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Updated on December 06, 2007
M.G. asks from Hawley, PA
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My husband is overweight and wants to lose weight for our children and health reasons.I want to help him and this may sound stupid but I find it very hard to cook healthy and to find and cook stuff my children will eat as well.We have tried several diets and they have helped him lose some weight but they only seem to last so long.We get bored after a while.Everyone says he has to exercise and we know that but he has a bad back and both his knees are bad, so he is limited to what he can do.When we walk his knee pops out. He does not want to get the lap band or any other kind of surgery.I am open to any suggestions.Thanks

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answers from New York on

Go and get Dr. Oz's book "YOU: ON A Diet." You may have seen him on Oprah. The book is easy to read and its entertaining all at the same time. It has changed my life and my husbands life. And I am proud to say I have dropped 10 lbs effortlessly in about 3 weeks. I have more energy than I had 10 years ago, and I feel FANTASTIC.
My husband had to use the next smallest notch on his belt and he can button pants he hasnt worn in months!
I've been on multiple diets and read multiple nutrition books, but this one is out of this world. Best of Luck!!

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answers from New York on

Hi there. just wanted to give you this website...A friend of mine lost like 50 pounds and I'm on my way. Diets don't need to make a lifestyle change. This website helps so much because it helps you count calories and it has recipes and TONS of support. It's
Check it out and make a profile. It's a really great site! :)

Good luck!!!



answers from New York on

There is a book called "Eat Right 4 Your Type" (cant remember the author) Basically it suggests a diet based on what your blood type is. People with different blood types digest certain foods differently because of the enzymes in their body. For example, a person whose blood type is A may have a harder time digesting meats and would find a vegetarian diet helps them lose weight very quickly. Also, suggest morning walks for about a half hour for some exercise.



answers from New York on

I have lost 10 pounds so far by using a nutritionist and and exercise phsyiologist. I have given up white pasta and bread. Whole grain or wheat pasta just takes a lil longer to cook, but it tates great! if your hubby drinks soda, encourage lots of water or at least diet soda. Water is best though. Part of the success is not thinking in terms of diet but life changes. making small ones, such as no white bread or pasta will be a pain,ess way to start. Salads with dressing on the side and dipping forkfuls lightly into dressing helps me.
here is the official site for Kingley:
An exercise physiologist is different than a personal trainer. They may be able to help with hubby's knees. They can also offer nutrition counseling as well as a social worker to help with emotional issues.I have already improved my balance and before coming here I couldn't stand on one foot for more than a few seconds before falling. Now I can do it a whole minute. Good luck on your journey



answers from New York on

M., as mentioned before it is a lifestyle change. First congratulate your hubby on his first step. Then you have to be supportive of the new food choices that he has to adhere to.there is nothing worst than one spouse eating healthy food and the other eating junk(my household). Next he has to get moving. I am sure that you can find activities to do as a couple or as a family such as yard work, cycling etc. The commitment has to be there to see results. For the first time in my life I had to shed my baby weight and it was an all out war. Best of luck to hubby!



answers from New York on

that is a cookbook that i've been dying to get. she "hides" all veggies in food that makes them delicious that even the kids will eat it! so with that being said, obviously veggies are a part of eating healthy.

one thing i've noticed in losing weight (for me at least) is that if i eat MORE OFTEN but SMALLER portions, i tend to drop weight quicker. if you eat a larger breakfast, maybe snack once or twice of some fruit, or any other healthy snack, then have a decent size lunch, snack on some more fruit, then a smaller (and healthy) dinner...with a possible ending of another snack...then you keep our metabolism going ALL DAY LONG! my dr. said 5-8 "meals" a day...and a meal can be a snack of just 1 apple. slice a couple apples up, and just stick them in sandwich baggies, and those apples can be eaten throughout the day. as she put it to me, a slice of bread, 1/2 an apple, long as it's in your stomach (and not bad for you) it's SOMETHING. she suggested no white bread, that's the worst bread to eat when trying to lose weight. chicken is also one of the best things to eat for weight loss. of course, NO skin, NO frying (or as little as possible...when my husband fries chicken as rare as that happens, he always drains the oil, then takes a bunch of paper towels and squeezes each individual piece of chicken to get the extra greasy oil out).

