Need Decorating Ideas for Valentine Dance

Updated on January 13, 2009
K.M. asks from Baytown, TX
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My daughter's school is having a valentines dance and it will be in the cafateria. The problem is it is huge and there is nothing to hang things on except where the stage area is. I can handle that area. It is the huged open space with extremely high ceilings that I am stumped about. The only thing I have come up with are balloon bouquets coming up from the ground and taking tree branches and putting them in containers hidden with fabric and putting red lights on the branches. Like a leafless tree at Christmas. I am blank from there. Thanks in advance.

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answers from San Antonio on

Those are fabulous ideas. Do they have a theater department? What about back drops from plays? Is there an outdoor scene that you could place on the stage? What about a park or Paris? Balloons are fantastic. I love this design for either of these ideas.
Or the trees that you described in mass would create a fantastic ambiance too. You could hang red and pink Christmas balls from the branches too. Wal-Mart has a ton on clearance still. I think with red and pink with pink and white tulle would look very Valentiney. Is that a word?
And here are some good balloon designs depending upon how much you want to use Imagine these with huge balloons and really tall. Very dramatic.

You could hang a wire or string from wall to wall and hang paper lanterns from the wire.
I think that choosing one of these ideas and doing a bunch of them would give the best results. Set the stage on the stage and carry out through the rest of the gym with as many whatever as the budget/time allows.

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answers from Odessa on

Have you thought about (spray) painting the tree branches white? Also, there is a website called shindigz that has a lot of cafeteria/gym size decor-you may look there and get some ideas to add to your own. I don't really think you need maufactured sounds like you're doing a great job...very creative. Have you set up a "picture area"? Your trees might be very pretty there, too.


answers from Austin on

There are probably some windows in the cafeteria...? You can always make big hearts out of cardboard, paint them in pastel colors and write sayings on them like the candy hearts. Stick them at various place on the windows. Also might be cute if there were little paper/cardboard cupids holding arrows hanging off the trees, ceiling, walls, etc. or one big Cupid and lone arrows shooting various places...



answers from Sherman on

the ceiling will probably be a 'drop ceiling' with little metal runners for the ceiling tiles to be 'dropped' into. If it is, then you can hang things from it (as long as they aren't heavy) with paperclips and fishing line.

the leafless trees with lights will be neat.

good luck.



answers from Houston on

If the school (or families) has fake trees, those are nice to put around with white lights in them. Also, a balloon arch is lovely. You can rent or make a heart shaped archway and then cover it in pink, red and white balloons. Here's a great site all on balloon decorations


answers from Austin on

Maybe streamer paper in red/white/pink flowing down from the walls with hearts, arrows or giant valentines hanging from them. Or metallic fringe drapes hanging from the walls. The trees remind me of my junior high dance so you are on the right track. Have tables with white coverings with red heart confetti sprinkled. Set up an area where they can take their own pictures like a heart arch or something. Maybe set up a place to make valentines. You wont need many activities. just be sure to provide refreshments.



answers from Austin on

The trees sound nice. How much more do you need for a 13 year old's dance? I would suggest spending the rest of the money you have on the budget on pink or red carnations to hand out to each girl as they arrive. The boys won't care one way or the other but the girls will go gaga for getting flowers.


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