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Nontoxic Finger Paint for Infant

I like the ideas the other moms have, but I might shelf the finger paint part & do body part prints with non toxic paints, like butt prints & belly button ...

Opinions on Paint Color with Dark Brown Leather Couches

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me your opinion on what color of paint to use in my family room. I received many great ideas on paint and how to ...

Need Ideas for My Daughter Whos Turning 6

My daughter is turning 6 in april and i need ideas for her birthday party. ... My niece actually had a pottery painting party at Michaels/MJ Designs. ...

Looking for Creative Gift Ideas

The other one was very obnoxious.. my son wanted to paint it Green and Yellow.. ha. There are a lot of pictures on the front of the box for ideas.. on how ...

Birthday Party Ideas

I don't have a clue as to what to do. I would love any ideas..." ... They had baloon animals and face painting and cotton candy machine (a little one, ...

Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter Turning 5

She did face painting that was so cool, she painted every child in the face of a different animal and they loved it ... painting ideas · home party business ...

Arts and Crafts Ideas

The do a lot of painting with objects. They recently used old socks and put them on the .... Family Fun magazine is a wealth of craft and activity ideas. ...

Gift Ideas for 103-Yr-old

Thank you everyone, for your creative ideas!!! Her birthday party was wonderful, ..... scrapbook ideas · painting ideas · fruit gifts · cute love quotes ...

Need Ideas

Have someone doingvface painting, and someone doing animal baloons, ... They have lots of party ideas that's where I got all of mine when I did the same ...

Creative Ideas for Valentine's Day/Anniversary

Any creative ideas welcome I can always use them later Thank you in advance .... bedroom painting ideas · home design plans · romantic ideas for the bedroom ...
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  • non toxic paints in 2 answers "... I might shelf the finger paint part & do body part prints with non toxic paints ..."
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  • sage green in 5 answers "I would try a light blue/grey or a nice sage green."
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