i know that it wasn't much of what you were looking for on the meals end...but maybe trying to eat more often with small portions will help your husband drop the weight easier while adding in the healthier meals (once you find something that everyone likes). as for the exercising, i also have a back back and knees that go out constantly. i also have an airglider (it's like the gazelle that is on the infomercials only cheaper in price lol) and it does wonders for someone with these problems. the issue of walking with bad knees is the impact! with the airglider/gazelle there is NO impact, yet it's the same motion as walking. i think i lost 20 lbs the 1st 2 months that i used mine...just never stuck with it with all the distractions i had in my life at the time (plus, i wasn't eating maybe eating healthy AND using that equipment would help quicker/better).
also, have him lay on his back, either bend the knees and firmly plant his feet on the floor OR put his feet up on the sofa, or chair, having them level with his knees, and just tighten his stomach while lifting his butt up. hold it (with the stomach tight) for about 10-20 seconds do about 3-10 reps of 10 "lifts" each. if you would like some other suggestions, feel free to email me.
i have been through physical therapy because of my back and knees, so i can always try looking through my files and find the printouts, or even possibly go to my physical therapist and ask her to kindly print them out for me again...i can either scan and send them to you, type them up in an email for you, or print them and mail them if need be. i know how hard it is to try and lose the weight. they say that u need to lose the weight to feel better, to make these pains go away, but with all the pains and ailments, it's just too hard to do the "proper" exercises. at least these do something, and are easier when having these problems. once again, if you'd like me to look for the other exercises, just email me and i will look for them. i wish u guys the best of luck!



answers from Buffalo on

My husband has lost 42 lbs. and currently weighs 177 lbs. A year ago, I changed our eating habits/menu. I bought Dr. Oz's book called You:On a Diet. It stresses to throw out and avoid buying foods where the first 5 ingredients are: sugar, enriched flour, and/or high fructose corn syrup because your body can't process these. That's how I started. You'd be AMAZED to see just how many foods contain these harmful ingredients!! Then, I started switching our breakfasts and lunches to coincide with what Dr. Oz recommends in his book. For dinner, we used a recipe out of The Biggest Loser cookbook. The funny part is that my husband says the food we cook up now is WAY more flavorful and filling than anything we used to eat. After a few months of eating right, we started working out. We encorporated power walking and biking along with weight training into our daily lives. Remember: every lb. of muscle gained is an extra 50 calories burned EACH day. That's an extra 350 calories a week! Another great book to get you motivated is The Best Life Diet. Overall, your kids will begin to love the flavorful meals that you cook. Good luck.



answers from Buffalo on

Hi M....
It is hard to cook healthy and tasty too...
I recently moved in with my it took a lot to reform our eating habits. I was a fast food junkie, him a junk food, chocolate junkie.

We did low carb....and lost a lot....BUt its too easy to eat high fat and high cholesterol that way.

Reintroducing good carbs was the best for our metabolism. SO to keep the fats low and have taste, I cook with tons of onions, garlic and peppers...lots of herbs & spices. But still avoid breads. We will eat starch as a low carb pasta or natural potato occasionally, but it is rare. We get carbs and starches from fruits and vegetables.

Put a TV in the kitchen...You'll spend more time there....and get control of the remote..ROFL

As one of the responses the perimeter...
Fruits, Veggies, meats,...we don't ever eat breads, but eat nuts instead.

We buy so much boneless skinless chicken, Tilapia, pork tenderloin, occasional beef (cubed or good cut of sirloin - not tip), lots of pre made salad mixes (like dole), lots of fruits, onions, peppers, celery, and greenbeans in every shopping trip. Lots of egg beaters, cheezes (bricks and shredded), reduced fat parmesan, Ragu light alfredo, low fat luncheon meat (not on bread), raisins, nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, applesauce. Cases of bottled water and Diet juices...Diet V8 Splash is a favorite!!
Lots of vitamins and low cal.

Eating healthy is expensive...
But after a short time you feel so much better and your metabolism will change. If you have more energy, you will naturally become more active without effort.

My boyfriend is double my he eats much more....and more often. I was a once a day eater....also bad bad bad.

I try to get him to eat in the morning, Egg beaters is the most amazing food out there...
or at least a piece of fruit...
If not, I know he will eat bad at work....but there is not much I can do about that.

I make sure to have lots of healthy snacks near his lounge chair....a couple bottles of water....three containers of snacks...Cashews, pistaccios, and a peanut/craisin/assorted Raisin mix (tastes like peanut butter and jelly). I also usually have beef jerky closeby also. Banana chips and a jar of peanut butter...
OMG, seriously, all this is really next to his TV his own personal set of canisters.
He will reach over and graze on a handful of nuts or raisins and drink a bottle of water instead of heading to the cupboards.
(It's a proven fact you crave when you are not properly hydrated)...

