My Husband Is Turning 40 - Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on October 26, 2011
B.F. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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Hi Mamas

My husband is turning 40 soon. We usually don't make a big deal on our birthdays. In the past he has always told me or hinted what he wanted for his birthday. This year he has already purchased something and told me that he doesn't expect me to buy him another gift. However, it's his 40th and I really love him and I want to get something for him, but I just don't have a clue what to get him. I was thinking I could pre-order a Kindle fire for him, but I said so many times that I like it that it would seem more like a gift for me than for him. He is not into sports. He plays the guitar, but I don't think he needs anything for his music. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses. My boys really want to take Daddy out for a movie (he gets to chose between Puss in boots and Spooky buddies, yeah). I think I will probably get him some tickets for concert and a night out, just the two of us.

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I gave my husband a very nice watch for his 40th birthday. It is something that he will wear forever and then pass on to my son.

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Plan something for him that he would never plan for himself. A weekend away with the guys or less pricey, a day on the golf course. Or what about a couples night out dinner party, better yet an overnight away for the two of you? Something that shows him you are making it about him. I swallowed all my fears last year and made a move to London with my husband and kids for his job. To show his appreciation for my faith, trust and commitment to him and our marriage, he gave me a trip to Barcelona for 4 days with my two best friends from home, all expenses paid for ALL three of us. His 40th is in January. We will be back in the states for Christmas. I have planned a party for him with our family and friends. He would NEVER expect this, but I know he is going to totally appreciate my effort to get his best friends from all over the east coast under one roof. Sometimes it is the time and the people that mean more than the material object. Good Luck and have fun with whatever you decide.

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We like to make a little booklet called "40 Reasons We Love and Admire You" and poll family, kids, even friends for that number of real stories - not just "you're great!" We list things they did to make a difference or qualities they have that wow the people closest to them. Everyone in my family has one now and they are so amazingly sentimental and wonderful to read. I even made copies for our kids so they'll know what kind of person their grandma, aunt, etc. really was...

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My husband turned 50 this past summer. He insisted he did not want "a party" but I begged to differ! I invited our families and friends, some brought gifts, some didn't--no biggie. He had a BLAST! He will always remember his 50th party. and I got him an iPad2, which he loves. Is your husband techy? Does he have a tablet?
If he likes music, what about an iTunes card or make him a CD of his best music or load it all as a mix onto his player?
Make him a special dinner and cake?



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i dated someone who was turning 30 (i know, not 40 but might be similar). he already bought everything he wanted. i ended up getting him something small and then made him feel like he was 20 again by planning a fun night out at a hotel in the city.

i planned everything- booked the hotel, made reservations for dinner, bought the alcohol for the room, bought something extremely sexy, working on my stripping moves for later on in the night. lol. i wanted him to feel younger again and do something spontaneous in his eyes. i bougt some new lingerie- something i really knew he liked. i hinted at what i was wearing under my dress at dinner- we barely finished dinner and spent the rest of the night in the hotel room. SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! seriously.

i know everything isn't about sex but sometimes it's the easiest and most memorable experience- just ask any guy. you should post a question for women to ask their guys what's the one thing they would want for their bday. i bet most come back with something regarding sex ;)



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A camping trip with the boys or something?



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A weekend away just the two of you - go to a vineyard etc. - and/or a surprise birthday party.



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Picture albums or collage
enlarged pics in beautiful picture frame


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I love my iPhone. And so does everyone else I know. If he doesn't already have one, perhaps that might be an idea.

How about a getaway weekend doing what he loves to do...with you. Or tickets to a concert? I love blues guitar and would take my blues guitar-loving friend to see Buddy Guy or Eric Clapton or Jimmie Vaughan in concert. "Stuff" is nice, but memories are nicer.



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Have a professional picture of yourself taken and framed! It will be special and I am sure he would love it!

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