Double Strollers

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Double Stroller

B.B. asks from Sacramento

I am about to have another baby and I am looking into double strollers. My babies will be 18 months apart. I would like a stroller that I can snap a carrier into. ...


Double Stroller

K.R. asks from Denver

I am about to have my 2nd baby and I do not need a twin stroller, I need a double stroller for a toddler and a newborn. They will be about 20 months apart. Which on...


Double Stroller

C.P. asks from Dallas

Ladies, I need opinions on a double stroller. I will have a 2 yr old and a newborn and have no clue on what is a good double stroller. Do you like the side by side st...


Double Stroller?

N.V. asks from Madison

Hello, I have a 16 month old son, and a 2nd son on the way, due in December. I was thinking of getting a good double stroller for the two of them. Does anyone h...


Double Stroller

K.J. asks from Minneapolis

I am in need of a double stroller - any ideas of where to find one for cheap? Or if anyone is selling one. Let me know - we can't afford $200 for a stroller due to on...


Double Stroller

C.F. asks from Chicago

I will be having my second baby in January, and my first will be two at that time. I need to buy a double stroller to accommodate both of them. I won't be jogging w...


Double Stroller???

S.L. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a little boy who will be two in june and a baby coming in august,I am wondering with kids spaced this far is a double stroller worth the money? Wondering how t...


Which Double Stroller?

H.H. asks from Dallas

I'm looking to buy another double stroller and wanted to see what other moms recommended. Currently I have the Graco Duo Glider. It's a good stroller, but very heav...


Double Stroller?

K.S. asks from Indianapolis

Does anyone have a double stroller they just love? I am looking for something that is light weight and easy to fold up to put in the car. I have a 15 month old and ...


Double Stroller

C.A. asks from New York

I am interested in purchasing a double stroller. There are so many out there I am having a hard time finding the right one for me. I am looking for a stroller that ...