In the evening, or between meals, I bring him a snack before he has time to crave junk...a sliced apple with peanut butter (huge treat during movies)...pears....celery and tuna salad...
tuna salad in an iceburg lettuce leaf or on a slice of cheeze.
Almost any salad on celery he likes. Or, a stack of sliced low fat Turkey, Chicken or Ham, rolled up with a slice of cheeze ...dipped in horseraddish mustard or a low fat flavored ranch south west or bacon. Low fat sour cream in soup mix is a flavorful dip.

I got him to graze on healthy snacks and eat smaller portions of the main meals by serving extra veggies.
Dole has such a variety of salads, I make a salad for every meal and also vegetable like corn or green beans. Sure, he complains...but I call him down to dinner early every day intentionally. Once he smells food, his stomache will make him eat about anything. So, he will sit and have salad while waiting for the meal. He thinks I have bad has no idea it's planned that way.

I managed to get him to eat asparegus accidentally...Green giant makes a frozen veggie in butter sauce (not butter though)...corn, carrots and asparegus, he thought they were green beans mixed in and ate it up.

There is always two or more vegetables at every meal...Always a salad...I throw peas in my alfredo sauce, tiny baby carrots or peppers added to corn, green beans especially fresh with garlic butter (no, not real butter), or crisp green beans used instead of noodles under an italian dish...onion and peppers, or onions and mushrooms with beef. I sneak in a vegetable every where I can.

Some of his favorite meals...
Shishka (ok, shish-kabobs without the skewers).
I marinate Chicken, onions and assorted peppers in low fat or fat free italian dressing. I cook it on a jenn airre...(but a george foreman works well, or pan fry) with garlic and sometimes whatever seasoning I feel like adding.... When they are just cooked....I put it in a large bowl with lots of parmesan and shake it, the parmesan melts to it. (don't do it on the grill....the melted parm is messy)...even my 14yr old loves peppers now.
(I don't use table salt anymore, but parmesan is salty)

Today I am trying it with cubed beef (stew meat). We seldom eat its a treat.

Fresh tilapia fillets from the fish counter...sprayed with "I can't believe its not butter" spray and a sprinkle of "old bay seasoning"....or dill weed. I serve that usually with shrimp or crab in alfredo sauce. One time I found imitation lobster (not crab) on sale...cut it up small, put it in a little ragu light alfredo with some old bay seasoning....gave it a lobster chowder taste...but it was thick with meat...
I put the tilapia over it....he loved it and thought I was a genius. I keep a bag of frozed shrimp in the freezer and will take a handful out and cook it in a splash of oil with garlic...then spray the I can't believe its not butter spray on it.

Baked chicken in alfredo sauce served over green beans instead of pasta. Or low carb pasta is amazing!!!!

Baked chicken with ham & swiss melted on top and parmesan on top....

Baked Chicken in italian sauce (marinara, spaghetti...whatever) loaded with chopped peppers and onion. Over low carb pasta.

BTW...Low carb pasta is high in protein and fiber...very filling unlike regular pasta.

DO you have chiavettas sauce where you are? It is a very strong vinegar marinade....mixed with alfredo sauce makes a very tangy dipping sauce.

I use a lot of low carb pasta for sneaking in more fiber and low fat alfredo for flavors and sauces....I sneak in onion, garlic, green and la rouge red pepper into everything I make....the few extra calories are all good carbs. Peppers are very high in antioxidents too.

When we are too busy to cook...conflicting schedules or holiday weekends....I grab a couple rotisserie chickens from the super market or Boston market. and keep them in the fridge...BOston market sells turkey family meals by the pound also. He will eat turkey instead of heading out to a drive thru or ordering pizza. He won't reach for a salad.....but a plate of turkey? mmmm-mmm

I am leaving for the weekend to take my daughter to a competition...
I am cooking a fridge full of healthy left overs to make it convenient to graze while I'm gone....usually I try to balance the day either has fat, a touch of sugar or high sodium in order to be, I try to mix it up not to overdose him on any of those. Being a bit overweight, he also has high blood pressure, so cooking with salt was eliminated. I noticed I taste salt more now that I don't consume as much of it...I really don't miss the table salt. Read labels...low fat is usually higher in sodium.

