Graco Duo Glider Vs. Graco Quattro Tour: What to Do?....

Updated on March 01, 2010
K.L. asks from San Jose, CA
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I'm debating between the Graco Duo Glider and the Graco Quattro Tour. Has anyone used both? If so, which one was better? Is the Quattro worth the extra $100? I'm also getting a double BOB as a present from my MIL so for the day-long excursions (whether that be to the amusement park, jogging, outside or even a long time at the mall) I will be using the BOB. The Graco double (either one) will only be used for short trips to the stores.

I've seen that there are many types of DuoGliders, regular and LX. Does the DuoGlider LX have extra features that the regular DuoGlider does NOT have? I know the Quattro Tour has all the bells and whistles, but it also weighs 47 pounds whereas the DuoGlider weighs 34 pounds. That's 13 extra pounds! -- It's like another newborn! (The double BOB weighs 35 pounds.) Just wondering whether the few extra perks of the Quattro (the extra cup holder, the different parent handle and the extra small toddler basket up front) is worth the $100. FYI: I am also short, 5'2" on a good day and pre pregnancy weighed slightly over 100 pounds, so can I lift a 47 pound stroller into my tall SUV? I'm not sure.

Any thoughts you have on both of these strollers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

I got the DuoGlider. So far, I'm happy with it. Thank you very much for your advice!

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answers from Tulsa on

I prefer the handles on the Duogliders. My friends handles broke while jogging at the park on her Qattro. She ended up getting a totally different brand and it's a regular jogging stroller. I have used my Duoglider through 4 grandkids and it still has all it's parts and works just fine.

Also, I liked having the drink holder and the little closable compartment to put my keys in or my money, that way I didn't have to carry so much. The basket under is also bigger. I could use the stroller as my shopping cart if I was only getting a few things. They all fit in the bottom and I could carry the bread on top of the canopy.

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answers from Yuba City on

I had the Duoglider and it lasted through 4 kids with no problems, easy up & down. The baskets are a little challenging when you've got it loaded, so we kept the 'need-it-most' items close to the opening, but it worked well for us. Congrats!



answers from San Francisco on

I would get the Phil and Teds and skip the other two strollers. It is much easier to steer than the graco strollers and slim enough to fit easily through store isles. It also had the bicycle type wheels so that you can use it like a jogging stroller. We have been using the Phil and Teds since my son was a newborn. My kids are now 3 and 5 and it was well worth money.
Good Luck!



answers from Stockton on

I'd find a store that has a sample of them and try them out. How easy are they to collapse and re-open? Steering? Big enough storage basket? Adjustable handle? I'm 5'8 and hefting our big single stroller into the back of our SUV is a bit challenging - but my arms are getting really buff! ;) I'd get the lighter weight one if it passes your inspection.
We were given a stroller for baby#2 and it is easy to steer, has a great cup holder, but the basket is too small and it's a big pain to collapse - my hubby still can't do it without cussing!



answers from San Francisco on

I have the DuoGlider and it works good. The main difference I found between the 2 was that the Quattro front seat will take up to 50 lbs. The DuoGlider only goes up to 40 lbs. Our kids are tall and our son is stocky. There are times when they both need to be in a stroller and he's 3 1/2 and 43 lbs. The stroller is fine but it would be nice to know he's not to heavy for it. From what I read the quattro is only 40 lbs, 47 shipping weight. I'm 5'8" and find it pretty easy most days to get the DuoGlider into the back of our SUV. It gets harder the heavier they are. If this is going to be used for short trips, save your money and get the DuoGlider.



answers from San Francisco on

If you are already getting a double jogger, I'd recommend the Duo Glider. It's really easy to steer and lighter. You can always add cup holders and the extra basket isn't necessary, especially if you're already going to have a stroller for long day trips. Also, if you haven't already gotten the double Bob, I'd recommend the double Baby Jogger City Classic or Elite. They aren't as wide as the Bob and have separate canopies so if one kid doesn't want theirs, they don't have to use one. It's also a little narrower than the Bob and fits thru doorways better than the Bob. I think it's also a little cheaper. I've had the single for 4 years now and LOVE mine. My girlfriend has the double and will be able to use it until her older daughter is almost 6. I'm not quite sure of the weight difference but the Baby Jogger is super easy to fold. Something to consider...

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