Need Advice on Hand Eater!

Updated on February 13, 2008
C.H. asks from Casper, WY
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Hello! I babysit a 2 year old that literally eats his hands all day long! He chews and sucks and gnaws on his hands and fingers all day. I have talked to him and have reminded him not to eat his hands-but he keeps doing it. Any advice? I hate the thought of him wiping his germ infested slobber all over my things. thanks!

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answers from Denver on

All kids have germs and I wonder if you are concerned about germ infestation why you are babysitting. Have you talked to his mother? It seems to be a family problem and not just a babysitter problem. I don't want to seem harsh but if he is having teething issues he can't help it, and discussing with the parent should be the right thing to do. Maybe they should talk to his Dr. There may be underlying issues for him.



answers from Denver on

Never thought of the vinegar. That's great since it has disinfectant properties, too. I was wondering if he has other delay issues. Chewing can sometimes come with autism and similar things. You might be able to find some help on that on the web.



answers from Denver on

Just continue to remove his hands without saying a word. It is obviously a habit not to mention he could be getting two year molars, which cause some pain. I would talk to his mom about it and if it is pain see if you can get permission to give him some tylenol or teething tablets. Keeps his hands busy too, puzzles, playdough, books....



answers from Boise on

Ask the mom first, but I would dab a little vinigar on his fingers so that when he puts his hands in his mouth they taste yucky and hopefully it will slow him down and then when he realises that it just isn't "fun" anymore he will stop.

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