Need a Jogging Stroller for a Tall Mom

Updated on February 26, 2009
L.H. asks from Enid, OK
5 answers

My question has two parts: 1) Can anyone recommend a good jogging stroller that I can push comfortably? I'm almost 5'10 so if you know of a taller stroller or one with an adjustable handle, please let me know what you recommend. I'd like for it to have a cup holder for me and baby and also a basket underneath. 2) I'm expecting my second child in September and have a 2 year old now. If you were me, would you go ahead a buy a double jogger?
Thanks for your help!

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answers from Alexandria on

I would go for a double jogger. The baby might not be in it for a while, but at least you wouldn't have to buy a double right after you bought a single. As for brand, I don't know which are best. We have a Baby Jogger brand one and I LOVE it! My husband is 6'5'' and he has pushed it a few times and we've raced with it and he didn't complain. He likes it more than our instep single, since it is higher. They are more expensive than most brands, but if you could find one on used it would definitely be worth it.
Also, if you're really into running, the bigger the wheel diameter and thinner the tire the better. It makes for a better ride and is easier to push. The Baby Jogger also is one piece of aluminum which is A LOT easier to handle. So if you could find a single pieced frame, I would get that one too. Sorry for the information overload. I just really enjoy running :)



answers from New Orleans on

Hi L.,
For us, we have had a great experience w/ the BOB Revolution jogging stroller - i'm about 5'8" and use the medium handle setting,so it will accomodate you i'm sure. it's on the pricier side at nearly $400 and you have to pay an extra 20 for the handlebar console but it is so worth it. The front wheel even swivels all the way around or you can lock it for running. There is a smaller sized basket underneath as well. And the canopy is the largest you'll ever find; it also folds up really well.
It does sound like getting the double stroller is a more economical choice. This is a link to a duallie version of the BOB Rev.
Good Luck!! K.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

I have a BOB stroller strides single model and I love it. It has a basket underneath, soft fabric cup holder for me, zip bag for keys, tether so you won't lose your grip on the stroller. It doesn't have any kind of toy bar or cup holder for the child, but does have 2 mesh pockets that my 3 year old can use to keep his cup in the stroller with him. It also holds snacks or toys. The handle bar is adjustable, and so should be fine for a tall person. The most important thing I've found is that the front wheel can lock or unlock straight so it's useful for more than just running. I recommend checking websites for parent reviews. I have found particularly useful with great reviews on many products. Good luck.



answers from Enid on


Hey girl, its K.. You should come over to my house and see if my jogging stroller height works for you. It is a bit tall for me but I make it work and then you could see what brand it is and go from there. Paden loved and I know it will work great for Palmer as well. Let me know if you want to try mine out. See ya.

K. P



answers from Oklahoma City on

i am 5'11 and our single is a Yakima Beetle (ebay) and it's handle can be adjusted to too tall for me! our double is a Schwinn ( but i don't remember what kind. NOT the kind with the flat canopy, it's the one with the arched canopy. mine is red, if that helps. the flat canopy one has a terrible canopy and thehandle does not adjust. but it is the one that is the most readily available, so don't be fooled!

tall women unite! now if you have any great secrets for buying jeans... ;)

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