Lightweight Stroller for Tall 3-Year-old?

Updated on February 08, 2011
D.P. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hello Moms,

Kiddo is 3 and very tall - about 42" and 36 lbs - and I'm looking for a lightweight stroller to accommodate his height, as well as mine (5'8" and my husband 6'2"). I'd like to be able to steer it with one hand, and I'd like at least a small storage basket underneath. No need for a snack tray or other fancy wingdings. Just basic transportation for airport and Zoo.

I've seen a couple of strollers that seemed perfect - they have a seat that is higher off the ground than the typical stroller (I think one was a Maclaren and the other might have been Chicco?) but I'm not having any luck finding these online. Spending cap is $100.

Suggestions? Thanks!

ADDED: I currently have a Maclaren Volo and I LOVE everything about it - except that he's outgrowing the backrest (if he falls asleep his head hangs backward over the top of the backrest fabric). And he will occasionally stick his foot out and I've caught it before as we were trotting along - I almost twisted his ankle! Hence, the raised seat seems really appealing.

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answers from Portland on

I can't give you advice on a specific stroller for a tall child, but to address the issue of being tall parents, you could look into a stroller handle extender. We used the "stroller stretcher" (I am 5' 7" and my husband is 6' 5") and it made a world of difference, not having to bend over to push the stroller easily. It appears that the stroller stretcher is not being made anymore, but there are other versions such as the "stroller handle extender" available at and other places.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm a little late in responding, but here's my $ .02.

About a year or so ago, when my son was almost 4, I did an EXHAUSTIVE search for a stroller to accommodate a larger child. He was both tall, and heavy, but we still appreciated the luxuries of having a stroller... My son would still occasionally fall asleep in the stroller, so I wanted the seat back to be high enough so that his head wasn't falling off the back, and it needed to be wide enough to be comfortable for him. And it had to have a higher weight limit.

We, my son and I, visited many stores and physically tried MANY strollers. I also searched online and even went to the extent of narrowing my selections down to my top 8 or 10 models, and CALLED THE MANUFACTURERS to get the exact dimensions of the strollers, including the seat height off the ground, the seat back height, and the seat depth and width. Yes, I'm a little OCD. But the way I saw it, if I was going to spend the money to purchase another stroller with the intention of getting the maximum bang for my buck and the most possible usage, I needed ALL the details.

With all that information at my disposal, we decided on a Maclaren Triumph. The Triumph and the Quest are similar, with the Quest, I believe, being slightly more posh, but not much. I considered the Maclaren Quest, but ruled it out due to an overhang on the front of the seat that I thought would leave less room for a larger child's feet/legs to hang down and rest on the foot rest comfortably, so I opted for the lower model, the Triumph.

And we LOVE it. My son is now 5 yrs. old, 49 lbs., and I believe 44" tall, and he still sits comfortably in it, and it steers like a dream. It's weight limit is 55 lbs. so it it'll last for a while. It comes with a 5 point harness, but we removed all the buckles, as my son didn't need them at this point. It has a carry strap, multiple seating positions, and it's easy to fold. It's handles are high enough to be pushed comfortably by a taller individual, as my fiance pushes it with no problem. It does have a basket underneath, and I purchased a cup holder to attach. I also have a snap on tray from our older BabyTrend stroller that happens to fit exactly on the Maclaren, so my son does have a tray for his drink, etc. I know you said you aren't worried about this stuff, but I just thought I'd mention it. Overall, the Maclaren Triumph is the BEST option we found for a larger preschooler.

Here is a link for a model that I found on a QUICK search that is $119, with free shipping... I'm sure there are other similar or better deals out there (i.e. last year's colors), there was one on this same site that was $109, but it was pink.

Hope this helps!!!

Let us know what you choose!

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answers from Kansas City on

My son is recently 3 years and is 43 inches, I am 5'7 and my husband is 6'1. We are going to buy the Britax B-Nimble, after trying it out in Babies R' Us. We both loved it, he fits in it perfectly with room to grow. It was so easy to push with a 40lb kid in it even. The weight limit for the stroller is 55lbs, which will get us another few years. It's $199, which is over your price. But...Babies R' Us is having their Great Trade In Event, and will will trade in his 3 year old Chicco or 1 year old Combi (which he doesn't fit in either anymore) and get 25% off of the Britax.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a double Maclaren and it handles GREAT! I can pretty much steer it with one hand, and it is lightweight and fits in the trunk of my jetta easily - and its a double.
I'm not tall, so I cant anser that part.
I got it off of craigslist for $75 - I'm sure you could find a single used for even less.

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answers from Seattle on

I have a Combi & it worked great for my tall son as well as for me (I'm 6'2"). Ours is 4 years old so likely discontinued by now, but I do know they have several different styles & at least one is taller than the others so check their website. Plus, Combis fold up much more compactly than most other strollers like this & mine came with a travel bag which worked great whenever we flew!

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answers from Sacramento on

Baby Jogger Micro. Great for tall kids. My ds is 41" and has LOTS of growing room. They are on clearance at from $89-99 depending on color. Has a slight recline for when he does fall asleep as well.

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answers from Seattle on

Chicco C6 (although I think they renamed/redesigned since I bought it 2 yrs ago) works for 6mo+. My 4 yearold who is about 40 in fits fine.
I am 5'8 and I like it because I am not constantly kicking the wheels.
One handed steering- possible with lots of correction. I have steered with one hand and carried a child in another but it is difficult.
Lightweight and easy to fold.

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answers from Fort Collins on

Hi what i bought for my son was a UppaBaby G-light stroller--i love it--just the right height for my son+me(5'7)the wt limit is 40lbs but i still use it for my 5yr old

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answers from Cincinnati on

I have the Combi Flare stroller:
I LOVE it!! I've had about 7 or 8 strollers and out of my singles, this is by far, my favorite! It is light weight, it has a small basket under it, and it is great for tall people!!! I am 5'9" and I NEVER feel like I am hunched over when I push it (and I have felt that way with most of my other strollers). I know this link shows it as around $100, but I shopped around and ended up paying around $75 on (they don't carry the exact one any more). If you end up ordering from (I think some of the other colors are cheaper) you can sign up for amazon mom and get free prime shipping for 3 mos.

EDIT- I see the link actually takes you to a color that is $74.99. The one I have is the same, just the papaya color. I have had this stroller for a little less than a year and it has held up great!

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