My 3 Year Old Keeps Rubbing His Eyes...

Updated on April 24, 2010
N.P. asks from Port Orchard, WA
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i've noticed my son has been rubbing his eyes for about 4 weeks now, but doesn't really complain about it. I'm thinking it might be the pollen? has this happened to anyone else? should i take him to an eye doctor?

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So What Happened?

thanks guys :) and good idea with the grapefruit seed extract. i have some of that, so will be adding it to his juice. I am trying to do all natural remedies before taking him to the ped. so anymore suggestions with spring allergie natural remedies with toddlers would be of a great help.
thanks again everyone!

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If it's allergies, grapeseed extract can help too.

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My son rubbed his eyes only when he was doing a scanning exercise such as hunting for a hidden picture or looking for Waldo. We took him to a developmental optometrist. It turned out he was seeing double (official diagnosis convergence insufficiency). We started vision therapy when he was almost 6 and now (6 months later) he is reading Amelia Bedelia on his own.
I would stick with the alergies idea though. Good luck.



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Check with the pediatrician, but my son was doing the same thing and Zatidor eye drops really helped. For him it was pollen. He is also 3.



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It could very well be pollen, so take a cool, wet washcloth and wipe his eyes from the inside corner to the outside corner, wiping down as you go. Encourage him to keep his hands away from his eyes and to ask Mommy for help. This will also help in preventing any possible eye infections. With regards to his vision and seeing an optometrist or opthamologist... when he had his last well baby check up, did they do a vision screening? Watch how he reads books, how his hand-eye coordination is with catching balls, using utensils when he eats..being able to judge where the food is on his plate and where the fork or spoon lands when he tries to get the next bite.

It's that time of the year for excessive pollen and some kids are just allergy prone. Talk with your pediatrician's office over the phone and see if there's an antihistamine that they recommend for his age/weight and size. If they recommend one, use it and see if that helps with the eye problem. Remembering to wash the eyes with the cool, damp cloth... especially when he comes in from outside!! Baths at night before bed, along with washing his hair will also help get rid of any pollen. Dust his room with a damp cloth and vaccuum his rugs daily.

He'll be fine.



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Hi! I am an optometrist and have been seeing lots of kiddos with eye allergies the past few weeks. I always recommend a non-preserved artifical tear such as refresh or optive (found over the counter) when he is rubbing his eyes or being outdoors. Cold compresses are also a natural way to decrease the itching.
if the eye rubbing does not go away with that I would recommend you take him to an eye doctor who treats children. Eye rubbing in 3 year olds can be a sign of larger problems like amblyopia and childhood glaucoma.
I hope that helps!



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First take him to your ped. They will do a preliminary exam. It could be allergy or it could be something else.



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Since you hope to find a natural approach that works, you might wish to google "homeopathy for children," and add the specific symptoms you want to control. There are a few different remedies that can be helpful for allergic symptoms, and any remedies recommended for children won't have side effects. Several websites will help you choose which remedy will probably work best, though it's sometimes neccessary to try two or three to get a good match for a particular person.

Homeopathy works for about 8 out of 10 people, is inexpensive, and most common remedies are available over the counter at many health-food stores and pharmacies. The small sugar-based pellets are easy to administer to a child, 1 or 2 pellets melt under the tongue take effect in minutes if they are going to work at all. If not, you can try a different remedy with possibly better results.

I personally use Histaminum Hydrochloricum (12C strength) for itchy eyes, runny nose and hives. Reliably stops my symptoms cold.



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The pollen has been at record levels this season, so that's my guess.

But, I'd not try anything until you've spoken with the pediatrician and appropriately diagnosed. One of the nurses from our pediatrician's office happens to have a daughter a dance class with ours, and she was able to take a look at our daughter the other night.

You will need an anti-histamine or another kind of allergy medication to help relieve the itching. In our case, we're using Benadryl, but the dosing is very dependent upon age, weight, etc.



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I would actually go see someone who deals with allergies. We see Dr. Palmeri here
She helped our sons allergies naturally. Good luck.



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Sounds like spring allergies. The ped. can help, rather than an eye dr. Good luck.

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