site. I would maybe call Alexian Bros to get their info, or Bonaventure Medical Group, which is who the webpage says they are affiliated with now. Good luck!



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I second advanced Women's care center...



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I go to Female Health Care Associates.
Dr. Lori Hardy delivered my son. I liked the treatment I received from the Dr.s in the practice.

The number in Elk Grove is
800 West Biesterfield Road, Ste. 408
Elk Grove Village



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Dr. Orhan Rocks! ###-###-#### Elite Womens Care at Alexian Brother's Hospital


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If you find that, let me know. I have had 3 babies with three different practices and never saw the kind of care that is displayed on Deliver Me. I think they amp it up for TV. Most busy practices are just that-busy. They barely let you ask a question before they are out the door and on to the next patient. I spent more time in the waiting room, with the ultrasound tech or on the NST monitor than I did seeing the doctor and I had a complicated pregnancy with my third. If I end up having a fourth, I will be shopping for yet another practice. I will say Alexian Brothers in Elk Grove was the best hosptial experience. I was there with my first, and loved it! I was a bit disappointed with St. Alexius in Hoffman with my second, and extremely unhappy with Northwest Community. I delivered my third there last August right before they finished the new wing. I was in the overflow post partum section with shared rooms, and community showers in the hallway not in the room. Disgsuting! Definitely get someone affiliated with Alexian Brothers!

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