There is definately an energy difference eating better.

I am fortunate to have a daughter that will eat healthy with us, but I was never tolerant of the picky eater syndrome.

Hopefully I can get him to start with daily stretches and eventually some isometric excersises in the mornings....he's getting the energy now...

Good luck to you!!!
Hope you do well.



answers from New York on

hey M.,hi,boy do i no wat u mean,my husband also had to lose weight due to his health n bad knees,i found it very hard cuz i only no how to cook unhealthy to lolol.i also have 4 kids,so to cook for every 1 was hard,but as the saying goes ya cant plez every 1,so b4 i cooked for us id cook his dinner then ours,or do 2 at the same time,i did alot of fish and chicken dinners,cutlets id bake for him not fry,no bread,and soups,also saldas,it worked as long as he stayed with it,and the worst thing to do is eat after 8pm,my husband dont get in till that time so it was hard for him,he also is a junk food eater,cut that out to,,but its reli up to him,and iif u need to use oils use olive oil,if he likes to snack,get low fat snacks for him,but no eating after 7-8pm,thats a biggie,fish chicken n saladas are another way,hope it helps ya,need any help just let me no,good luck to you,



answers from New York on

Hi, i am a personal trainer at curves for women. i know men and women's bodies are different but when it comes to eating it's the same rules for losing weight. You have to eat frequently, every 3-4 hours so your metabolism speeds up. Eat smaller portions. In my house we eat a lot of chicken cooked different ways, lean meat. I don't fry anything, and if i do its olive oil. We eat take out maybe once or twice a month. it's not a rule we live by, but i have always been like that. You can have your cake and cookies to, but only the serving size. Switch to either fat free milk or soy both taste good. A typical eating day in my house is as follows:
8:00 am cereal or oat meal with fat free milk
10:00 a piece of fruit or quaker rice cake
12:30 pm tuna fish on whole wheat bread with a few bbq chips and diet soda
3:00pm some kind of snack
6:00 pm grilled chicken with any veggies, mashed potatoes or rice a ronid
9:00 pm some kind of snack.
Needless to say you can basically have what you want as long as it's not to high in fat or to high in carbs. I dont really beleive in a no carb diet i think you need some carbs but dont go higher than 120 grams in a day if you can help it. I dont' count calories because i am more than enough active with work and a 4 and 2 year old.
I hope this helps and good luck on making a lifestyle change.



answers from Syracuse on

Cooking healthy is harder than it sounds. Especially when you have children who are eating also. Next time you are grocery shopping fill up your cart with veggies you can cook with, and replace any oils you use with olive oil. Don't buy any unhealthy snacks, replace chips with pretzels, and so on. It will be healthy for your whole family not just for your husband so everyone may as well benefit. If you only keep healthy food in the house, you will be forced to use!

I use all the time. They have some great "Healthy Living" recipes you could check out.

Also, try to incorporate some activities you can do as a family to get your husband moving. Join the Y or take walks on the weekends or after dinner(when it's not too cold). Just get him moving with some extra activity each day.



answers from Scranton on

You could be feeding the problem with food intolerance. I will give you an excellent site to do some research. You need to change your families diet. All of you will be unhealthy if you don't. Switch slowly and it won't be as noticeable. I found that dairy just made me want to eat more junk food. Meat is no good for anyone either. It's not as hard as you would think to stop eating things that are bad for you. I bake homemade snacks from all organic ingredients. It's ok to have a snack once in a while. You have to make sure your family gets lots of fruits and veggies, grains, beans and nuts. Snack on stuff like popcorn, carrot sticks, apples... If you don't make the change, food will be the death of ever member of your family, one way or the other. Exercise is important as well. Steppers, are good exercise, or just get outside and run around, play yard sports or something.



answers from Albany on

Diets don't work. You need to revamp your entire lifestyle. Cook with olive oil, not butter or other oils. Stay away from processed foods. When grocery shopping fill your cart with items from the perimeter of the store; fruits, veggies, dairy, whole grains. Good luck.



answers from Buffalo on

I have a cookbook called "Deceptively Delicious" by Jessica Seinfeld. Its all about hiding nutritious foods in everyday foods. I make it mostly for the kids (hiding veggies...spinach in brwnies, cauliflower in mac & cheeze, sweet potatoes in pancakes etc...) but my hubby eats it too. Its a way to get in good foods, cooked in a healthy way for the whole family. I love it!

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